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A Glass of Wine (Chapter 22)


Rei Ayanami, an enigmatic young woman with soft blue hair and large red eyes, took her place at the throne of the soul in Unit 02's entry plug. Immediately, link connection liquid flooded the entry plug, enveloping her in its amniotic embrace. This is a small experience; to be an Eva pilot you must inhale this substance into your lungs to live. It's unpleasant but it provides oxygen and buffers you from the G force shock effect of being inside of an object the size of a high-rise office building…that can withstand a tactical nuclear strike. N-2 devices could only hope to slow it down. A fully erect Absolute Terror Field will block all forms of energy down to the subatomic level.

Speaking to Asuka though her direct link, Rei conversed with her friend. "Shinji was correct, your scent is predominate and agreeable." Rei mused, after the kaleidoscope effect of initial contact.

"Yeah, baka was right; we leave our aroma in these things don't we?" Asuka responded with a chagrined smile. "You smell pretty good too." She added, allowing the orange tint of the LCL to conceal her mild blush.

"Rei?" A strong male voice asked. "Are you ready to begin?" Commander Ikari inquired. Although his voice was still stern, it carried a softer tone than normal. It was almost as if he were speaking to his daughter.

"Yes sir, I'm ready."

"Then follow Doctor Akagi's instructions. I am confident of your success."

Commander Ikari turned his attention to the Second Children. "I would like for you to attempt synchronization after Rei because your Eva is the most stable. Please be patient, you will have your opportunity to excel." After a pause he continued. "My son is observing, so I expect a stellar performance from you."

"You got it! I won't let Shinji or you down." She responded enthusiastically.

Gendo ventured a crocodile smile. "I would expect no less from my son's fiancée. I have spoken with your father and stepmother. There are no obstacles to your union. I only wish that my wife could be witness." He closed the link and nodded from his elevated command bridge for Dr. Akagi to proceed.

The faux blond scientist nodded and placed her hand on Maya's shoulder, "Begin synchronization."

"Initiating first level contact, plug depth is at five percent."

Rei felt the familiar chill run up her spine as she began to sync with the beast. For a brief moment, she experienced Asuka's pain while growing up. Witnessing her mother go insane and commit suicide.

"Asuka." Rei whispered, struggling to retain control of her Eva. This hurt was close to home. She had experienced death as a young child, when a jealous adult had strangled her first self to extinction.

Maya watched carefully from her computer console as pilot Zero's A-10 nerve connections began to climb to the absolute borderline. "Full synchronization has been achieved. Holding at sixty five point three two percent." She stated with a relieved tone.

Dr. Akagi leaned farther over Maya's shoulder bringing her purple earring close to the young technician's cheek to read the streaming data, as the test began. "This is good data, well done Rei." Maya could smell the scent of her sempai's perfume.

Rei smiled softly. "Thank you ma'am."

"Asuka are you ready to begin?" Queried the stern voice of the elder Ikari, as he pushed up his orange tinted glasses.

"You bet-ya!"

The test chamber was narrow and illuminated with an eerie white light. Unit 00 was attached to the far wall in sturdy restraints; lessons have been learned about this unit. The iridescent white panels only added to the creepy feel of this place.

"Initiating first level contact." Intoned lieutenant Ibuki, keeping one eye on the streaming data from Unit 02 and began to activate Unit 00.

Asuka felt the first vestige of becoming one with an Evangelion; the cold chill of something greater than yourself. Ice-cold fingers ran through her brain, as she felt herself begin to sync.

School uniform? Why am I in the street? Who's that?


"Psychograph is reversing! Nerve connections are failing." Hyuga was beside himself. The rest of the bridge crew began typing furiously at their keyboards.

"ABORT!" Doctor Akagi's fist went to smash the glass protecting the primary disconnect switch.

"NO. I can do this!" Asuka's defiant voice resounded through the speakers, stopping Ritsuko's hand in mid stroke.

Maya looked at her screen in disbelief the A-10 nerve connections were climbing to the absolute borderline again. She watched dumbfounded as Asuka synced with Unit 00 at forty-five percent.

"This will work." Dr. Akagi blurted out excitedly, watching the data begin to stream into the Magi. "Well done!"

"Of course! I'm the best pilot we have." The auburn haired beauty stated confidently. Then she let out a sigh; the bubbles from her lungs rippled and drifted in front of her face in the LCL.

It took forty-five minutes to complete the test and then Ritsuko Akagi released them for a break. Gratefully the two young women dismounted their charges.

Shinji handed each of the girls a box of fruit juice. "You two were pretty amazing." He insisted.

Rei blushed slightly when she accepted the offering. "It was taxing."

Then he gave Asuka a passionate kiss, the two lovers engaged in a kiss that was almost pornographic.

"Yeah, we were amazing but I had a tough time with Zero. How do you handle that thing?" Asuka inquired after recovering from her tongue dive with Shinji.

"We are bonded." The blue haired pilot responded demurely.

Shinji smiled his patented smile at the friendship that had developed between the two girls that he cared so deeply for. With them, his life was complete and meaningful.


Asuka smirked and sent her empty box of orange juice into the trashcan with flourish. "Break's over. Lets finish this."

"Agreed." Her white plug suited companion accorded.

Shinji suppressed a lecher's grin, as he watched their heiny cracks recede in the direction of the Eva cages; plug suits are quite revealing and his was no less exposing. Both Asuka and Rei are quite aware of this fact as well, just as many of the female members of NERV staff are. He has a nice package for a boy his size and he's not as scrawny, as some might think.

"I need you to get undressed for this test." Dr. Akagi sermoned.

"Doctor Akagi, if you wish to view us nude, you merely need to ask." Rei said, attempting dry humor. She released the pressure seal on her plug suit allowing it to fall from her supple young body. It deftly fell from her hips exposing her completely.

"Yeah, Wonder Girl's right. If you want see us naked we'll model for you, don't give us this crap about data." Asuka teased, as she pressed the button on her left wrist and allowed her own red plug suit to pool around ankles, revealing her own nudity.

The two girls put their arms around one another and rubbed their ample chests together seductively and then giggled like the teenagers they in fact were.

Ritsuko buried her face in her hands. Goddamn kids!

Misato smiled inwardly at their antics. They have really changed since they found love. "Ok you two get in the plugs so we can get this over with." She ordered sternly, suppressing a giggle.

Aoba discreetly switched off the monitors for their privacy but not before getting an eyeful of the luscious young ladies nude. He's not a pervert but he is a male.

In his white and blue plug suit Shinji just smiled from the observation deck. He has seen both of them nude and been with them in bed so he didn't mind a little peek himself; a far cry from the clueless introverted boy he was before he became a pilot and fell hopelessly in love with Asuka.


Hikari washed the carrots in the sink then placed them on the large plastic cutting board next to the Bok Choy and Shitakes, in preparation of slicing them for the wok. For this young woman cooking was a labor of love and she would take the time to do it right; especially for Toji and she knew that he would eat every morsel.

Rei entered the kitchen; dressed in blue jean shorts and a black tee shirt with a rendition of Unit 00 on the front that Kensuke had given her. She observed Hikari preparing dinner for her love and smiled.

"It looks wonderful. Perhaps I should consider eating meat now and then." She mused, noting the chicken breast marinating in teriyaki sauce. She prefers vegetables but has tasted various types meat in her upbringing fish, beef, pork, poultry and the unpleasant experience of a meatloaf MRE.

"I know how to cook vegetables, you won't starve." Hikari replied with a grin. "The egg rolls there are cabbage, carrots and green pepper." She said and smiled pointing to one of the bowls. "Where are our men?"

"On the balcony drinking beer." She intoned, brushing back her blue bangs. "Kensuke and I will be out late and I think that we'll just get a hotel room for the night. So please feel free to make you're selves at home, your room is prepared. I placed the syrup in warm water." She said, with a slight grin. Rei has yet to use this technique but it is on her 'to do list'. Her sense of sensuality has been growing with her newfound openness.

"I'll let you know how it goes." Hikari confided with a blush that threatened to obscure her freckles. The idea of Toji pouring chocolate syrup on her and then licking it off was rather erotic and honey might not be a bad idea either.

Meanwhile two of the three stooges conversed on the veranda.

"So man, where ya taking her?" Toji inquired and downed the last of his beer. The afternoon sun was obscured by an overcast sky, as the two friends talked on the balcony.

"I found out about an Indian place in Toyko-2 so we're going to try it out. From what I've seen on the Internet its weird stuff but some of my friends at work say it's edible." Kensuke watched Toji crush his empty beer can and followed suit adding his can to the recycle bin.

"Food is food." Toji said with a grin and handed his sandy haired friend another beer. They had a pail of Boa on ice 'Misato' style.

"I just remembered, when I reported to the Commander he told me to ask you about taking a job in civil defense."

"No shit?"

"Yeah, you're already doing it. Why not get paid for it? When an alert happens, we get the kids to safety and this way it'll be official you can even be issued a gun."

"Well, I was just thinking of my sister and Hikari would be pretty pissed if she knew I had a gun."

Kenuske pushed his glasses up, "Don't worry, they'll issue you one when an alert happens. We've been at the range, you're pretty good and all we really need to do is intimidate the idiots. Section two and the military take care of the heavy stuff."

Rei slid the door open and entered the balcony. "What are you two up to?" She inquired, feigning a suspicious tone.

Toji grinned at her and offered the young woman a brew. "Nothing, just yakking."

The young woman smiled softly as she tilted her head and waved off the offering choosing instead to relieve Kensuke of his libation and proceeded to take a long pull before returning it to him.

"I believe that Hikari is ready to prepare your meal, perhaps you should set the table." Her suggestion instilled a notion in his mind.

"Sure, it's the least I can do." The young jock replied; only his love for her cooking rivaled his love for his girlfriend.

Kensuke slipped his arm around Rei and gave her a soft kiss on the neck. "Ready to go?"

The suns orb shown through the haze in the form of a brilliant white disk that defied the gloomy weather; it bathed the youngsters in diffused late evening light. The boy quickly finished the last swallow of his drink.

"Yes my dear." She responded without hesitation. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a soft passionate kiss on the lips. The boy deftly dropped his empty beer can in the trash and pulled her in, wrapping his arms around her waist to deepen the smooch.

Toji sedately and silently discarded his own expended can and slipped back into the apartment to give them privacy and seek out his own loved one.

Hikari had no sooner finished slicing the chicken; when she felt a strong arm encircle her waist and a hand brush aside her soft brown hair to give a warm kiss on the back of her neck. Setting the cleaver down she turned in his embrace.

"I love you." She murmured quietly. And then she warned, "My hands are messy."

"Don't care." He replied and kissed her lips. It quickly deepened into a caring French kiss between two young lovers that weren't afraid to talk just a little bit about forever, marriage and children. These were on their priority list after they graduate from high school. But collage was important to them also, despite the Angel war they were determined to have a family together. And they had confidence in their friends to save the human race from extinction. Without hesitation they intended to procreate the species in honor of their friends sacrifice of their youth.

Hikari kissed him again. "Lets eat."

Her soft embrace told him all that he needed to know. Its time to be the 'man'.

Reluctantly she released him and washed her hands and then turned to the stove to prepare their meal. She lit the fire under the wok, then used her chan to deftly begin stir-frying. Toji scrounged up some plates and glasses like a good boy, then headed to the living room. Not being astute about formality he did the best he could with the place settings.

"Bye." Kensuke boomed, from the living room.

"Later man." Toji replied. He had returned to the kitchen to pat Hikari on the butt while she cooked.

"That's not proper!" She teased. "Bye you guys. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Rei entered the kitchen and gave Hikari a kiss on the cheek, "You are the one that requires guidance." She chided her friend. Rei felt Toji's other hand slide up her back caringly and caress her neck.

"I'll take good care of her and thanks."

Rei gave him her famous smile. "I would expect no less of my friend's knight in shining armor."

Kensuke slipped his arm around his love, "Come on the car is here." The couple excited the apartment, leaving Toji and Hikari to their own devices.

Toji watched his girlfriend stir-fry the meal with amazement; he couldn't cook for shit but he loved to eat.

"I guess that I need to learn how to cook."

Hikari emptied the contains of the wok into a bowel. "There's plenty of time my dear. I'd love to have you cook for me." She cooed, "until then let me do it, for you."

Toji simply gathered up as much as he could carry and took it to the living room for her. With Hikari padding behind him carrying the rest. They set everything down on the low table and took up positions next to each other to share their meal.

Toji poured them a measure of sake and offered her a toast. "Kampi!"

Half an hour later Toji set down his empty rice bowel and burped. "Err… Um… sorry. Great chow!." He expressed, apologizing for his poor manners.

Hikari just smiled. "It's ok; I'm glad you like my cooking." Then she cupped his cheek with her soft hand and looked him in the eyes with a rather lecherous grin. "I'm dessert."

Toji Suzuhara was no slouch and had expected that he would have to pay for dinner; not that he minded. After all, this was the woman he intended to be his wife.

"Sounds good to me." He responded with a gleam in his eye. Then he slipped his arms around her waist and drew the young woman into an embrace. They began to kiss tenderly, then passionately with their tongues entwined.

A moment later Hikari pulled back for air and to say, "I have something special planed."

"Hmm?" The young man responded suspiciously; the last time she had a 'bright idea' he ended up having hot sex with Asuka.

She got up and took his hand, then led him to their bedroom. The incandescent light of the hallway enhanced her shapely derrière that was encased in thin, tight fitting blue jean shorts.

When they entered the room, she spun around and threw her arms around his neck and went for a tongue dive. He responded of course, wrapping his arms around her waist drawing her in for a passionate kiss. They sucked face for what seemed like a lifetime before pulling back.

Toji looked deeply into her brown eyes. He could see reflections in them. Reflections of light, love and mischief; his lady could be quite unabashed at times.

"Just what do you have…." He was cut off when she French kissed him again eagerly and aggressively. Her right hand went south to inspect his package.

"Mumm." He moaned and began to fondle her right breast while she massaged him through his tracksuit.

This misbehaver continued for several minutes before Hikari decided to get this show on the road. She pulled back and grasped the hem of his sweatshirt and pulled it over his head exposing the boys ripped chest. Toji was athletic and had a chiseled body that any woman would find attractive, yet Hikari was the only one that held the key to his heart. She caressed his chest caringly, feeling his rippling muscles beneath her fingertips.

Not to be out done Toji gently lifted Hikari's tan tee shirt from her supple young body to expose her chest. And a wondrous sight awaited him, no bra. The young woman's bosoms bounced as he dropped her still warm shirt the floor.

"Mumm, you're so beautiful." He murmured, as he caressed her tender young mammaries. Her full orbs were like Jell-O in his hands. He could feel Hikari's heart rate increase in pace with his own.

"Your not so bad yourself." She whispered and resumed exploring his muscular chest and tracing her fingers over the young mans nipples.

They kissed again; a lingering wet kiss that impassioned them to continue the evening's activity. They spent another five minutes simply cuddling and caressing. Then Hikari slipped down and pulled Toji's sweat pants to the carpeted floor, revealing his manhood. She didn't waste any time engulfing him without any shame.


There were no words to describe the feeling that she always gave him. He felt her giggle on his member

Little mink. He thought, while he felt her work him like a pro. Hikari had become adapt at falitio in their endeavors together. She felt him gently cradle her head in his hands as she bobbed up and down on him.

"Ohhhhh, you are sooo going to get yours!" He exclaimed through clinched teeth.

She released him with an audible 'pop'. "That's what I'm hoping for." She replied with a sly giggle.

He smiled, lifted her to a standing position and kneeled, slipping her provocative shorts to the floor. And then stopped cold…no panties and her pubic mound, was shaved clean!


"Like it?"

"I thought you didn't want to do that."

"I did it just for you. Besides it would just be in the way." She replied softly. "I'm dessert, remember?"

"Desser…." Again he was cut off when she attacked him, pulling him to the floor. Hikari made every effort to apply every square centimeter of her naked body to the hapless young man to entice him.

They had been fooling around for close to half an hour, simply sitting in the entrance of their bedroom glomping each other. Now, naked and taking a breather Toji finally noticed something when he when he got up and switched on the light.

Next to the traditional western style bed was a spare futon, covered with NERV issue packing plastic. Next to that were a sheet still folded and a bowel containing a dark brown plastic bottle along with a basin and several towels and washcloths.

What the hell does she have up her sleeve? He wondered. Since Hikari has been hanging out with Rei and Asuka, she has become quite adventurous.

Hikari smiled warmly at him and got up, padded over to the futon and unfurled the sheet over the protective plastic. Then she laid down on her back and spread her ankles wide apart, exposing her vertical smile. Her vulva was already glistening with honey in anticipation of what was to come.

For his part, Toji could never get enough of the sight of his lady nude. In his eyes she was the most beautiful girl in the world, her young body was to say the least outstanding. She has ample breasts for a maiden her age and the supple, muscular hourglass figure of her youth was a testament that she didn't rest on her ass in PE class. Being the class Rep. She needed to set an example and she did so very well.

"Toji." She cooed. "Make love to me." The young girl lifted the bottle of chocolate syrup from the now tepid water and offered it to him. "I'm your dessert." She reminded.

Well, with a mandate like that, just what is a boy to do? Except to accept?

Toji took the bottle and scrutinized it, the nomenclature was in English and a language he couldn't read. A small dollop on his finger revealed to him the flavor of chocolate. This is going to kick ass!

The young man took in the sight of his lady sprawled out provocatively and did what any red blooded Japanese boy would do. He started by drizzling out a portion on each of her nipples.

Hikari closed her eyes with anticipation as she felt her love lay a bead of the sticky syrup between her breasts and down her stomach, allowing it to pool in her navel. And then drip down the cleft of her vulva. It took all of her effort not to squirm at the sensation of being 'dessert'.

Toji started with her right breast, licking it clean of any trace of chocolate then moved to the left one. Twirling his tongue on her areola and raking her stiff nipple with his tongue.


The poor young woman needed to be tied down to hold still. She squirmed coating her vulva with more of the syrup. The young man showed no mercy licking his way down her stomach, pausing at her navel.

"Ahaaa!" Hikari whimpered when she felt Toji scoop the chocolate from her navel with his tongue. It would be safe to say that the boy was thoroughly enjoying this, as was she.

Hikari clamped her eyes shut tight. "If you stop now, I'll kill you!"

Then she felt him clean off her freshly shaven, very sensitive mound with a gentle caress of his tongue and she nearly peed herself at the sensation.


Taking no prisoners Toji moved lower. His sweet tooth carried him to the place that defines her as a woman and with soft, gentle strokes of his tongue; he began to clean her with the same precision that he used on the upper portion of her wondrous body.

Hikari clinched the sheet with her fists and arched her pelvis up to meet him in true ecstasy.

"Ahaaa, Toji!" The young woman had reached her limit and climaxed with vigor. Writhing with his application of cunalingus on her. She could withstand it no longer.

"I'm too sensitive!" She pleaded, as she pulled away.

Toji grinned inwardly at his effort and released her to recover, while still savoring the flavor of chocolate and the woman he loves. Her soft scent of passion was indicative of her aroma, it wafted in the air around her. The young man relished it and savored every nuance.

Hikari heaved several breaths then tackled him with a wet kiss. Then despite her smaller size rolled him on his back and started kissing him down his chest. She worked her way to the place that made him a man. Just as he had with her, she bathed his member with chocolate syrup and indulged in falitio. The sweetness of the chocolate was a contrast to the flavor she fondly knew of him and she took her man in as deeply, as she could. By day she needs to be the straitlaced class representative but privately with her lover and friends, she let's loose with abandon.

"Errrrrr!" Toji could feel her ministrations on his manhood. Her lips and tongue were driving him nuts. Hikari worked him as if she were being paid for it. And her efforts were not going to waste, she could feel him twitch in preparation of release.

Suddenly he exploded in her mouth; a torrent of his milk nearly choked her when he could no longer hold back. Greedily Hikari savored the mixture of flavor between chocolate and semen. She didn't relent, determined, continuing to go down on him until he cried 'uncle'.

Beside himself Toji pulled her away, "Can't take it anymore!" He hissed. The sensory input was simply too much.

The two cuddled together silently for several minutes before the boy recognized her slightly rasped breath.

Asleep? He realized. Well you have been up since sunrise; I can give you some rest. He used half of the sheet to cover them and snuggled her close, watching over her as she indulged in a nap. He soon dozed off as well, holding her in his loving arms.

An hour or so later Hikari stirred. The first sensation she recognized was Toji's embrace. She smiled groggily, enjoying her nude partner's protective arms around her.

I'll never need to worry about being safe, she thought. She buried her face into his chest and sighed warmly, I love you Toji.

The young man drifted back to consciousness; the first sensation he noticed was the young woman attached to him. Hikari's soft breasts and warm cheek were planted tightly against his chest. He ran his fingers through her soft brown hair.


"Um hum. Sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep."

"It's ok, I did too."

"Round two?" She inquired.

The boy gently pulled her head up to kiss her. "You have the right idea."

Lips met lips and passion permeated the room; with a little rest they were ready to have serious sex together. Needles to say hands touched appropriate erogenous zones as the young couple prepared them selves for intercourse. That little white pill that she swallowed each morning was the only thing preventing her from becoming pregnant tonight.

Toji lifted her legs and made his presents known, slipping deep with in her.

"Ummmmm, Toji!" The young woman closed her eyes when she felt his gentle penetration. Toji moved slowly at first but began to pick up the pace as she became acclimated to his thrusts. They have learned how to fuck and they do so with love and passion.

Within minutes Toji was pounding her 'purple'. Although being aggressive he was very careful not to hurt her in any way. Just the raucous primal sex that two people enjoy amongst one another. And Hikari was enjoying it, meeting every stroke with a lift of her hips. The young woman has come to enjoy being screwed silly by her boyfriend. And there is nothing wrong with that; true love was driving this encounter, babies will come later, for now simple lust predominated.

Hikari bit her knuckle and tried in vain to hold back against his thrusts. "I'm cumming." She whimpered, with what little breath she could muster.

At her words Toji exploded within her, copiously spilling his seed into the woman he has chosen to be his wife; Hikari followed suit caring very little if the birth control pills failed. This was for them and them alone and she was more than willing to bare his child, if it were to come to that. Explaining to her mother and father would be a challenge but right now the orgasm ripping through her being was paramount on her mind.


"I'm tracking multiple inbounds, all patterns are blue and we're screwed." Makoto sounded stressed, as he tracked the three angels on his screen. They were coming in from ground level, low altitude and orbit. The orbital target had taken the form of a Manta Ray. The low level target looked very much like a wasp and the ground target took the form of a centipede.

"Hmm…divide and conquer?" Kouzou Fuyutsuki sounded reflective. "They haven't attempted a simultaneous attack before." Then the gray elderly man grinned slightly, "The old men are going to go nuts over this."

Gendo Ikari smiled behind his tented white-gloved hands. "Their scenario just went to hell."

The silver haired old man smirked slightly. "Still, can the children handle them?"

"Yes." The confidence in the Commander's voice was unmistakable.

"Major, I would have council with you." The Commander ordered.

"Yes sir." Misato responded and took a lift up to the command bridge.

"The pilots are facing a grave enemy but they have learned to work as a team. You are their anchor. You must lead them to success. They can complete this mission, if you guide them to their goal. My son will wish to be protective, yet that may be counter productive. I would have you reign him in."

"Yes sir." No further response was necessary, she understood exactly what he meant.

Shinji felt the slight jostling of his Evangelion being moved backwards by the massive material handling equipment, to its position on the catapult. In a few moments, he once again would be engaged in lethal combat with angels.

Messengers of God? Or harbingers of doom for the human race?

He was still only fourteen years old. In his few, short years the boy has become a man, with the responsibilities of life and death, just as his two counterparts have. His right hand clinched into a fist cyclically as he anticipated what would come next. Asuka, Rei, please be safe; let me kill them. Let me protect you.

Shinji vaguely heard Misato's voice say, "Eva Units launch."

A moment later, he felt the compression on his spine, as thousands of amperes of electric current flooded into the super conducting magnets of the linier induction catapult, when a bank of silicone controlled rectifiers fired, hurtling his monster to the surface of a deserted Toyko-3 and into a tempest rain storm that was raging.

"Shinji, I'm holding you in reserve. Let Rei and Asuka handle the first two; you're their back up." Misato ordered with her famous commanding tone.

"But Misato." Shinji complained.

"That's an order Shinji…trust me." The last thing I need is for Unit 01 to go rouge.

"Yes ma'am." He responded reluctantly.

Cars and sport utility vehicles were strewn along the rain soaked streets, their doors left open because their occupants desperately sought shelter from the impending attack. This city may be a fortress but the threat of violent death was very real.

The sullen sky and driving rain did little for visibility. Ayanami connected the power cable into her Eva and selected a positron rifle from the weapons locker and began to move forward to challenge Galgaliel.

With serpentine motion, the angel sought out its prey. Crushing any obstacle in its path and snaking around the high-rise buildings. Unit 00 took aim and fired, sending a beam of charged particles down range. The intervening atmosphere crackled with static electricity and the beam became visible because of the super heated gas. The centipede Angel was split lengthwise from the blast; it's AT field was no match for a Rei Ayanami without mental instability. Rei's second shot vaporized the hapless Angel's core.

Way to go Rei, Shinji thought relieved.

This sucks. Asuka thought as she inverted her IR image to get a clearer image. The weather conditions were screwing with her Doppler Radar. I want Shinji tonight and your really going to piss me off if I don't get laid. Asuka opened fire with the hells fury of a woman denied sex with the man she loves.

"Protect her power cable." Commanded a voice from the JSDF guard channel. Seven main battle tanks slued their stabilized 120 mm smooth bore weapons on the fly and unleashed a volley of armor piercing ammunition that made a spectacular splash against the angel's AT field with no real effect. It faltered in flight then made a diving attack at Unit 02.

"Misato, get these guys out of here. Verdamnt, they don't have AT fields!" Asuka was pumped, pissed and horny; a very bad combination for her personality.

She emptied the ammo can of her rocket launcher and drew her progressive knife. Then charged her target, as it dove in to sting her to death. Cherubim quickly realized its mistake when Asuka stabbed it in the core with the first thrust; there wasn't even time to self-destruct. It fell limp on the red Eva. Asuka tossed it aside like trash.

Rei spoke into the com system. "We must prepare for Ezekiel. We must become one."

The three Evangelions jettisoned their power cables and ran to equal distances around the city in a triad and then reattached new power cables. Now something amazing happened.

Makoto spoke up first. "Sync ratios are escalating."

"Approaching four hundred percent!" Maya exclaimed, quite startled. She remembered the ramifications of such an event quite well.

Indeed, the three pilots began to dissolve from the corporal world. Each could feel the tug at their soul but as a team they were stronger than the cores of their Eva's. As they faded into the LCL of their entry plugs, their minds became one.

"Ready?" Ayanami asked of her comrades.

"Yeah." Came two responses in unison.

The three children created a sphere of Absolute Terror energy around Tokyo-3 and the GeoFront. A flickering sphere of orange hexagons that was visible to the naked eye.

"Their AT fields are phase reinforcing!" Aoba exclaimed.

"I just lost sat-com. I can't track the incoming." Hyuga needed a strong drink. The Magi have estimated the yield to be over one hundred Megatons.

"Their combined AT field are blocking all of our signals." Dr Akagi noted.

The last angel plummeted in from orbit determined to defeat the human race. I am justice… I am death and transformation. My sacrifice will free my kind to walk the earth unhindered by the humans. Ezekiel thought as the entity targeted NERV headquarters.

Blinding white light illuminated the gloomy rain soaked landscape and formed a pure white crucifix that stretched into the troposphere. It was visible from space, as the children held their ground against the onslaught. Then all fell silent, when the glow receded even the cicada song ceased.

"Sweet Jesus." Sub Commander Fuyutsuki muttered softly, watching the white noise static on the monitors.

Commander Ikari simply smiled and returned his precious crystal egg to its purple, silk pouch and put it in his jacket pocket. Perhaps there is a way, he thought with newfound hope.

"The EMP knocked down our sensor grid, switching to the back up system." Aoba said with a shaky voice and a bead of sweat on his forehead.

Misato didn't wait for the order, "Launch the rescue teams. Status on the pilots…talk to me." The woman was clutching the silver cross that her father had given her many years ago.

"Still no response from the Eva's. The AT fields are down and I'm not getting any readings." Maya responded, brushing a tear away from her eye.

Three gray colored medevac VTOL's didn't wait for the elevator to reach its zenith before they spooled their engines and jumped off the deck. VTOL gun ships quickly formed on them and the packages raced to the now inert Evangelions.

"Does Tokyo-2 still exist?" The gray haired Sub Commander of NERV inquired.

"Yeah, the EMP killed our communication channels but its still there. Everyone's going to have to buy a new rice cooker but the Eva's saved us." Aoba responded, as the stress receded. He pulled up a satellite image on the holographic main screen that revealed that the children had saved mankind from total disaster.

"Well that will help the economy." The old boy quipped.

"Take care of this." Gendo remarked to Fuyutsuki and used his private elevator to descend to the bowls of Terminal Dogma.

I always get the shit jobs, the old man thought. "Do you have anything to report?" He asked of Combat Operations director Katsuragi.

"Rescue teams are outbound." She snapped in response, "We're still picking up the pieces."

"Use your best judgment." He commanded and left the matter to the Major, confident in her ability to handle the situation.

After several very tense minutes, Shigeru replaced the phone in its receiver and announced. "Rescue teams report that the pilots are safe. They're unconscious but alive and in good condition. They're in route to ICU."

Everyone in the command center let out a collective sigh of relief.


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