A/N: I'm baacckkk. Here is the sequel (more or less) to "Anything and Everything". Not much here in the first chapter, mostly fluff. Don't hate me.

A bleak day turned into a bleak evening with non-stop rain and sour moods from everyone I had the misfortune of making eye contact with. The gun metal gray clouds were going to hang around for a while but at least the rain was supposed to ease up by morning. I'm sure all the people flooded to the south of us are just thrilled with the news. It was the kind of dreary day that made me thankful for a warm, dry apartment and a hot meal in my stomach. Afterwards I was channel surfing and came across a documentary about a haunted house in Georgia. Looking back, I can clearly see that fate was playing a cruel trick on me. But then again, I wasn't looking for a kind of sign from the sky. I was just watching TV.

"Oh, come on," Greg muttered with more than a little bit of distaste. "You don't actually believe that crap, do you? Isn't there anything else on?"

He had been trying to keep a cold at bay with limited success. He was pale; no fever as of yet, but his sinuses were clogged all to hell. On top of that, his leg was bothering him more than usual. He was lying on the sofa with his head in my lap and the heating pad on his leg, turned up as high as he could stand it. And the gloomy weather did little to improve his already less-than-stellar spirits, as did my choice of television viewing.

"The good doctor doesn't believe in the paranormal?" I asked, putting the remote out of his reach.

"As much as I believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and smart blondes," he snorted. "I believe in what I can taste, touch, see, smell and hear. Everything else is a whimsical fake buffet line to feed the hordes of gullible saps. Is The L Word on tonight?"

"Tomorrow night," I told him, much to his dismay. Maybe someday he'd tell me about his strange attraction to lesbians. "No ghosts for you, Greg? There's a zillion haunting documentaries like this one. Obviously some people believe in them."

"Some people are morons."

"That doesn't mean they're wrong."

"That doesn't mean they're right, either. Those yahoos that lived in Amityville were exposed as a major league fraud, but still like to insist it was all real and scary. They believed their own act. Idiots. The guy who wrote the book didn't even meet them in person, for crying out loud."

"I read that book when I was a teenager" I admitted. "It freaked me out. To this day I don't like the name Jodie."

"Pussy," Greg sneered.

"Did you read the book?"

"No, and I never will. I'll stick to real fiction, thank you, not some half-baked ghost story dreamed up to cash in on an authentic tragedy. Do you have a copy of The Exorcist?"

"Book or movie?"

"Book. Isn't that what we're talking about? Books?"

"I thought we were talking about half-baked ghost stories. The Exorcist was based on a true story, you know."

He tilted his head back and looked up at me. "Supposedly true story. A little more believable since priests don't usually tell big whopping lies to make a quick buck. Vow of poverty and all. And last I heard William Peter Blatty didn't go around saying the vomit-spewing, head-turning daughter of an actress was a real event. Do you have the book?"

"No, I don't. Do you really want to read it? I can get you a copy. I was going to stop by the bookstore tomorrow anyway."

"Yes, I want to read it," he smiled. "You're too kind, Jimmy."

"And you're too much."

"Way better than being not enough. That's what Captain Howdy says. He also says to tell you that it's an excellent day for an exorcism."

"Julie got the ouija board in the divorce," I said, then met his gaze again. "Do you want me to change the channel?"

"I'll live," he sighed and shifted the heating pad. "I wanna see what these morons have to say about their spooky little friend."

"An evil spooky little friend. It made their lives a living hell."

"Am I supposed to care?"

"The people in the haunted house did."

"Like I said, they're morons."

"They could hardly ignore the severe haunting. It threw dishes, scratched them, all kinds of horrible stuff."

"Don't move into creepy houses, people. That will come back to haunt you."