Chapter 1

Logan Echolls did not hide, no matter the situation, he always faced it head on with biting wit and his famous arrogance.

Everyone knew this fact, it was common knowledge after all, that one thing the sarcastic boy seemed to thrive on was confrontation.

So, it came as no shock the world seemed to brush off his odd behavior that morning as simply a new eccentricity of a spoiled rich kid. If he wanted to sit in his xterra for half an hour staring blindly ahead without bothering with a little nicety such a blinking, it was his prerogative, who were they to judge?

If anyone was of the mind to interrupt his solitude, there was no indication- of that Logan was grateful. His mind was still swirling with too many questions to face his suprisingly intuitive friends. Besides, he didn't want to think of the shockwaves that would spread through the school if anyone realized the fearless 09er king was hiding away like some timid child. He shuddered at the idea of the outlandish rumors that would sprout in the wake of such news.

Anyway, he wouldn't call it hiding per say, he was merely trying to get up the nerve to go into the school and face her.

Logan shook his head at his lame reasoning, he could have come up with better had he gotten even a wink of sleep the night before. Sadly, slumber hadn't come easily to him last night, everytime he closed his eyes all he saw was Veronica's tear streaked face and accusing eyes.

He had gone through the tape at least twenty times trying to piece together what had happened. It hadn't shown him anything useful though. Whoever had been in the pool house with Veronica must have used the main door which was on the other side of the pool house. Logan did get to watch the salt lick though. Everytime he thought of it his stomach turned. When did I go over to the dark side? It made him sick to know that he had made it alright to violate Veronica –hell, he had encouraged it with the salt lick! He never intended for it to go as far as it apperantly had.

The beginning of the day had dragged on and Logan felt great relief when it was time for lunch. All through Journalism he had avoided looking at Veronica even when she insulted him with a particularly witty zinger. As he made his way to the 09er table , he couldn't help but look at his 'friends' and wonder who had hurt her. Why the hell should I care? We're not friends, she betrayed us! Suddenly, Logan was angry at Veronica. I shouldn't feel anything for her!

"Dude, what did Mars do now?" Sean questioned.

"What hasn't she done?" Dick chuckled.

Logan realised he had been glaring at Veronica.

"Nothing man, I was just thinking about my car being taken away." Logan said.

He let his friends conversation float around him as he watched Veronica and her friend talk. His eyes narrowed when Troy walked up and wrapped his arm around her. How can she let him touch her after what happened? Why didn't anyone get questioned about her rape? Why didn't she report it? Logan was sure she hadn't reported it because it would have been all over Neptune in an hour. He also knew that no one had been brought in to be questioned. Logan's anger at Veronica turned into rage at the injustice that she had faced. In an instant, Veronica was no longer the bitch who betrayed everyone and now must be destroyed, she was again Ronnie, the girl he used to make laugh and eat ice cream with.

The girl who seeks justice for every wronged person she crosses paths with and she doesn't get justice for herself? Why didn't she get justice? Logan suddenly found he had too many questions that needed answers, answers that he didn't know how to get. I will find out what happened and get justice for her! I'll never let anyone hurt her again.

As much as Veronica thought she was immune to Logan Echolls, he had still found a way to hurt her. How dare he "forget" I was Lilly's BEST friend! He included everyone else in the memorial video and not me- one of the only people who knew the real Lilly! When Veronica had found out he was asking around for video footage, she had gotten all of the videos with Lilly she had and brought them to school the next day.

Sure, her and Logan hadn't spoken a civil word to each other in a year but this was for Lilly. She was positive he would ask her but he hadn't and that hurt-a lot. He didn't even reply to her baiting him in class today. I will not let anything that bastard does bother me ever again! Veronica was pulled from her thoughts by Wallace's voice.

"…planning something." Wallace said looking at the 09er table.

What? "What did you say?"

"I think Logan is planning something, he keeps glaring at you! Better keep our eyes on them."

"I can handle myself, but thanks for the warning."

"Just watch your back. Here comes Troy, I'm gonna keep my eye on him too." Wallace whispered.

Veronica's heart warmed at the concern of her best friend, it had been so long since anyone besides her dad worried about her. It felt good to know she wasn't alone anymore.

"Hello pretty lady." Troy said as he slid onto the seat beside Veronica. The rest of lunch was spent talking about the Homecoming plans for that night. Letting the playful banter of the two boy's wash over her, Veronica let all thoughts of Logan slip away.