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Chapter 24

Deer-in-the-headlights was the only way to describe the identical look on both boy's faces. The unspoken panic of Oh, shit we're screwed, clearly conveyed by their expresssions.

In any other situation, Veronica probably would have laughed out loud; the leader of a biker gang and the king of spoiled rich kids both panicked just because of a tiny blonde. It would have been funny- hilarious even- but not today.

Quite simply, she was far too tired to be amused- and nothing could deter her from the mystery of what the two sworn enemies were doing whispering heatedly in the shroud of darkness- which just so happened to be under Lilly's window. Veronica wasn't one to attribute such circumstances to mere coincidence- and this was certainly no exception.

Unable to ignore the question pulsing in her head, Veronica kept her voice low as she asked harshly. "What are you two doing here?"

Neither answered the question, both too busy gaping at her in shock. Clearly, they hadn't expected any more late night visitors to the Kane mansion- and it seemed her appearance was viewed as an unwelcome intrusion.

Well, the feeling was mutual. She most definitely hadn't been expecting to stumble across anyone else with obviously the same intentions she had. In all the possible outcomes Veronica had imagined of how this expedition would turn out, finding her boyfriend with his sworn enemy under her dead best friend's window hadn't even made it on the list.

This threw a serious wrench into her carefully crafted plans for the evening- hopefully some of which could still be salvaged.

During the fleeting moment of silence, something must have clicked in Logan's mind fairly quickly, because less than a minute later his sarcastic façade was firmly in place. "I guess this is where all the cool kids are going now days. What do you think, Weevil?"

At the sound of his name, the biker snapped to attention, glancing over at the other boy for a wordless exchange before casually answering. "Just out for a midnight stroll, really."

"Under Lilly's window?" Veronica asked flatly, giving an unamused tilt of her head. Steeling her already frayed nerves, she sent a hard look at each boy before repeating her question from earlier, this time more forcefully. "What are you two doing here?"

Unwilling to reveal anything, especially in front of his biggest rival, Logan took a step toward his girlfriend, expertly deflecting attention from himself. "What are you doing here?"

Crossing her arms in defiance, Veronica shook her head. "Nuh-uh. I asked first!"

Sensing the situation was in serious risk of quckly degenerating into a schoolyard squabble, Weevil rolled his eyes and interveined. "What are we, back in third grade?"

The bickering couple turned to him, suddenly remembering they weren't alone. Before anything else could be said, the light taps of quickly approaching footsteps caused all three heads to jerk in the direction of the noise.

"Great." Logan groaned, rubbing his tired eyes. "More company."

"Who the hell could that be?" Weevil hissed, surveying the surrounding area for the quickest escape route, a habit honed from experience.

"That would be my partner in crime!" Veronica informed them, wincing when the footsteps became louder. "Damn, I really need to teach that girl the fine art of sleuthing."

"Who exactly is this partner of yours?" Weevil narrowed his eyes, craning his neck in an attempt for a better view.

Rubbing her neck sheepishly, Veronica bit her lip, her reluctance to answer obvious.

"Veronica!" The blonde called softly as she jogged around the corner. "Psst, Veronica! It's me, Meg!"

"Yup, she definitely needs those lessons." Veronica mumbled, pointedly ignoring the look of amusement on her boyfriend's face.

"Meg?" Logan grinned, chuckling softly. "She's your partner in crime?"

"Hi!" Meg chirped as she reached them, waving happily, her smile faltering slightly at the sight of the leather clad boy.

Weevil strode towards the perky blonde, grabbing her arm gently and pulling her far enough away from the curious couple to have a semblance of privacy.

"What the hell is that about?" Logan asked, his eyes glued to the biker speaking heatedly with the cheerleader.

"No idea." Veronica stated honestly, watching the pair with interest. "Kinda weird, though."

"What is she doing here anywa-" Logan cut off suddenly, shocked laughter escaping his throat at the scene in front of him.

Veronica's eyes widened as she watched Weevil lean down, brushing his lips softly against Meg's, her arms wrapping around his neck eagerly as she recipricated his touch.

"So, she's against you dating me, but she's dating a criminal?" Logan rolled his eyes, huffing indignantly. "Hypocrite much?"

"Veronica?" Meg asked softly, walking towards them. "Listen, I have to get going."

"I'm sure you do." Veronica teased, eyeing the other blonde knowingly. "You do realize we're talking about this on Monday, right?"

Meg laughed, nodding in agreement. "I figured."

"I'll see you later." Veronica winked, delighting in the slight blush spreading across the slim blonde's cheeks. "Have fun."

When the perky blonde made no attempt to leave, Logan sighed in irritation. "Anything else?"

"Um…actually…Eli and I were wondering if…" Meg began hesitantly, biting her lip.

"Yes?" Veronica prodded, amused by the entire situation. It was a pleasant change of pace realizing she wasn't the only one who had fallen into an unexpected relationship.

"Well…there's this…spy pen thing in Lilly's room and…we were wondeing if you…could get it for us." Meg finished lamely, nervously playing with the hem of her shirt.

Memories of the being presented with the pink little pen replayed in Veronica's mind, reminding her of Lilly's intentions for the small device. In an instant, her amusement abruptly fell away, her eyes narrowing. "Why?"

"It can hide things …um, you know, like love letters." Meg stated, avoiding eye contact with the increasingly agitated 09er boy.

"I know all about it." Veronica replied, eyes boring into her nervous friend. "The question is; how do you?"

"Eli told me all about…Lilly…" Meg whispered the departed girl's name as though it was taboo. Sensing Veronica's mounting displeasure, she smiled weakly. "…how they …you know…" With a nervous glance at Logan, who was listening intently, Meg continued reluctantly. "Anyway, he wrote her a letter and put it in the pen. We need to get it back, if what he wrote ever became public…"

Meg shuddered, thinking of the uproar that would surely ensue.

Following her friend's train of thought, Veronica cringed; knowing the battle that already raged between the have and have-nots of Neptune would only intensify upon learning the truth.

Sighing, Veronica conceded. "Fine, I'll get the pen, but I'm reading the letter first."

"Thanks!" Meg squealed, throwing her arms around the jaded teenager before skipping towards her impatiently waiting boyfriend. Weevil nodded curtly to Veronica before turning around and walking away, arms wrapped possessively around the petite blonde by his side.

Pretending the past few minutes hadn't just occurred, Logan studied the trellis leading up to Lilly's bedroom window with a critical eye. "Need a lift?"

Smirking at his expetise in denial, Veronica looked him up and down, stating arrogantly. "It's not me you should be worried about."

Not bothering to wait for a reply, she strategically placed her feet on the trellis and hoisted herself up. Impressed by her climbing skills, Logan watched her appreciatively for a moment before climbing up after her, the enticing view of their positions not lost on his teenage mind.

As Veronica reached the window, she gently tapped the side, causing the latch to pop open. It was old trick Lilly had learned when Celeste decided the best way to prevent her wayward daughter from sneaking boys into the house was to add secure locks on all the windows- obviously they weren't secure enough.

A cringe ran through her lithe body at the loud squeak from the window as it was pushed open. Balanced on the window sill, she swung her legs into the room and quietly lowered her feet to the floor. Without waiting for Logan to join her, she made her way to the closest set of drawers and began her hunt for the spy pen, gingerly moving objects out of her way during her search.

With a grunt, Logan managed to pull himself through the window, landing in a heap on the floor; a loud thud echoing through the dark room. Veronica froze, breath abated, listening for the tell tale sound of footsteps approaching. When none came, she let out an audible sigh of relief and returned to the exploration through her dead best friend's personal belongings.

Picking himself up from the expensive carpet, Logan brushed off his bruised ego at his less than stealthy entrance and moved to the antique desk Lilly had treasured greatly in her short life; running his hand across it reverently. Gently opening the drawer and pulling out the stack of papers sitting in it, he carelessly tossed them onto the bed.

Opening her mouth to chastise him for making a mess, Veronica gaped as Logan tapped on the bottom of the drawer before pulling out the wooden board. An incredulous laugh escaped her lips when she realized the drawer had a fake bottom, allowing it's owner to hide away precious, or in Lilly's case- contraband, belongings.

Veronica shook her head, she should have known the reason the wild girl had cherished the old desk wasn't for it's superior craftsmanship, but for it's assistance in evading her mother's tendencies to snoop.

Letting out a soft chuckle, Veronica watched as Logan pulled out a bag of weed and tossed it on the desktop, quickly followed by a flask, condoms and a pair of furry handcuffs.

Sending an amused glance over his shoulder, Logan laughed softly as he turned his attention back to the tangible reminders of how rebellious Lilly could be when the mood hit her- which had been more often than not.

Returning to the remaining items in the hidden compartment, Logan quickly spotted the object Veronica was currently searching for and pulled out the bulky, pink pen.

"Bingo." Logan called softly, waiting until he held her attention to reveal his discovery.

At the sight of Logan casually, and somewhat smugly, waving the pen at her, Veronica let out a small smile and held out her hands; eager to see if Weevil's claims were true.

Tossing the pen to her, Logan took a moment to admire the expert catch of his girlfriend before he continued to scrutinize the remaining contents in the drawer; his stony expression telling her he was less than pleased with his findings. Wincing as Logan shut the drawer with a loud snap, Veronica moved her attention to the pen in her hands.

Twisting the bottom of the plastic pen sharply, it popped into two pieces; revealing a tightly rolled piece of paper. With careful precision, Veronica unrolled the thin sheet of paper; instantly recognizing the choppy script as Weevil's penmanship.

Eyes widening as she read the poetic words written with so much love behind them, she sighed softly, intuition and a close knowledge of Lilly telling Veronica that the sentiments had been completely one sided. It was more than likely Weevil had been yet another tool for the brash blonde to wield against Celeste's over conservative lifestyle. Veronica doubted the biker had realized what his purpose in Lilly's life truly was until the end of their short romance.

Lilly had always had the gift of being able to blind those surrounding her with her natural radiance, never realizing how much her attention meant to those lucky souls she graced with her sparkling smile. What meant the world to her counterparts had merely been a moment of amusement for the Kane heiress.

"Wow. Weevil was really serious about her." Veronica breathed out, awed by the words she was reading. "He was willing to leave his gang behind and everything. He even mentions marriage and children once."

Covering her hand with her mouth, she belatedly realized it hadn't been the most sympathetic thing to reveal to Lilly's longest running boyfriend- the one that had been the most important and inevitably the most abused in the endless list of conquests.

Watching Logan's expression harden as he walked to a nearby desk and roughly yanked the drawer open, Veronica felt the need to comfort him, asking gently. "Want to talk about it?"

"What's there to talk about?" Logan chuckled bitterly, agitatedly combing his fingers through his hair. "Lilly loved guys, there's nothing more to it."

After years of knowing the sensitive, and moody teenager, Veronica could sense when he was completely closing himself off to the world around him- this was one of those times. Deciding to press the issue at a more opportune time, she dropped the subject and cringed at the less than delicate way Logan handled her late best friend's belongings.

She couldn't help but curse her bad luck at the bad timing of both Logan and Weevil showing up with on the same night with the same intentions as herself.

Of all the times for the two stubborn men to begin following her example, it had to be tonight. Veronica sighed, it would have been so much simpler if she could have just snuck in without having to deal with Weevil's secret fling and Logan's dodgy romantic history.

Eyes widening in realisation, Veronica's brows furrowed and she froze at the lingering unanswered question. "Wait a minute. Why are you here?"

"This really isn't the time or place…" Logan hesitated, shooting a quick glance to the closed bedroom door. "I'll explain later."

Looking around Lilly's darkened bedroom, Veronica grudgingly agreed; her narrowed eyes informing Logan his girlfriend would be letting her displeasure known when they were in a more suitable environment for yelling and name calling.

Taking notice of the determination behind the priveledged boy's every move, Veronica frowned; unable to resist following his every action.

"What exactly is it you're looking for?" Veronica bit out, annoyed by the fact that she had overlooked something so important as his presence under Lilly's window. She couldn't believe after little over a year woking for her father that she had made such a rookie mistake as being sidetracked by insignificant things.

"A letter to Lilly-" Logan stated simply. "-from me."

Laughing in disbelief, Veronica frustratedly raked her fingers through her blonde tresses. "This is the age of technology!" She muttered lowly. "Nothing says I love you like a good old fashioned e-mail!"

Ignoring her ramblings, Logan continued his search, shaking his head as he suddenly remembered one of Lilly's favorite hiding spots- a trick he had taught her.

Watching curiously as Logan stuck his arm behind the antique desk to pull out a dusty tool, Veronica took a step closer; a puzzled look crossing her face as she studied the object in his hand. "A screw driver?"

Praying the proof of his innocence would be in the last hiding spot possible in the large bedroom, Logan sent her a nervous grin. "Lets check the vents."