The Dazedizzy Challenge: Remember when Max was cool in Season 1? Yeah, me too. Remember when she went gambling with O.C. to save Sketchy? Yeah, I loved that, too. Okay, now do a similar story, but with Max and Alec doing the scamming on some hapless Mobster, and this time to save...whoever you want to save. It could be Sketchy again. Or Logan. Or to pay for the so-called cure. Or for Terminal City. It's up to you!

A/N: This is my first attempt at a full-on DA fic. Please, be gentle.


By: Deanaholic

"Tell me again why exactly I have to come?" Alec pestered from the couch in Max's apartment. She had conned him into doing another job for her to get some guys money for God knew what. He didn't catch the name, not that he really cared at the time. He was bored anyway.

She walked out of her bedroom dressed in a small black dress that barely left anything to the imagination and Alec couldn't help but stare. He was a member of the male species after all. "Are you going to go dressed like that?" she chided in that attitude that she seemed to reserve only for him. Alec really didn't mind it anymore. He could handle Max, he always could.

Alec looked down at the blue button up shirt and black pants combo, complete with black leather jacket, that he really didn't think was all that bad. Max had told him to dress nice, but she wasn't specific as to just how nice he should have went for. "What wrong with the way I'm dressed? I don't even know where were going! You were a little vague on the details"

"Sector four" she answered absently, putting on the last of her gold earrings by using the coffee pot as a makeshift mirror.

Alec sighed, rolled his eyes, and stood up from the couch so he could properly pace. "Max, sector four is a big place. Care to be a tad more specific?"

"Ok" She said, finally looking at him fully "We're going undercover as a mobster and his wife to make a quick buck. Sound good?"

"I would say yes, but my pretty ass is on the line" he replied,. "What mob we talking? Italians? Russians? IRA? Asian? Gay Mafia?"

Max, who had resumed preening herself in the coffee pot, shot him a questioning and surprised glare "Did you just say 'Gay'?" then she mentally scolded herself for even asking and pushed it aside for another time "Nevermind. We're dealing with the Italian mob, specifically one mobster that is known only by the name August. He's running an illegal gambling ring, which two skilled transgenics can make a killing from, if they play their cards right…pun intended"

"Wait, the August? The one that's know for cutting off the fingers of anyone who crosses him and making them eat them? You want to rip him off!" Alec cried, shooting her a when-exactly-did-you-lose-your-mind look.


"Uh, yeah. I'd like to keep my fingers firmly on my hand, thank you" he put a hand up and wiggled his fingers slightly to emphasize his point.

Not that she cared about the well being of his digits because she grabbed her coat and headed for the door yelling a quick "Are you coming or not?" before disappearing from sight around the door frame.

Alec stood there stunned for a moment, only a moment, before heading off after her with a sigh and a "Yeah, I'm coming".

He caught up to her quickly and slowed his pace so he was walking beside her "So what do you need the money for anyway?"

"None of your business" she snapped back, opening the door to the stairway of her apartment complex and heading down, closely followed by Alec.

"Oh really? Well, not that I care, but does it have anything to do with your boy-toy Logan?"

She rounded on him so quickly he barely had time to stop and avoid walking right into her. "Yes, if you must know!" She cried, her voice echoing off the concrete walls of the stairway. "Because I care about someone other then myself!"

"And I don't? that's harsh, Max." Alec replied, feigning offense.

She harrumphed, turned on her four inch pumps, and continued clomping down the stairs.

Alec however wasn't going to let this go until he found out her motive for wanting to cheat a notoriously violent and creatively gruesome gangster out of his hard earned embezzled cash. "Is it for another try at a cure?"

"No" she snapped

"Penthouse rent?"


"New exoskeleton with kung-fu grip?"


"Well, what then? C'mon Max, I wanna know why I have to put my life on the line…again, I might add…for Logan!" he stopped then and crossed his arms across his chest, refusing to move until he got his answer.

She stopped also with an annoyed sigh and turned to him again. He looked very much like a petulant child who was about three seconds away from throwing a tantrum. "Fine, if you must know, it's for his…uh…debt"

"You're going to go count cards to pay off your rich boyfriends debt?" Alec said, disbelief playing on his face and in his voice as he stared down at her. "I may have been born in a test tube, but it certainly wasn't yesterday. What's the real reason?"

Max shifted on her feet and stared back at Alec, but she couldn't take his pressing gaze for much longer and broke down with the full answer. "Alright, fine!" she confessed "Logan got a tip from one of his informants that this August guy is supplying truck loads of cash to the cities drug ring and making a killing in profits. He also says he's supplying protection to the crooked politicians that are allowing this to go on, paying off judges and cops to keep things on the down low. Logan's informant has been tagged by August's guys, getting a dead fish in his mail box a few days ago. We're supposed to case the casino that doubles as his base of operations, maybe make a few bucks, and go back to Logan with what we find"

"A dead fish?" Alec questioned, his expression and tone of voice unchanging

"Yeah. I don't get it either. Logan says its some old Italian warning that if the guy doesn't back off, he'll be sleeping with the fishes" Max answered, waving her hands about. "Whatever"

Alec then surprised Max by flashing a smile and dropping his hands to his side. "Works for me" he said before sauntering past her with a grin while she gaped at him. "I was bored anyway. Scamming a few mobsters should be fun"


"My alias is what!" Alec cried. They were standing outside the entrance to Giulios underground casino and were going over the plan one more time. It was going to be a simple undercover mission where they would go in and use their transgenic skills to take the mobsters for all they're worth and get some information in the process. Should be fun.

"Frankie 'Fish' Lucio. He's a high up in one of the rival families. They shouldn't know what he looks like" she answered , hiking her skirt up a little to make herself more noticeable to the male crowd if they hoped to get into the high stakes games. She knew how this worked, she had done it once before with OC in another hidden Casino in sector 7. "I'm Rita Lucio, your wife"

"Why do I have to be named after an aquatic animal? Why cant it be something like Frankie 'crouching tiger' Lucio? Or Frankie 'kill you with one hand' Lucio?"

Max sent him a sideways glare and he merely shrugged. She rolled her eyes and knocked the password. 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' wasn't exactly the password one would expect from hard-ass mobsters, but, hey, whatever moved their furniture. She quickly grabbed a hold of Alec's arm and began to get into character, smiling ignorantly and hanging all over the man at her side. She thought she might just hurl.

Alec, on the other hand, was loving every minute of it. He relished in the attention he was getting as Max's Hand gripped his arm while the other stroked his chest.

But, aside from the distraction, he quickly found his character, changing his stance and facial expression so it would be close to those gangsters he'd seen in the movies, as the viewing hole slid open, revealing a pair of deep brown and bloodshot eyes.

"What the hell do you'ze want?" the very high pitched male voice snapped

"Yo! I'm Frankie Lucio, aight! You don't talk to me dat way, understand!" Alec retorted, putting on his best gangster accent. The quick pinch to his side from Max as she smiled widely told him to tone it down. He recovered by saying more calmly "Where do I have to go to have a good time, huh? Me and my wife have plenty of money to spend"

The eyes shifted from Alec to Max and they roved her body as she smiled brightly at him, waving with her free hand. He was obviously drooling on the other side of the door. Alec took this opportunity to sell what he supposed was to be a bad-ass, Goodfellas attitude. "Hey pal, see something you like?" he snapped in an aggressive tone, daring the man to answer.

His eyes snapped immediately back to Alec. "No Mr. Lucio. Right 'dis way" he replied with a quiver, opening the door for the two transgenics.

"That's what I thought" Alec said as he and Max strolled past into the impressive casino where people were playing games of chance and pissing their money down the drain. They paused for a moment to take in the enjoyment that these vices had to offer by means of their mission. There were lots of brightly colored slot machines and craps tables, but nothing that would warrant the skills of two genetically engineered super soldiers looking to make a quick buck.

"Aw, darling, I want to play cards!" Max whined as annoying as she could muster and smiled slightly as Alec flinched a little at the high pitched voice she was using.

"Anything you want, babe" Alec replied, turning to the owner of the eyes that had been previously been watching them from the door. He was a small mousy looking man, far to skinny for his own good and hair greasy enough to fry bacon with. "Where's the high rollers room?"

"Mr. Lucio, those in the high rollers room have to be invited"

"Well, go find someone to invite us" Alec said calmly, annunciating each word with a menacing undertone that said 'if you don't, there will be hell to pay'.

They watched as the man obliged, disappearing behind a red velvet curtain. Alec smiled proudly at his successful persuasion as Frankie 'Fish' Lucio. However, when he looked down at Max, a scowl was the last thing he expected. "What?"

"What the hell was that?"

Alec's eyes shifted from side to side trying to figure out why exactly she was upset and coming up short. "Uh, that was undercover work."

"You looked like a bad Godfather rip-off!"

"Hey, which of the two of us worked as an undercover assassin during their formative years?" he raised his hand to emphasize his point. "Besides, he bought it, didn't he?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Lucio?" A voice from behind them brought the two transgenics back into character with Max hanging on Alec and Alec standing as hard-ass as he could.

"Yeah, that's us" Alec said with an upwards nod of his head. Before him stood a woman who could have rivaled Max in beauty. She was tall and thin with deep black hair and tanned skin wearing a rich burgundy gown that did nothing to hide the ample breasts underneath. Again, Alec was a member of the male species and couldn't help but stare.

She reached out a slender hand to him, her bright blue eyes sparkling along with the smile she was sending him. Thank Manticore that they made him beautiful, because the look she was sending him screamed instant attraction. "Hello, I'm August"

Alec and Max's eyes widened slightly, but both took her hand and obliged with a small shake.

"I'm honored to have a member from the Lucio Family here at my establishment. I knew your father before he disappeared so suddenly, but I've never had the pleasure of meeting you and your wife…Rita is it?"

Max smiled back at her and nodded, gripping a little harder on Alec's arm without even realizing. Subconsciously, the looks this woman was sending Alec were working her nerves, but they could use that to a possible advantage later on.

"Please, come play in the back tables. There is a game starting shortly" she said, again flashing Alec a suggestive smile, which he returned. Whether he was aware of it or not, Max couldn't tell, but Alec was a Tomcat by nature.

August lead the way as the two transgenics exchanged glances and followed. Alec leaned in close to Max and whispered just loud enough that Max's genetically engineered hearing could pick it up "He is a She!"

"I know, now shut up and play along!" she retorted just as low.

Behind the velvet curtain was one table. At said table were two other people, an older Man and a Woman who both looked like they could easily be in their mid fifties, along with the dealer.

"Please sit" August instructed with a wave of her had, indicating toward the only two other seats.

This seemed to easy to Alec and by the look on her face Max felt the same way. Alec and Max both took a seat and Alec reached in his pocket for the money Max had handed him before they got to the casino, saying this is what they were to use. He slapped it on the table, making sure everyone saw it and grinned broadly, showing perfect teeth. "What's the game?"

"No limit five card stud" August drawled, seductively sending Alec a look that was verging on undressing him with her eyes.

"Perfect" he stated with a smug grin and the game began.

The dealer passed out the cards and Alec and Max watched intently. Alec drew a pair of eights, a queen, a jack, and a two. Not the best of hands, but the night was young. He placed his bet, and asked for three more cards when his turn came up again. This time he drew another eight and two twos. A full house. Not bad for his first hand since the couldn't really count yet.

"Lets see 'um" The Dealer said as he went around the table. The older gentleman folded while his wife put down three fours. Alec couldn't help but laugh inwardly at her failed attempt to bluff. Max also folded, to Alec's surprise.

"Whatcha got?" the Dealer asked Alec. It was only him and August left and she was tapping her finger nervously on the green felt table. A tell. She must not have that great a hand.

Alec grinned and placed his hand face up, showing his full house.

"Impressive" August said, placing on the table three aces and taking the loss.

Alec gleefully pulled the money toward him with a small laugh.


They played for an hour more with Alec or Max taking 90 percent of the wins, thanks to their genetically engineered memory span and ability to bluff and count cards like a pro.

"Where's the ladies room?" Max asked the dealer, no doubt having no intention on actually going to the ladies room. Alec knew it was a ploy so she could go case the joint a little better. The dealer gave her directions and max walked out with a small "Thank you" and a giggle.

Alec remained behind, smiling smugly. "So, deal the cards"


Alec's assumption was correct, Max really didn't intend on actually using the restroom. She instead, ducked into a room with a sign reading 'Employees only'. Max snorted. As if this place was really trying to become an upscale place.

Inside were about 20 brown boxes piled high on top of each other in neat rows. Max had her theories as to what was inside, which were confirmed when she opened one. Inside were bags of white powder, most likely cocaine, lying on top of wads of cash. "Gotcha" she mumbled with a pleased smile.

Inspecting the box closer, she realized they were using a chocolate company as cover, the side of the box reading 'Mr. Happy's Premium Chocolate. The best since 1999!'

Max took one of the shipping labels and slipped into her purse for Logan. Then she slipped out and back to the game.

She came in just as Alec was pulling the money toward him again with a gleeful smile "I win again, Lady Luck must be on my side!"

"I think you're cheating!" the older gentleman cried, standing up from the table and pointing a menacing finger at Alec.

August didn't seem to disagree, also standing and glaring daggers and the transgenic. "I've never seen anyone win like that! You must have cheated somehow! I want the money back"

Alec sent her that shit eating, know-it-all, egotistical look "Sorry sweetheart, I won it, its mine"

"Honey, lets go" Max tried to quell the rising hostility in the room by pulling deliberately on Alec's arm.

He stood, pocketed the money and winked at the fuming mobette. She no longer held that attraction in her eyes she previously had.

"You're not leaving until I get my money back!"

"Yeah, me too" the man said, pulling a very impressive glock from under his jacket and pointing it at Alec and Max. August followed suit with a much smaller pistol.

Alec and Max both threw up non-aggressive hands "Whoa, this escalated quickly"

"It always seems to" Was Max's reply.

"Put the money on the table" August ordered "and maybe you can keep your fingers"

Alec shot an I-told-you-so look at Max before obliging, throwing all the money he had won back on the card table.

"Her's too!" the man added, motioning with the gun to Max.

Max did as ordered, but the packing slip she had stole slipped out. "Oh shit" she mumbles as August and the Man both saw it.

"I knew it! You're cops, aren't you!" August spat, pointing the gun more deliberately. By now more of Augusts men had entered the room, guns drawn.

"I was really hoping not to have to do this in heels" Max sighed before she and Alec blurred towards the door. Gunfire rang out instantly intermingled with the screams of the others in the casino area.

They both skidded to a stop as two men stepped in front of the front door. "Window!" Max yelled before taking off toward the tall bay windows that led to the back ally where both their bikes were parked.

"Why can't we ever leave the same way we came in!" Alec called after her just before the two of them expertly crashed through the window, landing effortlessly on their feet and making a break for the bikes.

They peeled out of the ally into the busy Seattle streets heading as far away from Augusts casino as possible.


"Well, we did all that work for nothing" Max sulked, sinking into her couch once they made it back to her apartment after making sure they weren't followed and no one was going to be coming after them anytime soon.

"I wouldn't say that" Alec responded, taking a seat on one of Max's kitchen stools with an I-know-something-you-don't grin on his lips.

"What are you talking about, we lost the evidence!"

Alec chuckled and stood, handing her a piece of paper. Max opened it, suspiciously eyeing him.

"How did you get this!" Max cried, looking down at the very same packing slip she had dropped on the card table back in the casino.

"The hand is quicker then the eye" he answered, heading for her front door.

"I assume you got the money too?" she called after him. He turned and tossed her a wad of cash. "You're so sneaky"

"Hey, it comes with the transgenic territory. It's not my fault they weren't paying attention. Besides, they were bad guys, right? That's half by the way."

"Just out of curiosity, what hand did you have when you won the final time?"

He smiled at her with that ever present smirk and spread his hands wide.

"A Royal Flush"