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And so it ends ...

Raphael's P.O.V.

(((1 week later)))

Sitting on Leo's bed, I tried to repel all the memories that forced themselves onto me at the sight of his possessions. But then again, for a few moments, I can bask in the radiance of our younger years, of happier times until I have to return to the bleak reality of today … Life without my brother.

I wish I had no more tears to cry but it is simply my body has no more will to comply.

I haven't eaten or drunk anything in days. Food … tastes like ash in my mouth and water, not like the refreshing necessity it should. Life has no more meaning … no more colour.

The others have been affected but not as affected as me. I think Don committed himself to Leo's death weeks ago; this is just the final stage in a process.

Nothing more …

I haven't seen April or Casey since … they haven't been around much.

Mikey is suffering. He won't watch t.v., read his comics, go watch a movie or anything. He just practices in the dojo continually … much like Leo would.

My grip tightens shakily on the object.

It's like he thinks it will do something, like it will give him direction, give him peace … it only gives him a taste of physically suffering which gives away to his emotional anguish once he stops.

Splinter … Splinter … he … is an empty shell. All he has been reduced to is tradition and custom.

Like preparing … Leo for his … funeral.

Leo will receive the full ceremonial burial he would have loved to have when he wasn't reduced to what I made him become.

Now it only seems like a slap in the face. He didn't die honorably … he was murdered.

Master Splinter has washed and cleaned him up; colour added to his pale face, the still visible lacerations around his neck toned down a little.

He now lies in Splinters room with a single white sheet covering him, alone but for Splinter who is keeping his vigil.

He keep s alonger vigial of a … dead body then a living being.

Now that he is truelly … gone, I find it hard to be with him. He's finally gone and nothing I do will bring him back. I've lost all hope.

So I retreat to Leo's room … where I am now.

Me and my gun.

The cold touch of steel is in ways welcoming … it is a feeling that is apart from anything I am feeling.

It has feeling.

I've always had it … the gun … a trophy from a past practice run. I've always hates and detested guns, there's no skill in them. A three year old could pick one up and kill me just as good as a 20 year old could.

That is why it is my weapon of choice.

Something I despise should be what finishes me off … there is no honour in me so there will be no honour in my death.

I switch the safety catch and check everything is in order.

My arm stings as I lift it.

I looked over at Leo's inscription … looking at my handy work.



I was the "Useless Tyrant" and I'd added my blood to the wall of death.

Thinking of any last thoughts … the only thing I could think of was …

At least I get to see Leo again … and tell him how sorry I am …

I rest the gun to my head …

I take a deep breath …

Mikey appears at Leo's door, his nun chucks in hand … he must have finished practice …

His face goes from confusion, to disbelief and finally rests on … horror.

I think he went to scream.

I screw my eyes shut.

"RA …!!!"