"Zelda, I love you." Link said.

"Link, I love you too but there's another." Zelda replied.

Link was outraged by this news and shouted, "What! Who is it? I'll kill them!"

"It's two of them actually. I love Kirby and Jigglypuff and were going to be together."

And so it began. Link's quest for vengeance on the puffballs had started.

Link was in smash mansion looking for his main squeeze ,Zelda, when he happened to go by the kitchen and find his archenemy Kirby eating. This time it happened to be those little gay pink hostess things with the pink stuff that looks like sugar on them.

The hero snuck up behind him and grabbed him. Kirby was surprised by this. And he nearly dropped his food but he sucked it up in time.

"You little ball of fluff! What have you done to make Zelda fall helplessly in love with you?" Link asked.

Kirby answered with the usual 'boio' and made a sweet face that broke Link's heart. He released him and took out his sword.

"Prepare for battle!" Link told him. "If I can't have Zelda than no one can!"

Kirby sucked up Link and gained his bow. Link rushed Kirby into a nearby wall and started to hack and slash wildly, but the puffball was just to small. He slipped through one of Link's attacks and hit him with an arrow. The hero gasped and turned around. He took off in the other direction.

Kirby thought that he had won so he removed Link's powers and said his usual phrase 'bye!'. at about this time, Roy and Marth walked in. they were hungry but they greeted Kirby. And provided just the distraction that Link needed.

As Kirby chatted with the swordsmen, Link had climbed to the ceiling and was preparing his sword plant attack. Link jumped the highest he ever had and planted his sword in the center of the puffball's body.

Candy and those gay pink things spilled out all over the place. And Link was victorious. Marth and roy who were standing nearby saw the whole thing and said, "Damn!"

Link walked out of the kitchen. "If I can't have you no one can!" he shouted into the hall.

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