This is the last chapter of 'If I Can't Have You'. thank you to all of my reviewers: Inspector Marth, Psie, and jimmy

Link furiously ran out of the training room and headed for the event matches. He went through all of the matches until he found a new one. It was titled 'Z For One Z For All'. Ganondorf and Mewtwo had created a new stage.

Link chose to enter it. As soon as he started the match, Mewtwo came at Link with a fully charged blast of energy. Link dodged it and mewtwo tried to use his mind abilities on Link.

"the only mind abilities that love requires is that of the heart!" Link yelled and chucked a bomb at Mewtwo. He was sent flying from the stage never to be seen again.

Link spotted Ganondorf and Zelda. She was behind him and didn't seem to notice link. Link took advantage of Ganondorf's negligence and attacked him with arrows. When he did turn around, Link had a smash waiting to send him soaring from the level.

Link ran to Zelda. "Zelda! I killed Kirby. And I killed Jigglypuff. And I killed Ganondorf and Mewtwo! And I'll keep killing people who get in the way of us. Because if I can't have you, then no one can!" Link told her.

Surprisingly, Zelda smiled and said, " You did all that for me? … wow, you really do love me and I love you more than anyone." with that she hugged him.

Link and Zelda went on to smash in many more games, and after SSB:Brawl, they got hitched and Link continued to kill or at least rough up any guy (mostly Marth) that looked at Zelda.

And as for Roy, after Link and Zelda were finished hugging, he was at the other side of the stage going, "damn!"