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Daichi stared gloomily out the window. I hate planes.

It wasn't the fact that he was flying thousands of kilometres above a gigantic ocean.

It wasn't the strange coincidence that he was always sat next to the harassed young women with the screaming baby.

It wasn't the strange smelling food that always made his stomach churn when he smelt it.

No, though all of those reasons helped to depress him, he'd always managed to ignore them before.

He hated planes because they took people away.

Including him.

When he'd told Tyson this, Tyson had stared blankly at him before stating the obvious, "Aren't they supposed to do that?"

Daichi sighed. Nobody, especially Tyson, would ever understand why planes meant what they did to him.

When Daichi was younger he'd love to watch the planes.

He'd imagine all the strange and wonderful people on them, travelling off to exotic countries. He used to love planes because what they symbolised for him, then, was an adventure.

That was then, however, now he knew better.

Planes took people away from where they belonged. In Daichi's mind everyone had a place where they belonged.

When Daichi had been only five years old his dad had left on a plane to America. A year later he had come back, but he no longer belonged there.

Like a wound, the place his dad had held had healed over. There wasn't any room for him with them. Instead, somewhere in America there was a place where his father was supposed to be.

If you stay away from your place too long it'll be gone, and wherever you were was your place now.

That's why Daichi hates planes. They never bring you home but they always take people away.

Even though Daichi had sworn never to go away for too long, here he was…on a plane. Thousands of kilometres over a gigantic ocean, trying to ignore a red-faced brat next to him and not breath in the smells of his untouched complimentary meal.

He, like the rest of the team, was on his way to some small country called New Zealand.

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