Thank you everyone for your patience. I know nobody reads these things anyway so on with the story.

Daichi blundered blindly through the large and dark New Zealand bush. Every now and then he'd hear a "mew!" up ahead. This would give him strength to carry on.

Branches whipped at his small figure. At one point, brambles sent him head first into a patch of mud.

He was tired, hungry, wet and miserable. In fact, he'd probably had better days.

Daichi was vaguely aware of heading up a hill. Pebbles slid under his bare, muddy feet, he clung to the hill's edge like a limpet. Grass came away underneath his grimy fingertips.

"Mew!" the cat taunted him. Daichi felt like swearing, crying and lauging manically, all at the same time. He didn't do any of those due to lack of breath.

Inch by inch, Daichi laboriously pulled himself up the steep hill, his breath coming in short bursts. This is Fun.

The small ginger disappeared in between a close-knit bunch of pine trees.

Daichi stumbled forward, relying on his body weight to push the branches away, rather than actually waste more energy.

Daichi collapsed onto the clearing of grass. The kitten sat in front of Daichi, watching him curiously.

Carefully, it dropped Strata Dragoon next to Daichi's hand before vanishing into the shadows.


"Huh?" Daichi murmured softly. He sat up. "Whoa!"

He was floating in a big white space. There wasn't anything underneath him. There wasn't anything. Is this what it's like to die? I thought there would be more…something.


"Um, yes?" he quavered, deciding under the circumstances it would probably be the best idea. He was, after all, floating in a giant white limbo.

This isn't the time ignore the loud voice in your head. After all, if I'm already crazy, it can't hurt. Thus was the logic of Daichi.

Ah good. You're awake.

A large black cat materialised out of the whiteness. If Daichi had been standing on something solid he would've fallen over. As it was he ended up floating upside down.

A cat? Come on!?! He'd been expecting some kind of dragon or creature with too many tentacles. Though, he was kind of glad it was just a cat.

Just a Cat?

Ahh! It could read his thoughts?

Never mind. Now.

Daichi found himself transfixed by a large pair of green eyes. Very green eyes. Captivating almost.

Swirling and spinning and drowning in large emerald pools.

It is done