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Summary: Sasuke is sent to a metal hospital for treatment for his "special condition". If the doctors and tests don't kill him, his fellow patients might. Except for a certain blonde haired boy...Sasu/Naru eventually with slight Neji/Shika. Rated for language and content.


The scenery outside the window was a blur as the car sped down the road. Inside sat a boy, wearing a nice suit, his hands cuffed in front of him.

He had been dressed up for his hearing with the judge, where it had been determined that he was unfit to live in regular society and must further be placed into a secured living situation. Meaning mental hospital. Because, apparently, he was losing his marbles, or something like that.

"Don't look so depressed Sasuke" the man sitting next to him chided softly. "It could be much worse. It should be nice there, I've heard it's a great facility"

"They're sending me to the loony bin, Obito. Tell me what is good about that" Sasuke's voice was low and tense as he glared out the window.

Obito quieted down as they pulled onto a long gated drive. Their driver pulled to a stop before the gate and punched in a number code, causing the gate to swing open. It was then that the large white building came into view. A sign next to the drive read "Welcome to Saint Olaf Mental Institution".

The driver pulled around to the front of the building and stopped. Obito gave Sasuke's shoulder a squeeze as a nurse came to his door and opened it.

"Welcome to Saint Olaf, do you have any bags?"

Sasuke glanced back at Obito, his eyes so forlorn that Obito considered stealing him away so he wouldn't have to live here. "Goodbye"

Sasuke just shook his head and stepped out of the car, slamming the door behind him.

The nurse before him, clad in white, took his small duffel bag and lead him into the automatic doors. As soon as he entered, Sasuke suddenly felt self-conscious. People all around him, most of whom indeed looked crazy, were all staring at him and murmuring loudly, as if he couldn't hear them. The nurse walked briskly to the front desk and gave him his bag.

"She will sign you in and you'll be escorted to your room" the nurse smiled before walking away.

"Name please" the woman sitting behind the desk asked, not even glancing up.

"Uchiha, Sasuke"

She typed a few strokes and then pressed a button that lit up. A few moments later, another nurse appeared, taking the clip board the secretary handed her and walking away with a soft "Follow me".

Sasuke followed her through countless corridors and up four levels on the stairs. Everywhere he went there were people roaming the halls, all dressed in white uniforms. He noticed that the higher he went, the more unstable the patients seemed to get. It was not reassuring that he was on the fourth floor.

They finally reached their destination, a single door on the fourth floor. He nurse hung his clipboard on the door (alongside four other clipboards) and motioned Sasuke to enter.

Their was a main room, about 40x20 in size, where sat a table, two chairs, an old TV and three windows on the far side of the room. Once inside the common room, he could see that from that main room, there branched six other, smaller rooms.

The nurse directed him to the last door on the right. "This is your room"

Inside was as plain as the common room; it held a bed and a chair. And, like everywhere else in the hospital, the carpet and walls were bleach white.

He dropped his bag on the floor next to his bed and stared at the walls with a frown.

The nurse caught his attention again. "The boys are out for an outside break, and they'll be in shortly. They're all very pleasant, you should be fine. Pull the nurse call chord in the bathroom if you need assistance."

And with that, she left.

Sasuke watched her leave and then began to look around. There were four other bedrooms, and he was surprised to find that each was very distinct from the other. The first he entered looked like a child's jungle-gym. Shelves and balconies jutted out from the walls, a rope and a few rungs were attached to the ceiling. Everything was uniformly white, but a thick carpet covered the floor instead of linoleum.

He moved to the next room.

This one was odd too. Two of the four walls were covered in dry-erase board, and every square inch of that was covered with scribbling of what appeared to be some sort of mathematical equations. He backed out of the room slowly.

'So…we have a psycho man-monkey and a freak genius. Fabulous'

The other two rooms were more of what he expected. The first was completely bare. Nothing in it at all. If he hadn't known better, he would have guessed that no one lived there.

The last room was something that Sasuke had really thought would be more common in a place like this. The walls, the floor, the furniture. Everything was covered with a thick, cottony padding.

Sasuke walked back into his own room and laid down on the bed. Which, to the places credit, was actually pretty comfortable. He closed his eyes and rested his hands on his chest.

A few moments later, he felt a slight tickle on his neck. He cracked his eye open a bit-


A boy that looked about his age was crouched over his body, his feet on either side of the bed frame. His face was about two inches from Sasuke's and his look was quizzical.

Sasuke's heart was in his throat as he slowly pulled himself away from the other boy.

"Who are you?" the boy asked, his neck snapping to the side twice at the end of his statement.

Sasuke gulped, now thoroughly scared. '"The boys are nice" my ass…' he thought.

"Kiba, get off of him" a voice from the doorway scolded with a sigh.

The boy, Kiba, leapt off of his bed in one swift motion and looked up at the boy who had called him.

"Who is he Shika?" Kiba asked again, whispering loudly and not so discretely motioning towards Sasuke.

Kiba was ignored as the other boy addressed Sasuke casually. "I'm Shikamaru, you?"

Sasuke let out a breath as his pulse returned to normal. "Uchiha. Sasuke Uchiha"

"Welcome to paradise" Shikamaru muttered as he exited to the common room.

Kiba gave Sasuke one last glance, a soft mewl escaping his throat, and followed Shika out.

Sasuke sat for a moment, trying to comprehend what had just happened. He had only met two of the occupants and he was already quite alarmed. He pushed himself to his feet and cautiously entered the common room.

Shikamaru and a boy he did not yet know were playing some game with cards on the floor. The other boy had long, ridiculously sleek black hair, and secured tightly to his body, Sasuke noticed with a flinch, was a strait jacket. What concerned Sasuke more was that the boy did not have his arms wrapped around himself as a normal jacket would, but the sleeves were twisted around so he could have the normal use of both of his arms, rendering the jacket ineffective.

Kiba was sitting cross legged on a chair, swaying side to side happily as he watched reruns of I Love Lucy on the TV. Occasionally, small noises would escape him or his body would shake or snap out.

'Tourrets?' wondered Sasuke.

He approached the two playing cards, and sat on a chair nearby, watching them. He felt a tickle in his throat and he coughed, causing both boys to look up at him.

And holy hell, the boys eyes were white.

Shikamaru saw his surprise and motioned to the boy across from him.

"Neji, Sasuke. Sasuke, Neji" Shika turned back to their game as did Neji.

Their game continued and Kiba flipped the channels a few times.

Suddenly, Shikamaru stood and quickly trotted to his room. Sasuke heard the squeak of marker on dry-erase. Shikamaru came back with a satisfied smile and plopped back down with a grunt. They continued their game as if nothing had happened.

He heard the sound of white noise and turned to see the TV on static.

"NARUTO! The TV isn't workiiiiiiing!" Kiba announced far too loudly.

Another boy exited the padded room and quickly walked up to the TV, adjusting the antenna slightly. The picture returned to normal and Kiba grinned and let out a strange bark as his neck rolled.

"You're welcome Kiba" the boy said softly, smiling. He seemed to sense Sasuke and their eyes met. Naruto smiled and walked over to where Sasuke sat.

Sasuke watched the boy intently. His hair was bright blond, almost ridiculously so and it spiked in every direction. And his eyes were almost chillingly blue.

He held out his hand. "I'm Naruto, nice to meet you"

Sasuke grasped it firmly, eyeing the boy cautiously. He seemed somewhat…sane?

Naruto opened his mouth to speak, but a buzzer sounded, cutting him off. Kiba popped out off his chair to his feet.

"Lunch time!"

Everyone looked up as a nurse entered the room, balancing several trays on her arms. She hurried to the table and set the trays down. She handed out a turkey sandwich and a banana to everyone, along with a pint of milk. Then, she handed out pills.

She handed a few to Kiba, a few to Shikamaru, more to Neji and even more, about 7, to Naruto.

"No meds for you?" asked Naruto, peeling the crusts off of Kiba's sandwich.

The nurse cut in. "Until we evaluate the severity of Mr. Uchiha's condition, he will remain off medication. I'll be back for your trays in twenty minutes" With that, she left.

They all moved off to separate corners with their trays, Neji and Shikamaru together, and Kiba and Naruto too. Sasuke sat down on the chair, unsure of where he belonged. Kiba peeled his banana and took a small chunk out, flicking it into Naruto's hair. Kiba giggled and did it again.

"Kiba, stop" Naruto said pulling the banana away, causing Kiba to whine and reach for it.

"I wont do it again" he whispered, and grinned gleefully when Naruto returned the fruit.

Shikamaru watched the interaction with a bored look, and Neji didn't even seem to acknowledge them. Silence lasted a few more moments before Sasuke saw Kiba flick another piece of banana; the piece bouncing off Naruto's nose.

Naruto gave Kiba a disapproving look and took the banana away from him again, setting it behind him.

"No! Give it back! Give it baaacck" Kiba's voice trailed off at the end and his eyes widened in a frightening way. Sasuke began to worry for Naruto's safety. Naruto simply met Kiba's eyes and said evenly,

"You cant have it if you cant act responsibly"

He didn't sound angry, or even condescending which surprised Sasuke. Kiba was sulking, folding his arms over his chest in a most childlike manner. Then, as Naruto continued to eat, he lunged at Naruto in an attempt to retrieve his lost fruit. Their bodies collided, and they both rolled to the floor. Sasuke heard the snap of Naruto's jaws closing as his head hit the floor.

All the sudden an alarm sounded blaringly loud on the ceiling. Intermittent beeps filled the room so loudly that Sasuke had to cover his ears. Shikamaru let out a sigh, and Neji stood to his feet and went to his room. Shika trailed behind him, and the door slammed shut.

Simultaneously, the door to the common room swung open and three nurses ran in, heading strait for Naruto. Kiba leapt off of Naruto, a shocked and guilty expression on his face. A nurse grabbed each of his arms while another opened his mouth and thoroughly inspected it. The third shut off the alarm and knelt down next to Naruto.

The nurse inspecting his mouth sighed. "What was that Naruto?" she said in a gentle voice.

"It was an accident" Naruto said slowly, trying to diffuse the situation. "Kiba knocked into me"

The nurses were looking at him intently and Naruto gave the leader a pleading look.

"It was an accident" squeaked Kiba, who was cowering in a far corner. The buzzer seemed to have frightened him.

Sasuke looked from the nurses, to Naruto, to Kiba, trying to decipher the situation. What was…?

"We have to Naruto, I'm sorry" the tallest nurse said in a motherly tone.

Naruto's reaction was immediate. His eyes lit up in dismay and he struggled against the woman that held his arms. "Please, don't" he pleaded, his eyes flickering between the nurses.

"We cant take any chances Naruto, you know that" the nurse holding his arms said as she slowly pulled him towards the door that lead to the hallway.

Kiba leapt to his feet, scrambling to them. "Please, it was my fault!" he wailed, reaching for Naruto like a lost child would for its mother. Naruto spoke finally, his voice soft and muted.

"Its ok, Kiba. Finish your lunch ok?"

Kiba nodded and plopped to the ground in a shaking heap. The nurses lead Naruto out of the room slowly, and Sasuke watched in confusion as Naruto disappeared and the door shut, the lock clicking quietly.

"My fault. My fault. My fault" Kiba muttered as he shuffled to his room. He stopped at the doorway to look back at Sasuke. He pointed to himself, his face wrinkling up in a whimper.

"It was my fault" he whispered, before disappearing into his room.

Sasuke leaned back on his chair and took a deep breath. What exactly was that? He looked around, gaping for answers. He got up slowly and walked to his room. Shaking his head, he laid himself down and closed his eyes. This place did not seem promising.

He must of drifted off somewhat, because he awoke with a start when something landed on his chest with a plop. He sat up and saw that the thing that had awoken him was a folder, filled to the point of bursting. A voice from the doorway startled him.

"I figure you need to fill in some blanks. All of Naruto's information is in there" Shikamaru said, motioning to the folder. Sasuke stared at it dumbly and then back at Shika.

"How did you…"

"Make sure to give it back when you're done. You'd be in big trouble if you were caught with that"

And with that, Shikamaru left, leaving Sasuke alone. He took out the first set of papers. They seemed to be general repost of his condition. He scanned over Naruto's statistics such as weight and height and stopped on the paragraph that read "Symptoms" . He read:

Patient appears suicidal. Numerous attempts on his own life have been made. Patient seems unable to control these attempts made on said life, and he shows almost none of typical traits suicidal individuals have. He seems very content with his life, and it appears that he is unhappy with his condition. He doesn't want his life do end, and yet he cant stop himself from trying. The attempts on patients life come in waves. He will be symptom free for a few weeks and then he will make an attempt on his life. He has been placed in a secure environment with sensors to alert out staff to any attempts he makes on his life. Once an attempt has been made, he is retained in a highly monitored area until his symptoms relapse. Tests are done during that time to try and ascertain the abnormalities in his brain that cause his condition.

Safety precautions have been set up around his living quarters, including:

-pressure sensors on the tables, chairs and beds to prevent Patient from hitting head on said hard surfaces.

-pressure sensor on tongue to prevent Patient from biting tongue to induce bleeding. ('That explains it…' Sasuke thought)

-cameras set in Patients room

Patient is receiving therapy to help him sort out his emotions.

With that, the page ended. Sasuke flipped through a few other pages, one cathicng his eye that was from his therapist. It said that they felt that the tests were extremely emotionally, mentally and physically taxing on Naruto and that they requested for the tests to be stopped. They were denied.

Sasuke continued to flip through, when a few photo's caught his eye. He pulled them out to examine them, and immediately wished he hadn't. One was of Naruto, laying across the floor with blood pouring out of his wrists and pooling around him on the floor. Other of the photo's included the blonde with head injuries, a mouthful of blood. It made Sasuke want to gag.

He closed the folder quickly, sliding it under his bed. He quickly laid himself back down in his bed, hoping his nausea would pass. He let out a slow breath between his lips as he closed his eyes, trying to get the image of a half-dead blonde out of his mind.

God these people were crazy.

But then again, he was on the top floor.


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