Author's Note: This fic takes place after the Cars movie. The idea for this story has been in my head for several weeks and I just couldn't resist starting on it any longer.

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Lightning McQueen rushed over to the Cozy Cone Motel as quick as he could. Sally had called him at Flo's café and told him to come over as soon as possible. He didn't even know she was back. Sally had left a few days before to go to California for reasons she didn't bother to mention to anyone, not even him. She simply said that she'd be back in a couple of days and would bring a surprise with her.

McQueen pulled, screeching, into the parking lot of the Cozy Cone and came to a stop a few feet away from where Sally was coming out of the office. She immediately drove up to him, a huge smile on her lips.

"Hey, Stickers!" she greeted.

"Hey, Sally. When did you get back?"

"Late last night." said Sally.

"So what did you want? It sounded urgent over the phone."

"Come here," Sally smiled and turned to drive toward the office. "I have something I'd like to show you."

Lightning hesitated a moment and then proceeded to follow his girlfriend. Sally motioned for him to take a look inside.

"What have you got in there?" McQueen asked, slowly approaching the door.

"Go in and see." Sally giggled.

"Will it bite?"

"No, silly." Sally, again, giggled.

McQueen rolled inside and saw a small bassinet setting on the floor, close to the door. It was covered over with a light blue blanket dotted with tiny printed pictures of tires and pistons having dark blue ribbons tied around them. The young race car stood and stared at it and as he did so, the blanket began to move and hump irregularly. There was something alive in it! McQueen carefully took the blanket and slowly pulled it off. Under it was a tiny silver colored Porsche with huge, innocently bright eyes. The little car looked up at the red stranger in front of him and smiled before making gurgling noises. McQueen blinked several times before turning to Sally, who stood outside.

"Sally," he began. "It's a baby."

"I know it's a baby." Sally smiled.

"Wh-Where did it come from?"

"He's my nephew. I brought him with me from California."

"You never told me you had siblings."

"You never asked me." Sally continued to smile, holding back a laugh at McQueen's stunned expression.

"I'll be." McQueen smiled and turned back to the baby car. "So is he your brother or sister's kid?"

"Brother. I have no sisters."

"What are you doing with him?"

"My brother and his wife had to leave on an urgent business trip to another state. They're going to be gone for two weeks and they had no one to watch the baby so I told them I would."

"That's really nice." McQueen continued to smile at the baby. "Does everyone else know about him?"

"No, not yet. I wanted it to be a surprise so that's why I didn't tell anyone I was going there to bring him back." Sally's smile dropped. "Sad thing though, I'm going to be going back to California this afternoon. In fact, I'll be leaving in just a few minutes."


"I've got a client I have to see. It was a bit unexpected, I must say, but I've got to go. I was so hoping I could get away from all of my work I used to do in California, but some just won't leave me alone. They find out you're back in town and they're crawling all over you, asking for favors." Sally forced a laugh. McQueen could tell she didn't want to do it. "It shouldn't be over a day or two."

"Are you taking him with you?"

"Well," Sally hesitated. "That's what I needed to talk over with you. I need you to look after him until I get back."

"Me?" McQueen's eyes widened. "I don't know how to care for babies!"

"He shouldn't be any trouble. I have a notepad lying on the desk there with feeding times, nap times and any other information you need to know. You'll find bottles in the fridge and there's a diaper bag lying on the floor in there with plenty of things you'll need."

Lightning glanced at the baby car. It was busy and happily chewing on the side of the bassinet, drool running down the side. He cringed and backed away slowly at the sight as if the baby's drool would infect him with some kind of disease if it so much as touched him.

"Sally," McQueen nervously smiled. "I don't know one thing about babies. I can't baby sit him until you get back."

"Sure you can."

"Please, have Flo do it."

"Nonsense." Sally backed up and started toward the street. "I've got to be going now or I'll be late. I've got to see my client first thing tonight. Feel free to introduce him to everyone for me."

Before McQueen could say another word, Sally was already halfway out of sight. He sighed and turned toward the baby Porsche again. It was gurgling happily and rolling over on its side and even onto its back.

"Let's see," McQueen mused while pulling the notepad towards him. "It says here that your name is Nevan."

At the mentioning of his name, the little baby car looked up and smiled.

"Well, I see I won't have any problem in that area." McQueen sighed again before looking back at the notepad. "Bottles are in the fridge. Feed once at the times listed below."

McQueen's eyes scanned the times Sally had jotted down for Nevan's feeding and then went on to read the rest of the instructions. Nevan sneezed once and continued to watch curiously.

"This is crazy!" Lightning finally shouted to no one in particular. "I have no clue about taking care of and babysitting babies! How did I get into this mess?"

"Eeurk!" Nevan squealed as if telling McQueen he didn't know.

"Oh hush." McQueen glared at the little car.

At that exact moment, he heard someone shout from outside. He turned to see Mater and Mack pulling into the parking lot. That's all he needed. It was bad enough that Mater teased him about being in love with Sally, now he would never hear the end of it if Mater found out he was babysitting. Maybe the baby would stay quiet until his friends left. Although he'd have to let it be known sometime. Sally had given him permission to show the baby off to everyone. He backed up and made his way out to greet his friends as calmly as he could.

"Where's Sally?" Mater asked.

"Uhh… she's gone." McQueen forced a smile.

"Again? She jus' got here."

"Yeah I know, but she said she had a client she had to see tonight. It was kinda unexpected."

"How long is she gonna be gone?" Mack asked.

"One or two days." Lightning smiled.

"Whut wuz all of the hurryin' over here fer then?"

"Uh, well," McQueen's eyes glanced toward the office and then back to Mater.

"Naturally she wants him to look after the motel, Mater." Mack said before McQueen could speak. "Like he's done the past couple of nights."

Much to McQueen's horror, the baby car let out a loud squealing cry from inside the office. Mater and Mack looked up at McQueen and then past him and towards the office door. McQueen started to back up slowly while nervously eyeing his friends. The baby, again, squealed.

"Buddy," Mater lowered his voice. "I don't mean to embarrass ya or nothin', but sounds to me like you need to get those wheels of yours greased real good."

"You sure it was his wheels?" Mack tilted his head. "Sounded more like my Aunt Margaret when she snores without her teeth in."

The baby let out another wail, only this time he didn't stop but kept on crying.

"Waaaait a minute, that sounds like a baby crying." Mack started forward. "What have you got in there, McQueen?"

"Uh… nothing! Why?"

"Well, your nothin' is makin' a lotta noise." Mater smiled.

"It is a baby!" Mack shouted while peering in through the window.

"It's Sally's little nephew, Nevan." McQueen finally breathed. "His parents had to go away on a business trip so Sally's keeping him. And since Sally had to rush off unexpectedly, she wanted me to watch after him until she gets back."

"Sally's nephew? I knewd her brother's wife wuz expectin', but I didn't know she already had it." Mater eagerly drove up and into the office. "Aww, he's a cute lil' feller."

"Bring him out here, Mater, so we can all get a good look." Mack said on the other side of the window. "This door's too small for me to fit through."

Mater lifted the bassinet with his tow cable and drove outside, setting it and the baby down on the pavement. All three gathered around it.

"Hey, he is cute." Mack smiled.

Nevan smiled and giggled as he looked up into the faces of the three strangers gathered around him, his green eyes sparkling with delight. Mater made faces at him and caused him to go into a laughing fit. Apparently his laughter was contagious because everyone started to laugh after that.

"Sally said I could show him off to everyone." McQueen said.

"Won't everyone be su'prised." Mater chuckled. "This is one of tha most excitin' things that's happened to this town in weeks."

Lightning, Mater and Mack turned toward the bassinet again and watched as the baby Porsche drooled down the sides of its mouth and blew spit bubbles while making gurgling and cooing noises.

"That's gross!" Mack exclaimed.

"What do ya expect? That's whut babies are s'posed ta do."

"Guys, I don't know how to care for a baby!" McQueen's voice was panicky. "How am I supposed to care for this one until Sally returns?"

"You could ask us to help ya." Mater grinned. "We're your friends. Besides, this is Sally's nephew. Any relative of anyone livin' here is automatically a member of tha Radiator Springs family."

"Mater," Mack turned to the old tow truck. "We don't know one thing about caring for babies either."

"Shoot!" Mater's face turned into disappointment. "Well someone is bound to know." Mater peered down at Nevan. "We could ask Flo."

"No," McQueen sighed. "Sally asked me to take care of him so I will. I can't let her down."

"Won't do no harm in askin' Flo if she could give ya some advice."

"Thanks, Mater, I will."

"How hard could it be, takin' care of someone as cute as this?" Mater made another face at Nevan, causing the baby car to go into another fit of giggles.

"Let's go over there right now. No one's seen him yet." McQueen started toward the road. "Mater could you lift him up and set him on me?"

"Sure thing!"

Mater picked up the bassinet with his cable and gently placed it on McQueen's back. McQueen, then, proceeded to drive as slow as he could. Mater and Mack drove along the sides to make sure the bassinet wouldn't fall off. Baby Nevan giggled and squealed in delight and peered at the wonderful new sights around him.

"By tha way, Mack," Mater brought up the subject a little ways down the street. "I didn't know yer aunt had false teeth."

"Oh yeah," Mack sighed. "If you ask me they've been nothing but trouble ever since she got them."


"Well there was that one time she fell asleep while driving. From what I know she fell completely asleep right in the middle of the road. A truck coming up behind her couldn't stop in time and slammed into her. Knocked her teeth clean out of her mouth and clear across the highway. Took 'em three weeks before they found them in the back of a dump truck headed for Utah."

"If that don't beat all." Mater laughed.

Nevan laughed too, as if he understood every word Mack had said.