When Lightning McQueen, Mater and Mack pulled into the parking lot of the Cozy Cone, Nevan was screaming and crying at the top of his lungs. Naturally Mack and Mater had tried soothing him as they drove along, but it was no use. Nevan wasn't going to hush for anything or no one. By the time they reached the motel, he had just about driven all three out of their minds. Mater grabbed up Nevan's bassinet and placed it down on the pavement, maybe a little bit harder than he should have.

Mack winced as Nevan screamed even louder. "For Pete's sake, McQueen, can't you quiet him?"

McQueen looked dumbfounded at his friend then turned back to Nevan. He made faces at Nevan in hopes that it would make the baby car laugh, but with every face he made Nevan continued to cry.

"I'm jus' glad he's not old enough to have developed his horn yet." Mater grimaced at Nevan's crying.

Nevan again screamed louder.

"What's wrong with it?" Asked Mack.

"How should I know?" McQueen was on the verge of panic. "I was born for racing, not caring for babies!"

"I think you're s'posed ta burp it or feed it or change it or somethin'." Mater said as he grinned at Nevan.


"Check your list." Mack suggested.

"The list! Yes, the list!" McQueen hurried over to the office and went inside. He pulled the yellow notepad toward him and quickly scanned down the list for what Nevan could possibly be wanting. He glanced up at the clock hanging on the wall and saw that it was 2:00. He then glanced back down at the list. It was time for Nevan's afternoon nap. With a sigh of relief, Lightning backed up and out of the office.

"He's tired." McQueen called to his friends. "It's time for his nap."

"Is that all?" Mater said, more out of relief than anything.

"How do we get him to sleep?" Mack asked, wincing again as Nevan let out another piercing cry. "With the racket he's making it's beyond me how he'll ever get to sleep anytime soon."

"Uhhh…" McQueen quickly thought for a minute. He had no idea how to put a baby to sleep. He had never been around a baby before, or at least as far as he knew. He was an only child so he didn't have any baby brothers or sisters to look after and help care for when he was growing up. He'd seen babies before, but only in TV shows and movies. And, of course, he had seen mothers caressing babies in the crowds at races, but that was only in quickly passing. Yeah, that was it! He had seen mothers gently rocking babies to sleep a few times.

"We need to rock him to sleep." He finally said, loud enough so Mater and Mack could hear him over Nevan's wailing.

"Now why didn't I think of that?" Mater hit the ground with his wheel. "Everyone knows you're s'posed ta rock babies ta sleep."

McQueen ignored Mater's musing and told him to lift the bassinet up and put it on his back again. Mater did as he was told. Next McQueen told him not to let go but to gently rock the bassinet back and forth. McQueen's back windshield made the bed set unevenly and slanted, making it easier to rock than if it was setting flat on the ground. McQueen helped Mater by gently rocking his body along with Mater's rocking. Within minutes the crying ceased and Nevan was fast asleep. Mater took the bed and gently placed it inside one of the cones where Nevan could sleep without being disturbed.

"I'm glad that's over with." Mack sighed as Mater pulled up to him and Lightning again.

"He's all snug as a bug in a rug." Mater laughed.

"I don't know if I can take much more of this." Lightning looked down at the ground.

"If you don't mind me saying so, I think you did fine." Mack smiled. "You handled that nap situation really well."

"You sure did." Mater grinned.

"I dunno…"

"Well, look what we have here."

The new voice startled the group of friends and caused them to look around in the direction of the road. Much to their surprise, a green race car having a moustache and a huge 86 on his sides came driving up to join them.

"Chick Hicks." Lightning breathed before narrowing his gaze. "What are you doing here? I didn't think I'd ever see you come back here."

"You know, this place kinda grows on a person after awhile." Chick smirked. "I just couldn't stay away. Besides I had to have some excuse to try out my new taillights."

McQueen rolled his eyes. "Still gloating about them, I see."

"Hey! It's not everyday you get taillights."

"Maybe I should get some then." McQueen smiled. "That way you can see them in our next big race."

Mater and Mack burst out laughing, but by the look on Chick's face it was clear he didn't find any amusement in it.

"I don't think he got tha joke." Mater said, between his laughing.

"Oh, I got the joke alright." Chick glared at Lightning. "I just don't think it's funny."

"Ohhh, you don't?" McQueen knew he had Chick right where he wanted. "It's different now that you're the object of the joke, huh?"

Mater and Mack burst into even more laughter. Chick, by this time, was burning with anger.

"The great Chickster can't handle his own joke played back on him." Lightning smiled. "Let's see… I may just get some taillights that are brighter than normal. You know some that looks like headlights… bigger, brighter. That way it'll help you see where the track is."

More laughter came from Mack and Mater.

"That's it!" McQueen continued. "I'll get headlights instead of taillights. Then you can really see the track!"

McQueen joined his two friends in a fit of laughter. Chick Hicks, however, was steaming mad. He'd just about had all he could stand. He was tempted to ram into McQueen, but he held off. True he was a mean bully and acted tough, but deep inside he was nothing but a coward. Of course he would never admit it, not even to himself. With one last huff, Chick turned and sped off down the road.

"Let me know when you get some headlights and a horn, buddy!" McQueen shouted after him.

"That Chick Hicks." Mack shook his head. "Doesn't he ever give up?"

"Doesn't seem like it." Lightning smiled.

"I still say he's ugly." Mater added.

Lightning's smile dropped. "Maybe I was a little too hard on him."

"Say what?" Mater tried not to laugh.

"I mean, yeah he's a bully and total jerk and all, but jokes can hurt people." McQueen looked in the direction Chick had gone.

A few hours later, Lightning was startled by Nevan's crying. It was perfectly clear that Nevan was awake now and demanding attention. With a quiet sigh, Lightning pulled out of the motel office where he had been looking over the instructions Sally left for him and made his way over to the cone that held the baby car. In a fit of frustration, Nevan was trying his best to get out of his bassinet. The little car found it a little more difficult than he thought. The bed was taller than he counted on and posed a long drop that he was desperately trying to figure out when McQueen pulled up in front of him.

"No, no. You stay in there." Lightning said, seeing what Nevan was trying to do. Nevan screamed louder and backed up into the bassinet again. "I think someone woke up on the wrong side."

Nevan angrily glared at McQueen and hiccupped once. Lightning only shook his head and stared at the baby car. What was he to do with it now? He continued to stare. Nevan had stopped his crying and now lay quietly and calmly in his bed and chewed on one of his tires. Actually he gummed his tire, seeing that he didn't have any teeth yet; much like a human baby would chew on a teething ring or some kind of toy. It was obvious that the poor thing was bored, but since McQueen didn't know anything about babies this thought never entered his mind.

"You want to get out?" McQueen asked as if the baby car could understand and answer. He hated to, but he finally gave in and helped Nevan out of his bed. At first the baby car only sat and stared as if confused as to what he should do now that he was out of his bassinet. Lightning rolled out of the cone's doorway and tried to persuade Nevan to follow him out into the parking lot. Nevan squeaked gleefully and tried his best to follow. He was a little shaky on his wheels and once or twice fell. The last fall erupted in crying, but Lightning quickly rushed to the young car's side and helped him to get back up. With a gentle nudge of his nose, McQueen pushed Nevan's backend and started him rolling forward. Nevan giggled happily and seemed to enjoy finally being out in the open and away from his bed, although he still hadn't gotten the hang of driving just yet. It was understandable, since he was still too young. He cautiously rolled forward a few little steps at a time. He crept along slowly, slinking and crawling along on his belly more than anything.

McQueen had to fight back a chuckle at the sight. Babies weren't that bad, he thought.