Behind The Fire

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The wedding day of Elizabeth Swann and William Turner is ruined, in more ways than one. Jack Sparrow condemning himself to an almost certain death goes to Elizabeth to stand by Will's side at the moment he needs it most. Will's fate isn't exactly going as planned and his life is being threatened with each growing day. Can Jack and Elizabeth save him before destiny takes its own course of action?

Elizabeth Swann sat in the pouring rain her wedding dress was ruining as she did but, none of that mattered. Hundreds of Royal Navy Officers had swarmed the island, just hours before her marriage to one William Turner. The doors of Governor Weatherby Swann's Mansion where, in which Will was currently staying broken down, the mansion itself broken into, with not an idea of what a reason he would be arrested for on his wedding day, Will allowed to frozen, steel cuffs slip and clamp upon his wrists. He walked shamefully in the rain, but yet his head held high. The navy officers escorted him to the place where his bride was waiting for her fiancé to come to marry her.

"You look beautiful." His pained voice called to his awaiting bride. The silence broken by his voice, his bride stood and ran to his side.

"Its bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the wedding." Elizabeth Swann's sorrowful voice cried.

In an instant Weatherby Swann appeared, "For what reasons do you arrest this man?" He asks, angrily and brusquely. A second man appears his white powder wig covered by a hat, his fierce eyes staring into that of William Turner's. His gaze angry and devilish, the man was no other than Cutler Beckett. The man pulled out a warrant, "Here is the warrant for the arrest of one William Turner," Eyeing Will he continues.

"This is not for William Turner, it is for," He paused. "My daughter, Elizabeth Swann"

"My mistake," Beckett said, "Rather irritating, arrest her"

A man with hand cuffs moved to cuff the woman, "No" A harsh voice spoke out, freeing himself from the men restraining him, and his hands no longer bound he pulled out a sword from another mans belt.

"I can not allow you to do that." Anger and fury in his voice, he raised the sword to the mans' neck. At the moment the sword was raised, some one shot a pistol. Will fell to his knees his bride screaming, clutching his chest, he closed his eyes and allowed all other feelings to be blacked out by the pain he felt.

No one dared to ask who shot the gun at the man. William was taken to the hospital to be treated by the best surgeon on the island. His bride by his side at every moment she could be, holding his hand. His wound had caused a high fever to envelope the young man.

She wept her wedding ruined, her betrothed in pain, and a bullet deep within him. It had been three terribly long days since her ruined wedding, and William hadn't woken, his fever violently increasing. She still had no idea what her and her betrothed were being charged for but it wasn't what mattered to her right now. She cared only for Will's well being; she wanted him to live through this. So she could finally marry him, and they could live together, bare children, grow old, and die together. She stood and kissed her beloved his eyes fluttered, was that sign he could be awakening?

Elizabeth stood holding her betrothed hand as his eyes finally opened. The deep warm, loving brown eyes that had once been opened, his eyes now coated with pain, and sorrow, "Elizabeth" He murmured, "I'm sorry"

"For what my love" She asked, "You did nothing wrong, it is not your fault the soldier who did this to you should be ashamed."

"No, Elizabeth, your wedding was," His breath became labored. "Ruined." Will's strength deprived him, and his grip on Elizabeth's hand became nothing. Elizabeth screamed for her father for anyone, if it wasn't for the faint rise and fall of the young man's chest, she would have lost all hope for life. Nurses and doctors alike swarming the little room giving him all types of medicines until his breathing became stable, but labored.

Once again the mourning bride took her place beside her betrothed, lying next to him on the bed, she fell asleep, a hope that he would wake soon, and marry her growing in her grieving heart.

Jack Sparrow was never a man to leave a friend behind in his darkest hour. The news of Will's arrest and injury reached him quickly. Pirate or no pirate he set sail for Port Royal, he was going to sit at his side, along with his Betrothed and await his awakening. Within less than two days Sparrow would reach port on the island and go for the hospital, or place of care which Will was being cared for. He wouldn't allow James Norrington to stop him, or any other navy officers that try to stop him get in his way. He was there to help a friend get back to his health, and he planned on staying in the port until the young couple were married, he wanted to witness the wedding himself.

"Cap' n" A familiar rough voice asked, "You sure you want to go here?"

"100 mate, William Turner is the son of Bootstrap Bill Turner, who happened to have been one of my best sailors. Also William Turner is one of my few friends. I will not allow him to die with out me saying my final goodbyes and I refuse to not witness the blissful wedding either." Jack Sparrow said sharply.

Jack had very few friends, but the ones he did have, he wouldn't allow dying without him being there. William Turner had grown on him; he was a good man, although he may be foolish, he knew what he wanted. The day Will had told Jack his last name, and set sail with the pirate to get his Lass back, Jack knew that the boy knew what he wanted, and wouldn't stop until he achieved it.

William Turner had fallen madly in love with Elizabeth Swann, and she had been taken the previous night by Barbossa, he was set to find her and save her. Freeing Jack was a way he knew that his goal could be achieved. Since that day on, Jack did have respect for the boy. He saved his bonnie lass, and managed to end a pirate curse which happened to involve him in a big way. Also, he freed Jack from the gallows; something many people would never try to do.

Sparrow had left his beloved ship the black pearl in the care of Joshamee Gibbs as he walked the streets of Port Royal. He quickly found himself at the hospital searching its many rooms for sign of William or Elizabeth. Finally he found himself face to face with a red eyed woman in a battered wedding dress clutching the hand of a pale man on a bed. Quickly he recognized Elizabeth Swann holding the hand of William Turner. She looked at him, her gaze meeting his.

"Jack Sparrow," Her mourning voice pleaded she was on the verge of tears. "I thought I'd never see you again, how did you find out?"

Jack looked at her; a pained expression filled his heart as it shattered. He looked at the young man on the bed; his breathing was coarse and labored. The once strong and valiant William Turner was now broken with a bullet in his chest just between 2 ribs.

"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow luv'. I can find things like this out, and, it is spreading like wild fire, how William Turner, son of Bootstrap Bill Turner, was shot on his wedding day and his bride was left a possible widow." He said, pain and sorrow in his voice. "I'm ever so sorry luv'."

Elizabeth stared in amazement that Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Sparrow had actually come, had actually cared about what happened to Will. Her attention was on Jack for a moment until she felt Will's grip tighten.

"Elizabeth," his weak voice pleaded.

"Yes Will, I'm here." Elizabeth said passion and hope in her voice. "Jack, get my father, get some one." She hissed in a whisper.

Will's eyes opened and the pain of his wound crashing upon him stabbing him with pain like thousands of knifes crashing down on his heart. "I love you." He managed to say before his breath left him. Still awake he looked at his bride. "I wish," he started. "This had never happened."

"Oh Will," She said. "This isn't your fault Will, its going to be okay. Your going to get better Will, were going to get married, I promise you."

"I promise to you," Will rasped, "That I will be married to you, long before my death,"

At that moment Weatherby Swann and James Norrington as well as a nurse arrived into the room. "Dear god look at this, finally the boy has woken" James said, his voice thanking the lord himself.

"It has been nearly a week, I'm so glad to see you wake," Weatherby said walking over to the younger man's side. "If it weren't for Sparrow, we wouldn't have known."

Elizabeth hushed her father and gently laid a kiss upon he lovers' forehead. She gently laid herself next to him, and told him to rest, that everything would be alright, only time would heal him now.

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