Chapter 4- Involuntary Beating

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The wedding day of Elizabeth Swann and William Turner is ruined, in more ways than one. Jack Sparrow condemning himself to an almost certain death goes to Elizabeth to stand by Will's side at the moment he needs it most. Will's fate isn't exactly going as planned and his life is being threatened with each growing day. Can Jack and Elizabeth save him before destiny takes its own course of action?

"What left is there to do when your heart stops beating, but you remain alive? You stand by and watch miserably as the one person you have ever really felt close to die. In the lowest pits of your life, you realize there is nothing left that you can do. You stand by as the breathing begins to slowly die away beneath the wind, and stare into the oblivious eyes of your dying lover. The eyes that were once a chocolate brown turned to a light almost gray color. The color signifying death is soon to come."

The voice came for the second time in the night, narrating her dreams. She watched, Will lay on the bed, the rise and fall of his chest was no more. He just laid a silent still body, and she just stood there, with crestfallen eyes and sobs ever so often. Brutal bags perched beneath her eyes, eyes that once shown with a brilliant hazel, now cast a grey look. In her dreams she never smiled, she moped, not once leaving the bedside of William Turner II.

The room was silent and all was still, but there was a continuing tapping noise that she didn't understand. Sounded like, dripping water. Was there a pail with a whole in the bottom? She didn't quite understand. She looked around the room, it was dark, she could barely see the bed or the room itself. "I'm sorry." It was his voice.

Elizabeth Swann awoke sobbing, perspiration collecting on her brow.

"Are you alright?" A passing nurse inquired.

"Oh yes, I'm quite fine, thank you." She said faking jubilance. She cast her glance to Will. Who lay still on the bed, skin pale as a ghost, she walked over to his side, and soaked the wash cloth by his bed in the pail of water and gently rinsed his forehead.

"My dear William, when is it that you will wake?" She asked in a barely audible whisper, "Will I ever hear you say you love me again?"

James Norrington stood in the doorway; his presence was oblivious to Miss Swann, "I believe, Elizabeth, that you will soon hear his voice ringing in your ears." His voice was full of passion and encouragement. "Make sure you don't give up on him before he gives up on himself."

Elizabeth walked over to James and put a soft hand on his cheek, "I have faith in him, him and Jack." She said simply walking to her perch at Will's bedside.

"Jack? What is it that he is doing?" Inquired the Commodore with suspicion.

"I don't know as of this moment, but knowing Captain Jack Sparrow. It is something amazing, something unbelievable; something to save Will."

"What makes you think that way of a scoundrel of a man?"

"First off, James Jack Sparrow is not the man you make of him. He is not half the pirate you think he is, he is a pirate I will agree, but he is a man as well, a man with two sides, one of harsh intentions, one of a soft and gentle heart, behind the image of a frightful pirate."

"Yet Miss Swann, I still have no understanding as to why you believe in Jack Sparrow. He's a coward, and in actuality, I believe he has left you and Turner here, and will not be returning in time to save William." James held his head high and his opinions higher. "If I were you, Elizabeth. Do not fall into the charm of Jack Spa—"

"Captain Jack Sparrow" Elizabeth growled.

"You love him," James Norrington said with his eyes widening.

"No! James Norrington I do not love any man other than William Turner, I am betrothed to William Turner, it is William Turner that I sit by day and night. It is William Turner I plan to spend the rest of my life with, it is William Turner whom I shall bare my children with, it is William Turner whom I will grow old and die with!" Elizabeth hissed growing angrier with Commodore Norrington each time she repeated Will's name, and reasons why she loved him. "I do not, nor shall I ever, fall for Jack Sparrow. He is a friend, and nothing more."

"You may trick your mind in believing you love Will." Norrington snickered, "But your heart will long for the sea, for the open sea. For the freedom the sea could bring. One day, Jack will come back. And you will swoon over him, fall head-over-heels for the second time in your life, than. Than you will have to choose, who you will make you happy, and who will make you mourn. Elizabeth, I warn you, back out of this marriage it would be for the best."

Elizabeth's face had grown red with anger, "YOU." She hissed, "Have ABSOLOTELY NO PLACE in Will and my wedding, nor relationship. And I am sure, that what is between William and I is not lust, nor was it ever, I love him, with ever part of my body. I love him!" Elizabeth had tears welding in her eyes, "I have never cried over Jack Sparrow's absence, and this past week has been my worst, I have cried, sulked, begged, and prayed that my William will wake up from this and hold me, I do not need a dreadful speech from you about who I love, and whom I should wed!"

"Realizing what reality is is the hardest thing you will ever learn Miss Swann, you don't love Will. I can assure you that." Norrington snickered, his eyes narrowing and staring into Elizabeth's. "Don't put yourself in a situation daddy can't get you out of."

"Enough." Hissed Elizabeth as she raised her hand and slapped Norrington across the cheek, "Goodbye sir." She turned away and walked once again over to Will, "I don't believe him Will, I promise you."

" MAN THE SAILS" Jack sparrow found himself screaming unusually loud at his crew members at the moment, "We must make haste to that island and back, now get moving!" Jack Sparrow was particularly angry at the moment, "Gibbs, meet me in the brig."

Gibbs obeyed and hurriedly ran down below to the brig, quickly followed by Jack.

"You early asked as to why I am taking such hasty precautions." Jack began, Gibbs opened his mouth, "no let me finish, as I was saying, I am taking these precautions and extreme measurements because—" He stopped abruptly. Yes or No Jack, choose.

"Because the Rose, the pollen, which I need, is limited. When I say that I mean, that there is a time limit to how much longer I have to get to said Frozen Rose before the pollen is no longer useful. And said time limit is to end in 3 hours shy of midnight on the night of the full moon, which would be the night after tomorrow. You see now? I need you and the crew, not to mention myself, to work haste to get the Azores Islands" Jack said hastily, he knew he was lying, but he couldn't risk coming up on Davy Jones and his beastie on the open sea, "Stay close to land as well mate."

"The Azores Islands! Jack are you insane! We can't go there; the men will be lured in by the sirens' call and forever lost to the sea! Jack sparrow it's too risky, whether it is costing young Mister Turner's life or not, I don't think you'll get any of the men on this ship to go there!" Gibbs retorted.

Jack stood up and walked behind Gibbs, lowered his head to match the old mans, he pulled out his pistol. "Oh no, that is where you are wrong." Jack cocked the gun, with no intentions of really hurting the man, Just frightening him. "Any man on this ship that denies going onto the island will be killed on the spot." Jack's voice was cruel and sinister; he dropped the gun to his side, "That includes you, savvy?"

"Aye aye Captain.." Gibbs said casting his eyes on his boots.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get moving!" Jack fumed.

Gibbs turned away shaken a bit, "It'll be death to us all."

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