Set after the events of 'red star'

He wouldn't have any teeth left at the rate they were knocking together. But his teeth weren't the only things that were chattering. In Russia all his limbs were shaking, his nose was red and his ears that the ladies always fell for were in danger of losing their point.

Even after renting rooms at the local inn, the warmth had not returned to some areas of his body. After learning he was sharing a room with Raven he desperately tried to fall asleep while she was in the shower, curling up under the covers, holding the pillow tight….but to no avail.

While Raven was still melting the ice out of her hair, Beast Boy snuck in and removed her cloak. He leapt into bed (he had to shire it with her) and cocooned himself within her cloak and that irritating material they had placed on the bed, and the result was heavenly. He felt like a golden marshmallow that everyone aspired to cook, but no one achieved to make. Or a lazy cat basking in the sun…he had probably done that actually. But nothing good can last. Just as he had closed his eyes in pleasure, a shrill voice came from the bathroom.

"Beast Boy!"

He scrambled out of bed and whirled around franticly. He did not want to face an angry Raven. Especially if they're cold, away from the comforts of home, and being thrown out of the window meant being buried in neck high snow.

"What are you doing wearing my cloak!"

"Ahh! Raven … how was your shower?"

"Beast bo-"

"I know, I know! I'm just an annoying little grass stain … Raven you know I don't mean to be so irritating."

She sighed and seemed to calm a bit.

"I was just really gold and you have a fur lined cloak. It's like a blanket."

"Beast Boy, it's fake fur."

"I know, otherwise I would have used it as kindling instead of wore it."

She smiled ever so slightly and uncrossed her arms.

"Beast Boy, I understand how cold you are, but without my cloak, I'm cloak."

He grinned wickedly as he got an evil idea.

"Hmmm … so Raven needs her cloak … and Beast Boy needs her cloak … at the same time …" he circled like a vulture, going over his plan.

"Beast Boy … what are y-Ah!"

Suddenly he scooped her up from behind and bounded into bed. He wrapped them both tightly in her clack and covered them with the blanket pulling them quite close in the process.

"Raven I didn't know you wore blush."

"I don't"

"Oh … I must be making you nervous then."

Her cheeks were indeed red, stained from the distance of their faces. Raven saw something odd in his eyes and suddenly her pressed his lips to her own. As soon as she melted into the kiss the light bulbs in the room exploded and she pulled back immediately. She looked thoroughly ashamed ... Beast Boy however looked quite content.

"Well at least now we won't have to get up and turn the lights off. Sleep tight Rae."

And she did. She slept, tightly wrapped in her cloak along with Beast Boy, his nose slowly warming as it was buried in her neck. The next day when Robin informed them that the T-ship needed repairs and another night would be spent at the inn, neither objected, to the surprise of the others, and the excitement between each other of another night spent in wanted company.

I wrote this in Science class before summer break and kept it on my billboard in my room ever since. Notice how her powers reacted, and i didn't come up with some lame-ass excuse? yay me! sorry, little private celebration, but so many times they've come up with something along the lines of 'i don't know beast boy' or 'love is just different...lets leave it at that'. speaking of excuses, if you're going to ask about when i'm going to update Mcadams boarding school, blame it on my friends. They keep calling me to some outing or another... psst! take it out on the guy named kristien!