Title: Serenity
Rating: PG
Warnings: Unbeta-ed, AU, future, contains spoilers from 12 onwards
Genre: General
Main Character(s): Kyo, Ryoko, Hayase, Tomigai
Ship(s): None.
Summary: The riverbank was a picture of serenity. One shot.
Disclaimer: Zegapain is copyright to Sunrise & Bandai.
Author's Notes: Not sure why I wrote this but I know that I wanted a serene peaceful piece of the four of them together. I liked the possible idea of Kyo, Ryoko, Hayase and Tomigai being together as friends and comrades. I might write more for this fandom but we'll see.

The four of them lay by the river bank, watching the setting sun.

The sky was in soft hues of lilac, shell-pink and red, spreading the colours across the vast horizon, casting everything within sight the same colours. The water seemed to have absorbed the hues, though the surface was calm and the dying sun reflected on the it glittered like hundreds of tiny gems.

One summer ago wouldn't have found the four of them together like this.

It was by chance or perhaps by fate that found them together, laying on the soft grass and looking up at the sky above.

No one passed by the river path, and if someone did, it was rarely so. The train passed by like clockwork, rattling over the rails noisily; a familiar sound to them. In the distant, they could hear the gulls calling and if they listened harder, perhaps the sea.

The girl had her arms held over her head, unmindful of the dirt or dried leaves she might get in her hair or clothes. Her face was a picture of pensiveness.

The redheaded boy next to her was laying with his hands behind his head. In his mouth was the popsicle stick which he took to chewing as he gazed upward, face blank.

The brunette boy on the girl's right had one hand resting on his stomach, the other arm resting at his side. His eyes were half-closed, as if asleep.

The smallest of them, the grey-haired boy, had folded his hands on his chest, eyes large and thoughtful as he looked at the clouds passing by.

They didn't mind the grass tickling at their bare necks or arms or legs.

They just lay there, enjoying each other's quiet company, until the sun set and the sky grew dark and the stars dusted the night sky, twinkling down at them.

Until the Celebrant Icons on their foreheads lit up; blues and pinks, telling them it was time to go from this peaceful world. They all sat up.

"We'll come back together," the redhead said, certainty in his voice.

"Together," the girl echoed, smiling serenely.

"Don't do anything stupid," said the brunette, wryly.

The grey-haired boy laughed softly.

Light engulfed them.

When the light faded away, there was only the grass rustling in the summer breeze and the scene of a peaceful riverbank where the surface glittered like hundreds of gems.

The train rattled by once more.



Before anyone start to flame for spoilers, go back and read my Warning. I am not new to the series, having being a fan of it since Episode 1.