A-Rank Mission

Long ago, the King Demon Susanowo wanted to rule over mankind, for that he needed to create the perfect blood line. To make a child that powerful, Susanowo had to have a child with a Goddess or an angel, once Goddess were to powerful, Susanowo decided to kidnap an angel from Heaven.

The King Demon ordered his demons to catch a female angel and to take her to Hell. The demons left their homes on Gakido and went to the nearby Heaven, but none was able to pass. Two lower legion ranked demons went to Heaven and were able to enter. The two, disguised as female angels using Henge no Jutsu, entered and kidnapped a first sphere angel. The two lower demons commit the worst of sins, sealing the stolen angel. Back to Gakido, the demons delivered the angel to Susanowo, who, as a gift for their god job, granted them the rank of Great Dukes among Demons, which is the highest rank after King and Prince. The two demons, angry about what they passed on the hands of the upper level demons, used their new powers to destroy their former legion.

The Queen Goddess, Amaterasu, found out that one of her angels was missing. Knowing the plans of Susanowo, Amaterasu went to Hell, searching for her angel, but the poor innocent angel was already pregnant from Susanowo. The King Demon told Amaterasu that the angel was a gift from two demons who wanted to become more powerful. Amaterasu took back her angel, but she was sealed and only could be released by the two demons that enclosed her. Amaterasu, knowing the sin of the two demons, killed them and doomed them to a cursed life as humans, but no ordinary humans… humans that will be tortured by those they once called comrades… humans that will never found the meaning of the words… mother or love.

As for the angel, she could only live if her spirit was attached to a girl. Amaterasu sealed her angel on a young woman. The daughter of the angel's medium won the gift of predicting the future, an advanced blood line. The angel's medium was given to Kurogane, the first Tsukikage. Kurogane was a ninja who descended from the Norseman. A task was gave to the Tsukikage… protect the life of the angel's blood line and never let the girl who held the angel spirit see a night with no moon… otherwise, the angel's will be freed and will begin to search for someone to mate, doubt to the curse that Susanowo and the two demons put upon her. Amaterasu told Kurogane he was the first male who the angel would try to mate, once he was protecting her and that every time the girl who held the angel died, a demon would be summoned to kill the matching male and the new angel medium became the oldest daughter of the former girl and the new matching male the first son of the former. Kurogane and his older son left their village and travel to the Fire Country and the second son married the angel's medium and became the second Tsukikage. For that day forward, taking care of the angels' mediums was the main mission of the Tsukikage.

Naruto was sleeping on his comfy bed. The world of dreams was in front of him… it was all so dark. Naruto was looking everywhere, but there was nothing. A red dragon appeared flying on the sky. The leaf shinobi was looking to it. The dragon peacefully stopped near Naruto. A blue eyed boy with brown red hair jumped of the dragon. Naruto knew him.

"Gaara?" Naruto said. "What are you doing here?"

"I need you to save…" Gaara raised his arms and gave Naruto something bundled inside blankets. "Protect… I need you to… please…" Gaara seemed to be in pain. Naruto touched him on the shoulder, but Gaara disappeared. Naruto found that strange and looked to the thing he had on his arms… it looked so tiny…

Suddenly, someone appeared on the horizon… Naruto knew that person. Naruto's heart stopped… was Sasuke. His old friend left him to become one of Orochimaru's pawns. Sasuke came closer to Naruto. The blonde boy was nervous. Why was he seeing Sasuke?

"Naruto…" Sasuke said. Naruto blushed. "I need to kill my brother. I will kill my brother… the same way he killed my life…"

"Sasuke? What are you talking about? Forget about Itachi! You have a life!" Naruto said.

"I will have a life… when I get what you are holding on your hands." Sasuke said. Naruto looked to his hands. Sasuke quickly jumped to Naruto and cut the blankets with his sword. Naruto saw a lot of blood raining from his arms. Sasuke smiled. Naruto looked to his arms, they were unspoiled. But there was something very injured on his arms. The blankets were full of blood. Naruto was about to look, but he suddenly waked up.

Sun rose over Konoha. The village had already waked up. A bird was on Naruto's window. Naruto dressed up and went Tsunade's house. Sakura and Kakashi were on the Tsunade's room, waiting for Naruto.

"You're late!" Sakura said. Naruto smiled to her, putting his hand on the back of his head.

"I let myself sleep a little more. Why are we where?" Naruto asked.

"The Hokage has a mission for us." Kakashi said. Naruto looked to him. "An A-Ranked mission."

"A-Rank?" Naruto and Sakura said.

"Yes." Tsunade said. "Listen carefully. I need you three to protect a person's life. It's very important. That person is being hunted and needs full time protection."

"And that's an A-Rank Mission?" Naruto asked.

"Let's just say that this person is very rich and is paying a lot to have the right protection, and we shall not fail her." Tsunade said. The Hokage got up and opened the door. "Let me introduce you to your new client, Mirai Minamoto."

Kakashi's team looked aside and saw a twenty one years old girl with big red hair and green eyes. She was wearing a soft pink dress with a small skirt and a scroll on her belt. Naruto blushed, such as Kakashi.

"Mirai-sama is a young woman from the Hidden Moon Village who wants you to protect her. I hope you three to make a nice job and I hope not to see Mirai-sama in a bad situation." Tsunade made it clear. Naruto was looking to her. Mirai smiled to him. Naruto blushed. "Mirai-sama is going to stay on Konoha, but, once she has no home, I was wondering if she could stay on one of your houses?" Tsunade asked.

"I don't want to be an embarrassment, Hokage Sama." Mirai said.

"Don't!" Tsunade raised her hand. "We are very grateful to have you here!"

"I would like to help, Mirai-sama, but my house is already full!" Sakura said. Kakashi was about to speak, but Tsunade cut his word.

"Don't even think on that, Kakashi!" Tsunade said.

"Well… my house has a lot of free rooms…" Naruto said. Mirai looked to him. "I have an extra room… if you want… Mirai-sama…" Naruto was much blushed. Mirai found him cute.

"I guess it won't be a problem." Tsunade said. "After all, Mirai-sama his much stronger than you, Naruto, if you try something foolish, she will kick your ass."

"I have the feeling we will get along fine." Mirai said.

"You need to follow Mirai everywhere she goes. Except, of course, when she is on bath, for those times Sakura will do it alone." Tsunade said. "Good job." The group went to the village, along with Mirai. She was a little fearful about what to say to the team.

"So, Mirai-Sama, what was your occupation on the Hidden Moon?" Kakashi asked. Mirai looked to him. Naruto and Sakura looked back to Mirai. Kakashi was looking to her, waiting an answer.

"I was a teacher. I used to teach academy students." Mirai said making a smile, remembering about the good times she passed teaching kids. "I love teaching."

"Like Iruka-sensei!" Naruto said. "So… you must know a lot of cool Jutsus?"

"Plenty." Mirai said. Naruto smiled.

"Can you show me some?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto!" Sakura called his attention. "You cannot ask the others to teach you new Jutsus, especially when you don't know them!"

"Don't be like that, Sakura-chan! I just want to learn some new moves." Naruto said. Mirai smiled. Naruto felt something cold on his back. Fear took him. Small blue snakes appeared from the ground, pulling Naruto into it. Naruto's face became blue. The snakes were small but very powerful. "What… What is this?"

"Jormungand offspring no Jutsu." Mirai said. Naruto looked to her. "It's a jutsu that sucks your chakra and transfers it to the environment, turning it into more snakes and so on, until you run out of chakra." The snakes disappeared. Naruto felt relief. Kakashi found that Jutsu very interesting. "Sorry for scaring you, Naruto-kun, but I promise you I'll teach you that jutsu." Mirai said. Naruto looked to her. He didn't remember seeing her making any seal.

"You made your students learn that?" Naruto asked. Mirai smiled.

"Of course not. I teach something more funny and cute to my students. Jormungand is a Jounin level Jutsu."

"Wow!" Naruto and Sakura said. 'Jounin Level' Kakashi thought. 'Means she, at least, is a Jounin. And that speed making seals. I caught only seven seals, but she made more for certain'.

"Well, let's go home! I'm tired." Mirai grabbed her bag and followed Naruto and Sakura. Kakashi walked near Mirai.

"Why are you being chased?" Kakashi asked. Mirai blushed. Naruto and Sakura weren't listening, once they were some steps ahead, playing with each other. "And by whom?" Mirai looked down making a sad face. "You're a ninja. You know that we, to protect you correctly, need to know that kind of things." Mirai continued looking down. There was a long silence. "You don't want to tell me?"

"Kakashi-san, I…" Mirai looked to him. "I had to stop being a ninja for a while. I… I'm being chased by… my grandfather…"

"Your grandfather?" Kakashi asked.

"I… my grandfather wanted that I married someone I didn't like… so I ran away." Mirai said.

"I guess you can lie better than that." Kakashi said. Mirai looked to him. "None run because it didn't want to marry and comes to a far distant village asking for protection. Something more happened, didn't it?" Mirai looked down.

"I… I don't want to speak about that. My grandfather… sometimes… overreacts." Mirai said.

"You're doing a mistake… hiding information from us." Kakashi said, taking Mirai's baggage out of her hands. "Let me carry that for you."

They continued the walk. Mirai was quiet. Kakashi looked to her. 'Of course there is something she isn't telling us. Perhaps the Godaime knows. I need to ask her, once it appears that Mirai-sama is going to remain quiet.'

"We're here!" Naruto said. Mirai looked up. "This is my house! The house of Uzumaki!"

"House of Uzumaki? But you are just one!" Sakura said.

"Yeah, but since I'm going to become Hokage, my house needs to have a cool name." Naruto said.

"You're going to become Hokage?" Mirai asked. Naruto blushed.

"Naruto's goal is to become Hokage." Kakashi explained to Mirai.

"It's a beautiful dream." Mirai said. Naruto smiled.

"You'll see, Mirai-sama! I'm going to be such a good Hokage that everyone on the ninja world will hear about me." Naruto said. Mirai smiled.

"I'll get you tomorrow morning, so we can take bath." Sakura said.

"We will take turns." Kakashi said. "Once Mirai-sama is going to sleep in Naruto's house, Naruto will take care of her during the night. Sakura takes care of her defence for the morning and I on the afternoon. Any complains?" No one said anything. "Ok, in that case. Good luck! I'm going to read a little." Kakashi disappeared.

"I… I need to help my mother… don't you mind to hold it for me this morning, Naruto?" Sakura asked, making a sexy face. Naruto accepted.

Mirai and Naruto got up stairs. Naruto took the key under the door carpet.

"Don't look at the mess. I never get time to clean it!" Naruto said. Mirai looked to him. 'Actually, I never wanted to.' Naruto thought.

"Boys are usually very mess." Mirai said. Naruto blushed.

"OH! I need to let the dogs out!" Naruto ran to the bathroom. Mirai entered and looked to Naruto's house. It was really unclean. Mirai smiled. One hour later, Naruto go out of the bathroom. "I was really needy… what the?" Naruto's house was all cleaned and shiny.

"Naruto." Mirai said cleaning her hands on a white apron she was wearing. "I guess your house looks better this way. I also made some food. I tried to found something tasty, but you only had ramen, so I made a meat cake." Naruto looked to her. His eyes shined.

"Meat cake?" Naruto asked, feeling the wonderful smell that was coming from the kitchen. Naruto ran and found a table full of Gastronomy's wonders. "I'm on Heaven!" Naruto started eating all of that. Mirai looked to him, smiling. Hours later, Naruto's belly looked like an elephant's. "It was all so…"

"I'm glad you enjoyed!" Mirai said. Naruto belched. Someone knocked on the door. Naruto was drinking a cup of water. Mirai got up and answered the door.

"What are you doing?" Kakashi said when she opened the door. Mirai looked to him. "I could be an enemy. Why didn't Naruto get the door?"

"He's eating." Mirai said. Kakashi looked to her.

"Eating?" Kakashi said. "Let me enter!" Kakashi tried to pass, but the corridor was so small that he rubbed on Mirai. Kakashi and Mirai blushed. "S-Sorry!" Kakashi said. The Jounin got to the kitchen and sent Naruto an angry look.

"Oh Oi, Kakashi-sensei! Do you want to eat something?" Naruto asked. Mirai entered on the kitchen.

"What are you doing? Imagine if it was a bad guy on the door and killed Mirai or injured her. When are you going to become serious about being a ninja? You're 15 years old, Naruto! You're no more a kid." Kakashi yielded.

"But I…"

"But nothing. If the 5th knows about this, you will be in a big trouble."

"But…" Naruto wanted to speak, but Kakashi liked to take his job seriously.

"No buts! I hope this was…" Kakashi suddenly stopped speaking, smelling the air.

"What?" Naruto asked.

"I smell blood." Kakashi said. Naruto got scared. Both looked aside and saw Mirai's arm being scratched by something invisible. Mirai seemed to have no reaction. Blood came out of her mouth and she fainted. Kakashi caught her.

"What happen? Who was cutting her arm? I didn't see anything!" Naruto said. Kakashi was looking to her, trying to understand what happened. 'I also have seen nothing, but Mirai is cut.' Kakashi put his hand on her face to check if she was warm. Mirai opened her eyes and looked to Kakashi. Both looked to each other without saying anything. Naruto kneeled down near her. "Are you ok, Mirai-sama?"

Mirai looked to Naruto. Naruto felt something strange.

Kyuubi, inside of his prison within Naruto's soul, opened his eyes.

'I know this chakra…' Kyuubi said to Naruto. 'Such peaceful chakra… it is… No. I could just be mistaking it… There is no way this chakra could belong to…' Kyuubi closed his eyes. Naruto found those words strange.

"You're fine now." Kakashi said. Mirai looked to him. She was a little nervous. Kakashi started caressing her face with his thumb to calm her. Mirai's breath was not regular.

"I… I'm being chased by… I'm… need…" Mirai was looking to Kakashi as if she wanted to say something.

"Everything's fine. Just calm down." Kakashi said. Naruto didn't know what to do. Mirai was so kind to him and now she appeared to be in suffering. The girl put her hand on Kakashi's arm, trying to say something, but words didn't come out. "Move your lips… I can read them." Kakashi gently said. Mirai started moving her lips. Kakashi said every word she tried to pronounce. "Yondaime… Omega… Tsuki… Oro… suke… Yondaime… Naruto…" Mirai fainted.

"What does she mean with that?" Naruto asked. Kakashi looked to her, pulling her up to his arms.

"I had no idea. Let's go to the Hokage's house. Maybe she can help." Kakashi said. Naruto and Kakashi, with Mirai on his arms, ran to Tsunade's house.

"I told you to protect her. What kind of ninjas are you?" Tsunade was really angry.

"We had no fault!" Naruto said. Tsunade looked to him.

"What? She injured herself?" Tsunade asked. Naruto was about to say yes, but it would look foolish. "I guessed so. I'll take care of her. Go away! I don't want to see you in front of me!" Kakashi and Naruto left. Naruto looked to Mirai while leaving. She was so kind… a strange but warm kindness… something like…

Tsunade took care of the Hidden Moon Nin. Minutes later, Mirai opened her eyes. Tsunade smiled to her.

"Good night, Mirai-sama." Tsunade said. "Looks like you had a hell of a time." Mirai got up startled. "Don't worry. Thanks a lot, Kakashi was in Naruto's house when you fainted and he brought you here. He seemed very concerned. So serious…" Tsunade played with the situation. Mirai looked to her, worried. "You're fine."


"Fine." Tsunade said and gave Mirai something that looked like a choosing number game. "You need to relax." Mirai picked the game. Tsunade looked to the window, turning her back to Mirai. The girl was choosing numbers on the game. "I'm letting you stay here as long as you don't tell anyone who you are and… Sooner, everyone in Konoha is going to know it. You cannot hide for much longer. The shinobis from the Hidden Leaf will recognize it and they will kill you. I like Naruto a lot, but if you…"

"I'll not use Naruto…" Mirai said. Tsunade looked to her. "He is so…" Mirai remembered Naruto's smile while he was eating and then the smile from other man appeared on her face. "Yondaime…" Tsunade smiled. Mirai looked to her. "I prefer accepting the consequences."

"If you say so." Tsunade said. "You really are very looking a like." Mirai gave back Tsunade's game.

"Mirai-sama!" Naruto entered on the room running to Mirai. "Are you ok? Sorry I couldn't see…"

"It doesn't matter." Mirai calmed down. Naruto smiled. Kakashi and Sakura entered on the room.

"Don't ever do that again." Naruto said. Mirai smiled, caressing Naruto's face with her hand.

"Don't worry. I promise when I get back home, I'll make you a nice cake." Mirai said.

"AH! With juice?" Naruto asked. Mirai smiled more. Naruto became happy.

"You can come too, Sakura." Mirai said. Sakura blushed.

"Ah… thank you." Sakura said. Mirai looked to Kakashi.

"You too, Kakashi-san." Mirai said. Kakashi looked to her.

"Can I invite some friends?" Naruto asked.

"All you want!" Mirai said.

"Cool! I'm going to invite thick eyebrows, Kiba, Shikamaru… Oh! Oh! And Iruka-sensei! It's going to be so fun!" Naruto said, overflowing fun. "You must know Iruka-sensei! He is so cool. If I had a dad… it would be him."

"You don't have a dad?" Mirai asked. Naruto made a sad smile.

"No…" He answered.

"And a mother?" Mirai asked.

"Nope." Naruto said. Kakashi found something strange. Mirai's expression didn't show pity… it looked more like… overjoyed for Naruto to have no mother.

"In that case, I'll take care of your small party." Mirai said. Naruto looked to her, without worrying about her kindness, but Kakashi found it strange.

"Thank you, Mirai-sama!" Naruto said and started to speak about the party with Sakura.

'What are you not telling us, Mirai?' Kakashi thought.


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