The Return of the Morning Sun

In the very beginning of time, the Gods came down to Earth to teach the humans. One of those Gods was named Rikudou, the one who held the Six Paths of Pain.

Rikudou taught the humans how to use Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu, becoming an icon and a legend in the world he created, the Ninja World.

One day, the God and his favourite student, Kouryou, met a colony of people who have fled from a continent far north. Within them was a woman named Aslaug, who controlled dragons. Kouryou ended up marrying her and they had a child, named Kouryou Kurogane. Death appeared soon for Kouryou and Aslaug and so Rikudou decided to take care of their child, training Kurogane. The boy had lots of potential and became a great ninja. Surprised with his growth, Rikudou decided to leave the colony to spread his knowledge in other places. Kurogane lead his people into an island and formed a ninja village. The dragon tamer married with Rikudou's daughter, Reignfield and so… one day, he became the leader of his village… as the first Tsukikage.

Shinned by a lucky star, the Kouryou family grew in number. But stars shine not in Full Moon nights… and Reignfield fell. Hurt by the loss, the Tsukikage lost himself within solitude and pain, until the day two other Gods crossed his life.

Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi came before him with an angel who has been sealed up, Skuld. The Gods asked him to look over Skuld, who needed to be purified before she could go back to Heaven. Without knowing why and only hearing the pain within his heart, the Tsukikage accepted. In that very moment, when Kurogane accepted a job no other human wanted, he became loved by every god in Heaven and in Hell. The angel was sealed within a human girl and would pass from mothers to daughters until her time to return to Heaven come. Kurogane's lineage became immortal and so it began the myth of 'The Norse Ninja Kurogane and the Skuld'.

Even though, looking over Skuld also doomed the Kouryou lineage. In order to have one Kouryou for every Skuld's medium born, every time a medium died, a demon would be summoned to kill the matching heir of Kurogane.

The Skuld's medium fell in love with her caretaker's first child because of his kindness, although, sealed with Skuld and Kurogane's blood was Susanowo's child, the child of the one who filth the angel. If their bloods got mixed up again, Susanowo's span would regain power.

Fearing something may hurt his village, Kurogane decided to leave the place he built with his own hands. He took his first child, Guldrake, with him, once he was the one who would inherit his blood, his dragons and his immortality. They reached the Fire Country and there the Tsukikage and his dragons build up a mighty castle where they could live. Although, the hatred Guldrake had towards Kurogane, once he separated him from the angel he loved, made him fought against his own father and killed him, filling the castle with the blood of eternity.

Soon Guldrake understood his mistake and realised he was alone in an unknown land and with no way to go back to his island. One day, he found a family who was being attacked by a demon and saved them. He told the family, the Nakamura Clan, his secret and the powers of his blood and asked them to protect his legacy for eternity. They accepted and remained loyal.

Centuries passed and near the Kouryou castle, a man from the Senju clan allied with other clans and decided to form a ninja village. Gotten word of the movements near them, the Kurogane's heir Uzumaki-Hime decided to ask the man to accept her clan as one of Konoha's, but without telling the name of her family. Knowing her from nowhere, Hashirama decided to put her to prove, making her fight one of his friends, Uchiha Madara. In the middle of the battle, Madara saw the mark of the Kouryou in Uzumaki's back, the leaf Sigurd, Aslaug's father, forgot to take out of his back when bathing with the dragon's blood. The Uchiha saw his chance to gain power and told none about it. Shodai accepted Uzumaki's clan in Konoha and became friend with the woman, such as Madara. The Uchiha took advantage of the girl's innocence and the fact that she always lived within that castle, protected from the world, to get near her, showing her lots of things she unknown.

It was like a cat freeing a bird from its cage just to eat it.

Madara seduced Uzumaki. He deceived her so well that he ended up turning her against Hashirama and the Nakamura clan. Confused and alone, Uzumaki fell in despair and got weaker. Taking the benefit, Madara came to kill her, but Shodai got word of his actions by the Nakamura and stopped him. Although, Uzumaki died in the hands of the Hokage.

Shodai looked over her child and when the boy grew up, he went back to the castle, where the Nakamura clan waited to protect him and the secret of his family.

Years later, that boy's child, Ryuzaki, was killed by the demon that killed the Kouryou when the Skuld's medium died, along with the Nakamura clan. From that disastrous night, two kids survived, Nakamura Kagerou and the Kouryou's heir, Minato.

The Hokage in charge, Sarutobi, said Kagerou and Minato could stay in Konoha, but Minato needed a family name, and so he became 'Namikaze Minato'.

Years passed and the gods decided it was time for Skuld to come back to Heaven and consequently, they arranged everything so Minato and the Skuld's medium could meet. In one of his mission in the Lightning Country, Minato crossed his path with a boy name Minamoto Douryokugen, a.k.a Akatsuki, Rikudou's heir and a shinobi from the village Kurogane formed. And so, Akatsuki served as the bridge and the Kouryou man and the Skuld woman met and fell in love, just like the legend told.

But Madara's heirs knew who Minato really was and went after his blood. But once again, the Nakamura clan stopped them. Kagerou died to protect her beloved master, now Yondaime Hokage, and with her death, died the only hope of Minato to know about his family.

Not giving up, Madara's heir found Minato's lover in the day she gave birth and killed her. Using the powers the Uchiha got from being Susanowo's descendents, the Uchiha controlled the Great Duke Demon, Kyuubi no Yoko, and attacked Konoha in order to claim the village for his own. But the Kouryou's blood is strong and Minato came forth and sealed the demon within himself and within his new born baby, Naruto. To save the village he loved, Minato condemned himself to an eternity within the Death God's belly and his child to a paining solitude no human being could bear.

Without the Nakamura clan to look over him or anyone else, Naruto lived alone, unknowing his origins.

But the Gods interacted again. Moved by hatred, Naruto's best friend, Uchiha Sasuke searched for his brother and found him the arms of Minamoto Mirai, Kurogane's heir in title and the Skuld medium. Sasuke threatened to kill Mirai along with his brother Itachi. With a baby on her womb, the Tsukikage had no other option but to ran and ask for help in the lands of her father's friend, Konoha.

Destiny gambled once more and Mirai and Naruto met each other. The boy saw on Mirai the mother he never had and she a shield that would protect her from Sasuke. But destiny also knows how to be cruel. Skuld got freed in a night with no Moon and revealed Mirai's affair with Itachi and her relationship with Akatsuki, shocking the Konoha ninjas. In the Hidden Moon, Pein found out Naruto was the missing heir of Kurogane and told him about it. Knowing about his ancestry, Naruto realized his role was bigger than himself, but also that would gave him the powers to save his friend Sasuke from darkness.

Filled with angry, after defeating Naruto with his accursed Sharingan, Sasuke came again for Itachi and kidnapped his daughter when he and the Tsukikage were near death after fighting one another.

With Mirai's death coming near, Naruto knew his own death would also come… along with Konoha's. If the demon appeared to kill him, certainly it would also destroy his beloved village.

In that very moment, with his village at the edge of destruction, Naruto had no other chance…

The sun rose over Konoha. The village's roofs shinned with the light hitting the dew drops. The wind of spring filled the roads with a fresh scent while the villagers started their daily routines.

In a small apartment on the top of a building, a 20 years old man was sleeping. His blond hair shined with the sun, at the same time his whiskered faced moved as he snored. The bedroom's floor was filled with his clothes, scrolls, some empty ramen cups and his ANBU mask. Lots of plants decorated the place, while an orange tiger pattern cat was meowing on the window.

The man heard the meowing, but decided to ignore it, turning his face aside.

"NARU-NII!" a voice screamed. Naruto felt something jumping over his belly and pulling him. "Come on, Naru-nii-chan! It's a beautiful day! Come on!" Naruto opened his eyes seeing a four years old boy. He was wearing a white shirt with the kanji for 'Fire' and some blue tracksuit bottoms. The kid had enchanting blue eyes and blond spiky hair. Sure he was cute.

"You don't just look like those cousins of yours, you also behave like them." Naruto said, yawning. The kid made a sad face. Naruto smiled to cheer him up, caressing his head. "But you're far cutter than them, Kaoru." Kaoru hugged Naruto.

"I missed you!" He said. "Let's have breakfast! Please! Please! Please!"

"Oh?! Didn't you have it yet? Plus, how did you get here? I left the door closed." Naruto asked. Kaoru smiled and pointed at the cat.

"I entered by Sachiko's door." He said. Naruto looked at the cat and caressed it too, making it move its tail.

"Hello, Sachiko." Naruto said.

"Breakfast!" Kaoru remembered. Naruto held him on his arms and went to the kitchen. The man put three cups of milk. Sachiko started drinking one of them, while Naruto put some cereals on Kaoru's. "Cereals! Cereals! Cereals!" The kid started eating. Naruto smiled at him, filling a watering-can and started watering his plants, as he heard the TV. "Naru-nii-chan, what are you going to do today?"

"Well, I have two weeks of vacations starting today, so I guess I have nothing to do." Naruto said and looked at the TV, seeing the date. "Today…" Naruto remembered something. "There is definitely something I have to do." Sachiko finished its milk and was about to drink Kaoru's, making the boy cry. "Oi! Sachiko! Don't be a bad girl, don't eat Kaoru's milk. Here, Kaoru." Naruto cleaned his tears and his mouth.

The boys finished their meal and left the house. Kaoru was sat on Naruto's shoulders, holding his hair. It was early in the morning and only some people were awake.

"Where are we going?" Kaoru asked. Naruto smiled at him.

"First, we are going to buy some flowers and then it's a surprise." Naruto played, making Kaoru curious.

They reach the 'Yamanaka Flower's shop'. A beautiful blond lady was inside. She was about the same age as Naruto and was reading a pink press magazine.

"Hello, Ino!" Naruto complimented. Ino rose her look and smiled.

"Oh! If it isn't Naruto and the good smelling Kaoru…" Ino said. The kid started crying.

"I don't smell sweet. You're mean! You're mean! You're mean!" Kaoru cried angrily, pulling Naruto's hair.

"Of course you do! None of my flowers can smell as sweet as you, Kaoru-chan!" Ino mocked.

"Kaoru, you're hurting me." Naruto said. Kaoru calmed down. Ino laughed. "Give me some daisies, please." Ino did as he said and gave him a wonderful bunch of flowers. "Here, Kaoru, hold them."

"Don't worry, they don't smell as sweet as you." Ino played again, making Kaoru cry. "Bye!"

Naruto and Kaoru left the shop and continued their walk. The kid continued a little sad.

"Don't tell me you continue to get annoyed every time someone says you smell sweet?" Naruto asked, making Kaoru look aside. "Come on, smelling sweet is a good thing."

"No it is not." Kaoru said and Naruto laughed quietly.

The two reached the graveyard. The white gravestones reflected the sun light. In front of one of them was a pink haired woman, dressing a white and red shirt and a black mini-skirt. The grave had a soft toy on it. Naruto smiled.

"Sakura-chan." He called. The woman looked at him and smiled too.

"Naruto, you haven't forgotten it." She said.

"How could I forget something like that?!" Naruto said and put Kaoru on the ground. The kid put the flowers near the soft toy. Sakura smiled again, while tears appeared on her eyes. "I knew you would be here as soon as you wake up."

"I can't forget it… Mmm… How would I forget it?" Sakura asked and cried. "I miss her so much. So much…" Naruto hugged Sakura, caressing her hair. She grabbed his clothes, crying.

"Don't cry. Life continues. Sakura-chan…" Naruto said. She cleaned her tears.

"I know. Thank you, Naruto." She said and kissed his face, making him blush.

"Kaoru! Come, let's go!" Naruto called and the kid jumped at him.

Back on the village, Naruto and Sakura were walking and talking.

"So, Kaoru woke you up?" Sakura played, Naruto turned his face aside.

"The kid has more energy than a power-plant." He answered, but then smiled. Sakura smiled too.

"I admire you, Naruto." Sakura confessed. He blushed a lot. "I would never bear the burden you are carrying…" Naruto looked down. "You are very brave…"

"It's not a question of bravery. It's a question of…"

"I wanna see daddy." Kaoru interrupted. Naruto stopped. Sakura noticed his sad expression, while his lower lip trembled. "Daddy! Daddy!" Naruto started walking faster, leaving Sakura behind. She stared him worried.

"It's too heavy… Naruto. Even for you." She said and went back home.

The blonde man walked in the Hokage's building direction. Kaoru was singing while enjoying the trip on Naruto's shoulders. The two entered the building and reached the Hokage's room. Naruto knocked on the door and a familiar voice asked him to enter.

"Daddy!" Kaoru ran to the man in the chair. He had white hair, his neckband covered his face and the headband his left eye. His shirt was red and his vest was white instead of the green the Konoha shinobis usually wear. The man was happy seeing Kaoru, who hugged him.

"Oh! How's daddy's big boy? What have you done?" Kakashi asked, caressing Kaoru.

"I'd breakfast with Naru-nii and-and I saw Sakura-nee and we went to the flower shop and to a place with many white stones and I saw Sachiko!" Kaoru spoke very quickly, moving his arms as if he was trying to explain everything. Naruto smiled while looking at him.

"Oh, what a busy morning." Kakashi said and then stared his student. "Sorry for any trouble Kaoru caused you."

"It's a pleasure looking over him." Naruto said.

"Kaoru, daddy has some work to do…"

"I can look over him!" Naruto quickly offered his aid. Kakashi looked at him, surprised.

"I wanna stay with daddy." Kaoru answered. "I-I promise I'll be a good boy."

"Ok." Kakashi caressed Kaoru again. Naruto lowered his head. "Don't forget to tell Shikamaru he needs to have the report ready for tomorrow."

"Ok…" Naruto sadly said and left. Kakashi noticed his expression, trying to find out some explanation for it.

The man walked over the village and went back home. He fell on his bed and shrunk over himself. Sachiko went near him and meowed. Naruto was panting and drops of blood fell on his pillow.

At night, Naruto went to a café to meet his friends. Shikamaru was there, with a pile of papers.

"No way! You wrote all of that!" Naruto was surprised. Shikamaru looked at the pile and then back to Naruto.

"Between changing the diapers of my daughter and writing the report, I chose the second." Shikamaru said. Naruto laughed. "It's not funny. If you had two kids making noise all day long, you wouldn't laugh."

"So, your second child is a girl. When we left for the mission, Temari was pregnant. I'm happy to know the baby is fine." Naruto said. Shikamaru smiled.

"It has my hair colour, you know? So cute." Shikamaru praised his daughter. Naruto smiled.

"Hello!" A brown haired man sat in front them. He was very handsome, wearing a black shirt and had red triangles painted on his face. "Gosh, Shikamaru, you wrote all that. Our mission wasn't so big."

"Well, Kiba, we have been out for six months, the Hokage is not expecting me to come with only a page." Shikamaru said. "Plus, I've finished. Now it is time for my team mates to read the report." Kiba and Naruto looked aside pretending they haven't heard. "You're cruel."

"Hello." Sakura sat at Kiba's side, who smiled at her. "What's up?"

"Kiba doesn't want to read the report." Shikamaru accused. Sakura's eyes shined and she punched the Inuzuka clan's member.

"Shannaro! Don't slack from work!" She screamed. Kiba had the mark of her hand on his face.

"You're so mean. Why haven't you punched Naruto?" Kiba asked.

"Because he is already reading." She said. Kiba noticed Naruto hid himself behind the report sheets, fearing to get punched. The group read the report. Naruto grabbed a handkerchief and put it in front of his mouth. Shikamaru was drinking his beer when he noticed Sakura blushing really fast and smiling. Kiba bow near her ear and started whispering at her. She laughed quietly.

"How troublesome." Shikamaru said and looked at Naruto. "Oh?" Naruto continued reading the report. "Ok, it's the first time you read the report for more than five minutes without falling asleep, what's up?" Naruto looked at him, but didn't answer. Shikamaru knit his brows.

"The report is fine." Kiba said and delivered it back to Shikamaru. He and Sakura got up. "See you tomorrow!"

"Bye!" Sakura said and the two left. Shikamaru piled the papers, taking Naruto's ones.

"I'm not that stupid, you know…" Shikamaru said. Naruto's eyes opened wide when he saw his friend pulling the kerchief. "Your blood has a strong smell." Shikamaru showed the blood stain on the white kerchief. "So? What do you have to say to me?"

"Don't worry!" Naruto smiled. "I ate something bad and it hurt my stomach, I'll be fine tomorrow." Shikamaru drank a bunch of beer. Naruto continued smiling. "You know I'm strong. I won't die until I become Hokage." Shikamaru grabbed Naruto by his neckband.

"IT'S NO LONGER ABOUT BECOMING HOKAGE!" Shikamaru screamed. Naruto's eyes opened wide. Everybody within the café looked at them. The Jinchuuriki felt Shikamaru's hands trembling while holding him.

"Shikamaru…" Naruto smiled again, trying to calm his friend. "I'm going to be Hokage, so fear not."

"What the…"

"You're alive… aren't you?" Naruto asked. Shikamaru lowered his look and left his friend. "You don't need to worry about me that much… I'm tough!"

"You stupid…" Shikamaru looked aside. "How can you smile?"

"Because I got tired of crying and becoming sad doesn't help anyone." Naruto said. Shikamaru smiled.

"Getting old is troublesome" Shikamaru confessed. "Well, if I don't get home before 10, Temari will lecture me. Bye." He bowed down near Naruto's ear. "Try not to die until tomorrow." Naruto smiled.

"You're talking to the future Hokage. Dying is not an option." Naruto assured. Shikamaru smiled relief.

On their way, Kiba and Sakura walked under the starish night. Sakura wanted to ask Kiba something, but she was holding it, stopping in the middle of the road. The man looked at her.

"When I went to Kirika's grave… I saw a soft toy… was it you?" Sakura asked. Kiba smiled and held her hands.

"I always wake up before you. So I decided to make a surprise." He said. Sakura smiled and crossed her arms around his neck. "Eh? What's that? First you punch me, now you hug me? I guess Shikamaru is right, women really are strange." He put his arms around Sakura. The two stared for a little, while their faces were getting closer. Their eyes closed at the same time their lips opened and the two kissed. Kiba held Sakura tightly, caressing her body. They stared again, rubbing their faces. "So, let's get laid."

"SHANNARO!" Sakura punched Kiba so strongly he landed 100 meters ahead. Her hand released smoke from the punch. "You always ruin all our romantic moments! Stupid!" Kiba was also releasing smoke, while his head was shining a red colour.

"I'm dating an Amazon." Kiba sighed. "It had so much fun when she only kicked Naruto." Sakura went near him and pulled the man out from the whole he made when he fell on the ground. She sent her boyfriend an angry look. "So, where do you wanna do it today?" Sakura smiled tenderly and healed Kiba's face.

"Anywhere but under a cherry tree." She said and held his hand. The two walked home.

On the other side, Naruto was alone on his bed, while the TV was on. He looked at the window, seeing the Hokage's monument, now with Kakashi's face. His vision got fuzzy. Blood came again from his mouth. Naruto smiled.

"I won't die… I will…" Naruto started panting. Sachiko was sleeping on his lap, while the blood fell above it. "Fuck… it pains like Hell…"

Next morning, Shikamaru was having breakfast on his house. At his side was a four years old kid with his blond hair tied on a pony tail in the top of the head, just like Shikamaru. He was wearing a purple and red shirt and had blue eyes. The two were finishing their meals in peace, until they heard a baby cry.

"I was finding strange how she didn't start crying yet." Shikamaru said.

"How troublesome." The kid said. Temari entered in the kitchen. She got very beautiful with time. On her arms was a small cute baby girl covered with a pink blanket.

"Oi, pumpkin, Nishika is crying, can you hold her just a little bit while I get her diapers to change?" Temari asked, giving the baby to her husband. "Mommy will be back soon." She gave a quick kiss to the man and left.

"She smells bad…" The kid said. Shikamaru looked at him, caressing his head.

"Don't be like that, Shikaichi. Sure little sisters can be troublesome, but then they'll go to sleep and you will be free to play with grandpa or grandma." Shikamaru said, making the kid look aside. Temari came back and the family finished their meals.

Inside another house, Kiba was laid down on a bed, hugging Sakura. She continued sleeping, while he was staring her. He found himself smiling.

"Sure we have passed through a lot of things until we get how we are now…" He said while caressing her hair and kissing her. "Oi! Sakura! Time to wake up, we have a report to deliver to Hokage-sama." She moaned and rubbed her face on his chest, hiding it with the blankets. "Mmm… playing lazy uh?!"

Sakura started feeling someone licking her. Mmm… it tasted good. She blushed.

"Neh… Kiba… stop it. Come on…" She opened her eyes and saw a giant white dog. "Ah! Akamaru?!" She heard a laugh and saw Kiba pointing at her.

"Ha-ha! You should have seen your face. You really were thinking it was me." He said. She sent him a bad look. "No punches. Please…"

"It's not that…" She smiled and sent him a cheerful look. "I need to have a bath." After this request, it didn't take long for the two to put themselves inside a bathtub and have sex again. While Kiba was putting shampoo on Sakura's hair, he noticed she seemed worried.

"What?" He asked. She eyed up on him and then down.

"Have you sensed Naruto's blood smell yesterday…? I'm worried…" She confessed. Her boyfriend hugged her, kissing her cheek.

"You and Shikamaru worry too much about Naruto." Kiba said. "He is the strongest person I've ever meet. It's alright. He is fine." Sakura smiled.

"You always know how to cheer me up… Yeah… he must be alright. After all, we are talking about Naruto."

Well, if he was alright, he didn't seem to be. From Naruto's bed to the bathroom was a path demarked with blood, as if someone crawled in that house. The man was vomiting lots of blood on the toilet, while holding his belly. His Kyuubi seal was visible and it was releasing some smoke. Naruto was paining and his vision was very fuzzy. Sachiko meowed to him. Even its meows made the Jinchuuriki's head hurt. The man tried to get up, panting a lot.

"Fuck…" He said, while his seal continued smoking. "I'll clean this after I get back from repo…" Naruto needed to lean his body on the wall to avoid falling. "It's nothing… It's nothing. Walk… Walk!" He washed his face, dressed up some cleaned clothes and went to the Hokage's building.

Konoha never looked so deform. Naruto couldn't focus on anything and his belly continued hurting. The man managed to enter the Hokage's building and walked a little more, until it was impossible for him to move further. He leaned up again on a wall, catching his breath, without any idea if he was far or close to Kakashi's office. He couldn't fix his vision again. Naruto was breathing hardly with his hand holding the chest.

"It pains so much… burning…" Naruto whispered, but then he felt someone grabbing his arm and putting it across his shoulders. The man couldn't focus his vision so he had no idea who was aiding him. They walked for a while, until the unknown person leaned Naruto on the wall. He felt a pair of hands getting inside his shirt and touching him under the backbones, helping him breathing.

"Can you breathe now?" The person asked. Naruto made an effort and focused, trying to recognize the voice. "Just rest a little and get your breath back." Naruto closed his eyes and breathed. After a minute, he opened his eyes and saw Shikamaru, smiling at him. "How troublesome, you were about to faint." Naruto smiled.

"Luckily, you are here… Thanks." Naruto said and looked aside. "Every time I came back to Konoha it is the same thing…"

"It's just a day or two." Shikamaru put Naruto's shirt down. "After the report, we ask Sakura to check you up and you'll pass the rest of the day at home resting." Naruto glanced at him. "Come on."

The two ANBU entered in the office. Kiba and Sakura were already there. Kakashi was on his desk with Kaoru on his lap.

"Naru-nii!" Kaoru ran at Naruto, hugging him. The man was also glad to see him again. "Wanna go to the public baths tomorrow? Come! Come! Come!" Naruto answered with a smile.

"So, what do you have to report? Any information regarding Sasuke and Chi?" Kakashi asked.

"During these last six months we've found out three lairs were Orochimaru and his men had based, but they were abandoned. Plus, we've crossed paths with the Hidden Moon's Ornulu team." (Author's Note: The Ornulu are the Hidden Moon's ANBU.) Shikamaru explained, while Kakashi checked the report. "They also had found nothing…" Kakashi raised his eye at Shikamaru.

"So… it was always hard to find any information regarding Orochimaru's whereabouts… You have these two weeks of vacations…"

"But… Kakashi-sensei…" Sakura interrupted. "When will the report from the Ornulu arrive? I mean, we've crossed paths about three months ago… maybe they've found something already."

"Who knows?" Kakashi rolled his chair, looking at the village. "The Hidden Moon is very far from here, information takes a long time to travel between the two villages. So, we need to…"

"Naru-nii?!" Kaoru noticed Naruto started drooling blood. "What's wrong?" The man fainted, falling on the ground. Kaoru screamed, crying.

"Naruto?!" Shikamaru picked him. "Are you ok? Answer me? Oi! Naruto?!"

"Let me see him." Sakura kneeled and used her medical ninjutsu on her team mate. Kakashi held Kaoru and looked at his student, very worried.

"And so?" Kakashi asked. Sakura continued using her technique.

"He must have lost blood before coming here." She answered. "He needs to go to the hospital." Kiba put Naruto on his back and they all went to the hospital.

Naruto was tied into a machine and was now lying on a bed, resting and unconscious. Sakura put her hand on his forehead and smiled.

"He is fine." She calmed the other.

"Thank God." Kakashi sighed, caressing Kaoru's face, who continued scared. "Why did he lose so much blood?" Sakura hesitated.

"Stupid Naruto. Don't tell me he ate the food he had on the fridge? He lives alone, that food was already putrid. I mean, we were out for more than six months." Kiba said.

"That wouldn't make him lost so much blood." Kakashi said. Kiba glanced Shikamaru.

"We had a fight with some deserted shinobis before we came; maybe he got hit and had an internal haemorrhage." Shikamaru said. Kakashi looked again at Naruto.

"It's unusual on Naruto. His Kyuubi chakra normally heals him…" The Hokage looked at them. "I've got work to do, so please, take care of Naruto."

"Yes." Sakura answered and Kakashi left with Kaoru. The group stared Naruto. Kiba appeared to be pissed off.

"That stupid! For how long does he…" The Inuzuka clan member didn't finish his sentence once he saw his team mate opening his eyes. Naruto moved them and saw Sakura. She smiled and held his hand.

"Thank you… for keeping my secret…" He said, quietly, while the pipe on his mouth continued to feed him with medicine. "I'll be fine… I gave you guys… my…word…" Naruto closed his eyes again.

"We know you will. Rest for now, Naruto." Sakura said and got up. Already outside, the three stared each other again.

"It's obvious Naruto is paining. We have to do something! We have to notify Hokage-sama." Kiba said in a rush.

"Naruto asked us to keep it secret." Shikamaru remember. "And even if we tell Rokudaime about it, what would he do?" Kiba lowered his eyes. "Plus, Naruto is doing this for us, for Konoha… we can't betray him."

"Shikamaru is right." Sakura agreed. "It's just a day… Naruto will overcome this. He is the one who keeps saying 'I won't die until I become Hokage' I'm sure he won't go back on his words. After all, that's his way of the ninja."

Night fell over the village. Stars shinned brightly in the dark sky where the Moon started to fade. On the hospital, someone entered in Naruto's bedroom. It was an ANBU with its long black haired tied on a pony tail by a white silk ribbon. The tattoo on its right shoulder showed it was a woman. She sat on the bench near Naruto and held his hand. Her face was covered by her cat ANBU mask.

"You're in the hospital again…It hurts me so much seeing you like that." Her thin voice trembled a little as she caressed Naruto's hand. "Please, get well soon." She got up, but continued holding him. "Bye." She was about to turn way, but she felt something holding her hand. Naruto opened his eyes and pulled her to him, embracing her tightly. She struggled scared, but Naruto lift her mask a little and kissed her. The ANBU calmed down, lowering her arms and crossing them around Naruto. Their kiss took a long time, as if they haven't kissed for ages.

"I've missed you." Naruto said, caressing her hair. His voice sounded funny because of the tube on his mouth. He put his fingers on the strings of the woman's mask and untied them. Her mask fell, revealing her face filled with tears that ended up on her smile, while her white eyes reflected Naruto's blue ones. "Sure six months are a long time."

"Naruto-kun… I've…" She was a little shy. "I've prayed for you every day and…" She blushed a lot. "I've bought you a present for you birthday… but you weren't in Konoha…" She felt Naruto's hand on her face, cuddling her.

"I love you, Hinata." He said, making her blush even more. He pulled her head, leaning her on his chest. "I'm so happy to be with you again… so happy." He lay down on the bed, along with Hinata. She was much blushed.

"A-Are you ok? I mean, for you to be in the hospital…" She asked. Naruto smiled.

"Don't worry. The great Naruto-sama heals even faster than he gets hurt." He said. Hinata laughed quietly. "I'm fine." He answered and kissed Hinata again, putting his hand under her shirt. After kissing, they rubbed their faces and caressed each other once more. "So… we are alone in here…" Hinata's eyes opened wide. "What about… having our first time?"

"EH?!" Hinata quickly got up, super blushed and trembling. "In here?! But, we are in a hospital?"

"So what? Sakura and Kiba did it here lots of times when she was working." Naruto told. Hinata hid her cheeks under her hands.

"I was thinking… I always dreamed…" She started doing that thing she does with her fingers. "I always dreamed about a big hotel room with red blankets and rose's petals, some nice soft ambience music and small luminosity. Then it will have a big window above our bed from where we could see the stars and the moon. In the end we could go have a bath on one of those bathtubs that have multiple functions and…" She blushed even more. "We would wake up together in the morning…" Naruto sent her a tricky smile.

"Mmm… You've been thinking a lot about it, haven't you?"

"AH!" Hinata hid her face again. "I… I… It's just…" Naruto hugged her. "I don't want Naruto-kun to think I'm a…"

"Pervert? Of course not. I mean… we are the only ones our age who haven't done yet, except for Shino, but that's because he is very strict about these things." Naruto said. She looked at him. "Sorry, but I can't pay the big hotel room you wish." Hinata leaned her head on Naruto's shoulder. "But I can buy some red blankets and roses for my bedroom, if you like." Hinata rose her head and smiled. "You deserve everything a man can offer."

"Naruto-kun… Thank you." The two kissed again for a long time.

"I KNEW IT!" A voice screamed. Naruto and Hinata were caught by surprise. A long dark brown haired teenage girl with white eyes entered in the room. She threw something at Naruto's head, making him fall. Hinata looked worried at him. "You're always trying to get laid with my sister. I knew you just want her money, you demon fox!"

"Why have you asked me to come here, Hanabi?" A man with long black hair and white eyes entered. Hinata blushed a lot. It was Hiashi.

"Hinata was rubbing on the bed with Naruto." Hanabi pointed at her sister.

"Ha-Hanabi?!" Hinata was dumbfounded. Her father sent her an angry look. "It's not what you're thinking, father. I was just…"

"Hinata, you're the daughter of the main family. It is true that Hanabi is going to become the next leader of the Hyuuga, but please, try to behave more properly for a girl with your status." Hiashi said. Hinata made a bow.

"I'm very sorry, father. Forgive me." She said. Hanabi evilly smiled.

"As for you, Naruto-san." Hiashi said. Naruto looked at him with a big bump on his forehead. "I allowed you to date with my daughter, but I would also want you to be more… calm. Let's go, Hanabi, Hinata." The Hyuuga left. Hinata smiled at Naruto, sending him a kiss. The boy was now alone on the room.

"I hate that Hanabi. How can she always find me and Hinata?" Naruto asked. "Damn…" Naruto turned aside and tried to sleep.

In his dreams, he opened the eyes and found out he was inside a big sea of water. Bubbles were coming from the deeps, while Naruto was floating. The water had yellow colours and was warm. Naruto looked around until he heard a roar.

"Why?" A heavy voice said. He recognized it, as in front of him a giant fox appeared, staring the man with his red eyes. "Why do you continue doing this?" Naruto lowered his eyes, but then faced the demon again.

"For Konoha." Naruto underlined.

"For Konoha?" Kyuubi asked. "You've been dying slowly ever since that day. Kurogane no longer appears before you." Naruto closed his eyes. "I keep hearing you say you will become Hokage and that you won't die until that very day… and even like that… you've toss away your life. You're just like Yondaime Hokage. He also took half of me with him and left the other half within you, all for the sake of Konoha. For what? Some not even know his name…"

"A hero doesn't search for glory, but for the welfare of the ones he loves. I love Konoha, that's why…" Naruto put his hand on his chest. "I've done what I have done." Kyuubi closed his eyes and smiled.

"Kurogane's heirs are all selfless. If you wanna continue with this… you're ok to, but remember, you're only alive thanks to me…" Kyuubi vanished. Naruto looked down.

"I know…" He said and opened his eyes. It was already morning. Naruto sat on his bed and noticed another presence. He looked aside and saw a woman dressing a white kimono filled with ornaments. She had a pink transparent scarf around her arms and the red ribbon that tied her kimono had a forehead protector with a moon. Her red hair was very long and plain while her fringe was curly, showing her green eyes. She smiled at Naruto.

"Long time no see, Naruto." She said. He smiled back.

"Mirai!" He hugged her, very happy. "Oh! I'm so glad to see you." She caressed Naruto's face.

"It was about a year ago. You've grown up into a handsome man." Mirai said. "So…"

"When have you arrived?" Naruto asked.

"About thirty minutes ago. Kakashi continued sleeping, but I found Kiba and he told me you were here, so I came." She explained. "Are you ok?" He said yes. "Great! What about I make you breakfast while we wait for Kakashi and Kaoru?"

"Sure!" Naruto answered. The two left the hospital and went to Naruto's house, speaking. The man was about to open his house's door when he remembered 'I haven't cleaned it… the blood…'

"What?" Mirai found strange the time Naruto was taking to open the door.

"I've forgot the keys." He lied, scratching his face with his finger. Mirai sighed and put her hand on the hair, taking a slide.

"You're a ninja. Don't tell me you can't open a door? Are you expecting to become Hokage like that?" Mirai mocked, putting the slide on the doorknob. There was a click. "Done." She opened the door and entered, followed by the ANBU. "My-my, you've grown neater! Your house shines as if it was cleaned minutes ago." Naruto was open-mouthed. How could the house be cleaned? It was filled with blood. Sachiko jumped to Naruto's shoulders, meowing. "So, is the kitchen in the same place?" Mirai started making the breakfast. Naruto went to his bedroom and saw a card. He picked it up and started reading.

"Stupid Naruto! Leaving your house without cleaning?! You really are nasty. But fear not, we came and cleaned it for you. You can't host a Tsukikage with your floor filled with blood. Of course we haven't bath Sachiko, it hates water and I hate cats. From you friends, Sakura & Kiba." Naruto smiled. "I see… Kiba crossed Mirai on the road, he must have wake up Sakura-chan and they cleaned my house. Those two…" He caressed Sachiko's head, which meowed again.

Already on the kitchen, Naruto was having breakfast.

"Have you come alone?" Naruto asked.

"Nope. Kyo, Byo and Jiraya came with me, but they preferred to pay a visit to the hot springs district first. Those three!" Mirai said. Naruto laughed quietly. "Travel to Konoha is so tiring. If we hadn't our wolves we would still be half the way here. But I missed Kaoru." She made a sad face, which was noticed by Naruto. "But above all… I miss Chi. Kaoru I know he's safe, but Chi… my girl…" Mirai was about to cry. Naruto put his hand above hers.

"We are going to find her, fear not, Mom." He said. She smiled.

"You haven't called me mom since you know I was expecting Kaoru." Mirai remembered. Naruto blushed. "You had come back from a four months long mission and I was going to check the information with Tsunade-sama, when she told me I was two months pregnant. I was completely caught by surprise. I wanted to search Chi and I've found myself with a baby from a man I've only hurt. Hum! My ability to screw up my life is legendary…"

"But you're great, Mirai. I like you because you always got yourself into big legendary messes." Naruto mocked, making the good guy pose. She sent him an annoyed look, but then smiled.

There was a knock on the door. Mirai decided to hide herself, while Naruto went to receive the visitors.

"Naru-nii!" Kaoru jumped at Naruto. He caressed the boy's face. "Public baths! Public baths!"

"Neh, Kaoru, Naruto had just got out from the hospital, don't move so much on his arms." Kakashi warned. Kaoru hugged Naruto.

"Eh? You prefer to go with Naruto to the public baths instead of passing the day with mommy?!" Mirai said. Kaoru and Kakashi were caught by surprise. Naruto put Kaoru on the ground and he ran at Mirai, hugging her.

"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" Kaoru started crying. Kakashi smiled at them.

"What? You're crying again? Don't tell me that you pass the day crying, my sweetie?" Mirai said, caressing him. Kaoru was so happy for seeing her that he couldn't speak. "Oh! My baby."

"Welcome, Tsukikage-Dono." Kakashi said a little blushed. Mirai got embarrassed.

"Good morning, Hokage-sama." She said. "Don't worry about Kaoru. I'll look over him for the rest of the day." Kakashi went near her, making her blush. He caressed Kaoru's face.

"Be a good boy, Kaoru, don't put mommy into trouble." Kakashi said. Kaoru smiled. The Hokage put his hand on Mirai's face, making her become red. "Be a good girl too, Mirai." Kakashi kissed her forehead and left. Her lower lip was trembling, but then she felt Naruto touching her with his elbow.

"Neh-Neh?! He was inviting you to go and pass the night at his house." Naruto said, with a tricky smiled. Mirai quickly looked at him.

"Stupid! It-it-it was not that. He just…" Mirai continued very embarrassed. "He didn't see me for a long time and…" Naruto continued smiling at her in his tricky way. "Ah! I'm going to have a walk with Kaoru. You're free to go see your Hyuuga princess in her Hyuuga fortress filled with Hyuuga guards, who are always trying to see when you're going to put your nasty hands on their princess pure body." She said and left. Naruto laughed quietly.

"That Mirai." He said.


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