Sorry for the long delay in between chapters but I will try to continue to write this story until its finished. I apologize now for any spelling errors; I just don't know on a Mac where spell check is.

While Bo was doing chores on the farm, Daisy at work, and KK at school Uncle Jesse called Luke in to talk to him about the letter.

"What do you need, sir," Luke asked?

"Nothing, just needed to talk to you."

Luke grabbed a glass from the cupboard and filled it up with water and continued to sit down at the kitchen table.

"Now Luke; what I'm about to tell you," Uncle Jesse paused trying to compose his words, "I just don't know how you'll take this news."

"What news?"

"Now you know I told you everything that I knew about KK's previous life in Michigan. Much to my surprise this letter appears in the mail from a lady claiming that she's the girls' grandmother. Her mother's mother."

Luke grabbed the letter from Uncle Jesse's hands. He read over the letter, shocked at the details. "So, what are you going to do?"

"That's a funny question Luke. If you had asked me that before KK being here I would have burned that letter but I'm not so sure about anything surrounding that child. She's got some kind of talent of predicting things. Things that you couldn't get a lucky guess on."

"Then I guess its resolved and you better write that lady a return letter."

"I was afraid you would agree with me. Listen after KK goes to bed will tell Daisy and Bo about what's going on. I don't need KK all upset right now. She's finally gotten back into a normal routine and hate to screw that all up on a possibility that this lady is telling the truth."

"Well, I'm with you there."

After KK went to bed, the family went outside to have a family discussion about the letter. Bo and Daisy both read the letter and were shocked by it's contents.

"Do you think this lady is the real thing?" Bo asked.

"I do," Uncle Jesse commented. "I think we have just realized how much danger KK is in. We're going have to watch out for her."

"This just ain't fair for her," Daily alluded to.

"I know baby," Uncle Jesse said as he put his arm around her shoulders, "but life isn't always fair."

"Are we going to tell her about this letter?" Bo asked.

"No, not yet. I want a response from this Jean lady first. Then we'll go from there."

Here's the letter:

Dear Ms. Igganrouscher:

I received your letter today regarding KK and her sisters today and was quite surprised to read it. There was certain information in that letter that only family members could know. Please let me know what is going on because the community as a whole will be worried about KK's and her sisters safety. I'm assuming that since you found me and address that you can find a phone number as well. Please call me to further discuss.


Mr. Duke

Jesse took the letter and addressed it how he was instructed in the letter and hoped that this wasn't a fluke. He just hoped that everything would be okay for KK, Karen, and Aaron.

Jesse sent the letter back to Alberta, Canada and within a few days it was totally forgotten about. It wouldn't be until spring of 1986, the year that the girls were going to be 11, that Uncle Jesse and the family even received a reply.