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"You're putting it on wrong! And why do I have to wear this thing anyways? Why don't you just wear a brown one?"

Grabbing his twin sister's hands in one of his own as he said this, Kira Yamato used his other hand to adjust the blond wig that she had previously been trying to blind him with.

Tugging her hands out of his grip, Cagalli gave Kira a dirty look and said with a pout, "Because!"

Raising an eyebrow at this childish answer, Kira turned his eyes to the floor length mirror in front of him and after being sure that the wig was covering all of his dark messy brown hair, began fastening it on with bobby pins, while saying in a dry tone,"That's not an answer Cagalli, and quit trying to avoid the question. After all it really shouldn't matter what a masked thief's hair color is, and speaking of thieves, I still say we shouldn't be doing any of this in the first place!"

Placing her hands on her hips, Cagalli glared into his eyes in the mirror and said angrily, "I am not avoiding the question! And we are doing this for Mom or have you already forgotten her in the midst of all your selfish whining?"

Eyes narrowing at this comment, Kira's voice was harsh with anger as he answered,"No, I have not forgotten Mother, it's just that unlike you, I don't think stealing priceless jewels is the best way to go about helping her. And you are avoiding the question."

Her look becoming even darker at this, Cagalli turned away from her brother's piercing gaze and in a rush of words said,"The back of my ski mask got torn, which lead to the cops seeing that my hair is blond and you know we've tried every legal way to try and help Mother, so it's not like we have any more options left!"

Letting out a small snort, Kira turned a way from his huffing sister and keeping his thoughts about them having no other options to himself, he tugged restlessly on the tight black body suit he was wearing wishing that it wasn't so hot. Then taking the black ski mask that Cagalli held out to him, he slipped it over his head, pulled the blond wig through the hole in the back and snatching up his break in and steal things kit, headed out.

At the top of the fire escape he poked his head back into the window of his tiny apartment and called out to his sister in a repent voice,"Wish me luck, Sis?"

Smiling brightly at this, Cagalli's voice was full of her normal energy as she called out from were she stood in the middle of the bedroom/living room, "Good luck! Make the cops cry for me!"

Laughing silently, Kira swiftly walked down the fire escape and climbing onto his motorcycle headed for the museum and his first night as a thief.


"Are you sure it's this museum that is going to be hit, Lt. Clyne?" Mr.Spiral the museum proprietor asked in a disbelieving tone, as he looked at the beautiful and petite woman before him.

Smiling brightly at him, Lacus replied in a reassuring tone,"Oh, yes Mr. Spiral. After all the thief did put a calling card for us in the newspaper to let us know that he was coming here tonight. And why would he do something like that if he had no intention of coming?"

Blinking rapidly at this naive statement, Mr. Spiral bit down on his thumb nail nervously and said,"Y-yes, that makes sense, Lt. Clyne. Now if you will excuse me, I think I will go and check on the security system."

Her smile still firmly in place, Lacus waved cheerfully as the twitchy manger left her alone with the large emerald that was the object of tonight's heist.

As soon as the man was out of sight, Lacus innocent smile slipped off her face to be replaced with a calculating look. Walking up to the emerald behind her, she tilted her head so that her ear was closer to the glass case that surrounded it.

Listening intently for a few seconds, she lifted her head and took another step closer to the jewel, muttering to herself as she did so,"I was right, it is humming. But what could be causing a glass case to hum?"

Just as she was about to touch the glass, a deep voice caused her to stop in her tracks.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Miss, that glass is about to break."

Jerking her head upwards, Lacus's eyes widen as she took in the dark form standing on the other side of the jewel.

He was dressed in black from head to toe. The only colors she could see on him was the brilliant blond hair that went down his back and lightly brushed his shoulders, and his eyes, dark purple eyes that were unlike his voice nervous and scared. So scared that Lacus was filled with an almost irresistible desire to comfort him.

Shaking her head at this foolish thought, Lacus drew herself upwards and squaring her shoulders, placed one hand on the gun by her side and with the other grabbed her walkie talkie.

"Mister Thief, you stay right there. You have only stolen once before so if you turn yourself in you should be given a light prison sentence. On the other hand if you continue with your crimes, there is no guarantee what might happen to you. Do you understand this?"

He cocked his head to one side and lifting one eyebrow said coolly,"But if I just take the jewel and escape, I won't have to face prison and will also have what I want right?"

Clicking on her walkie talkie, Lacus said,"What makes you so sure you will escape?"

Laughing softly, he pointed to the jewel and said,"This does."

At that moment the jewel's glass case shattered into a million pieces and as Lacus leaped forward to grab it the thief did as well dropping something in the process. Glancing downwards for a brief second, Lacus threw up an arm to cover her eyes as a small metal ball exploded causing a bright light to both illuminate the room and blind her temporarily.

At the sound of her shout of surprise, officers and security guards came flooding in from their positions outside of the room.

But they were to late. In that small silver of time the thief had gone taking the emerald with him.


Kira hardly dared to breathe as he raced down the back alleyways to where his motorcycle was parked.

As he ran the jewel that was clenched in his fist felt as hot a piece of burning coal and his stomach twisted and turned like a rollercoaster.

Finally reaching his bike, Kira shoved the jewel in the compartment underneath the seat and then bracing himself against the bike, promptly lost his dinner.

After several minutes, he raised a shaky hand to wipe off his mouth and climbed onto his bike.

Dropping his head down onto the handles, Kira listened fearfully to the police sirens passing by while trying to come to grips with the fact that he had just stolen something. Yet, he also knew that he had to get out of there fast or he was going to get caught.

Turning on the motorcycle he began making his way slowly and carefully home, fighting against his body's desire to jump every time a siren sounded, and sadly ignoring the small voice in the back of his mind that kept whispering to him that the female cop had looked familiar.

Which was why he almost passed out the next morning when she walked into the coffee shop he worked at and called him by name.


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