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Lacus's eyes widened with worry as she watched her fiancé's best friend turn deathly pale.Leaning forward, she reached across the coffee shop's counter and placing her hand lightly on his arm, she asked concernedly, "Mr.Yamato, are you all right?"

Blinking rapidly, Kira took a deep breath to steady his badly shaken nerves and in a strained voice said,"I'm fine, Miss?"

Removing her hand from his arm, Lacus tilted her head to the side as she said in confusion,"My name is Lacus, Mr. Yamato, Lacus Clyne. Athrun's girlfriend?"

Kira's eyes grew wide with this bit of information and letting out a relieved laugh, he said,"I remember hearing about you, Miss Lacus but I..."

Kira's voice trailed off as he searched his mind for a polite way to say that he didn't remember ever having met her, at least not as Athrun's girlfriend.

Lacus cleared her throat gently as seconds of silence became minutes of silence, and in a kind tone said,"Mr.Yamato is something wrong?"

Flushing slightly, Kira ran his fingers through his hair as he said,"No nothing's wrong it's just,"pausing for a moment, Kira's blush became even deeper as he finally just blurted it out,"I'm sorry, I don't remember meeting you before now."

Laughing slightly, Lacus's eyes cleared of the worry that had been linger in them since she had entered the shop and in a chipper tone she said,"Oh, that's because we've never meet before, Mr.Yamato."

Kira's jaw dropped open at this and in a tone of bafflement he said,""Then how did you know who I was?"

Giggling softly, Lacus replied,"Your picture of course! Didn't Athrun ever show you a picture of me, Mr Yamato?"

Smiling brightly Kira shook his head and said,"I remember Athrun mentioning you several times but I don't think he ever sent me a picture of you. I can't see anyone forgetting what you look like."

Kira's smile was shy and sweet as he said this and his eyes sparkled boyishly as he looked at her. As she looked at him, Lacus could feel her heart flutter in her chest and her ears reddening slightly as she said shyly,"Thank you, Mr.Yamato. Um, I need some coffee."

Blinking over the sudden change of topic, Kira said stupidly,"I can get you some."

Lacus tried to resist, she really did, but quite against her own wishes a muffled laugh escaped her lips, causing Kira's face to turn a painful shade of red. Rubbing the back of his neck, Kira said slowly, "Of course you already know that since this is a coffee shop. Um, what would you like?"

Flashing him an apologetic smile, Lacus said,"Three black coffees and one coffee with three sugars and chocolate raspberry cream."

Making the proper notes on him order pad, Kira said briskly,"What sizes?"

"The big ones."

Raising his eyes to met her's, Kira searched her face to see whether or not she was yanking his chain. The look of childlike innocence on her face removed all suspicions that she was messing with him and brought back his smile, and so without another word he turned away from her and quickly filled up four grande size cups with her orders and turning back to her hand them over with a smile and his brain going back to automatic mode said,"Thank you for coming. Please come again."

Taking the coffee from him, Lacus smiled brightly in return and said,"Thank you very much. It was nice to finally meet you, Mr Yamato."

Nodding slightly, Kira said,"It was nice to meet you as well, Miss Clyne."

She gave him one last sparkling smile and then she was gone leaving Kira alone with his thoughts and the sickly feeling of guilt that was steadily gnawing at the inside of his stomach.


Slamming her hip against the police office's door, Lacus called out cheerily to the other three occupants of the room,"Good morning, everyone! I brought coffee!"

The station's clerk, Meyrin Hawke, lifted her head from where she was busily sorting through old case files and copying them onto the computer, and giving Lacus a grateful look took one of the black coffees off her hands, murmuring a quiet thank you as she did so.

Smiling in response, Lacus walked across the room to her boss's office and carefully balancing the three remaining cups in her left hand,Lacus opened the door to Captain Waltfield's office with her right calling out as she did so,"Captain Waltfield, Lt.Aisha, I have your coffee."

Looking up from where they were studying case files and without setting said case files down, they took the last two black coffees from her hand and after taking a sip from his cup,Andrew Waltfield put down the case file he had been flipping through and motioning her to sit down said,"Lt.Clyne, I've just been going through your report of last night's jewel heist."

He let the statement hang as he studied her with a look that clearly asked,"Do you have anything to add?" with out actually having to say the words.

Straightening up in her chair, Lacus asked," Did I leave something out, Sir? I thought I had put down all of last night's events very clearly."

Smirking slightly at his newest detective's obvious confusion, Andy shook his head no, saying as he did so,"No,no, Lt.Clyne, your report was very clear and concise. In fact the only thing I did not find in it was your impression of the thief."

"My impression of the thief,Sir? I thought I had put a description of the criminal in there."

"Yes, Lt. you did and a very good description it is, the only problem with it is that it does not tell me what you personally think of the thief."

As comprehension of what her superior was asking for hit, Lacus was unable to stop her answer to that question from flying out of her mouth.

"I think he's sad and frightened."

Resting his head on the palm of his hand, Andy exchanged a look with his second in command/wife Aisha and turning back to Lacus said,"And why do you think that Lt.Clyne?"

Her eyes showed the return of her confusion with this conversation as she said,"Because it was obvious he was,Sir."

Holding back a sigh of frustration at Lacus's odd bout of clueless ness, Andy said patiently,"Obvious how Lt.Clyne?"

Tilting her head to the side, Lacus pondered on his question for a moment and as the fog from her mere three hours of sleep began to fade from her mind, understanding of what her boss needed to know began to seep in so that she was able to reply a bit more sense than before,"It was his eyes, Captain Waltfield. That's why I think that the Calling Card Thief is sad and frightened. And it is these emotions that lead me to think that he is most likely new to the act of stealing and that he is probably stealing out of need, not sport."

Grinning at this statement,Andy leaned back in his chair and asked,"Do you think you would be able to use those emotions to our advantage?"

Pausing for a moment to consider her answer, Lacus replied slowly,"I think that will depend on his reason for stealing. If the Calling Card Thief believes that the reason he is stealing is worth the risk of prison, then it is unlikely that we will be able to talk him into giving up. On the other hand if the Calling Card Thief is uncertain of whether or not the reason for the thefts is worth the risk involved then, yes, we may be able to talk him into giving up with a good enough deal."

Tapping a finger against his frowning lips, Andy's eyes narrowed for a second before a mischievous grin took it's place and he said,"Very well, Lt. Clyne, I expect your report tomorrow to tell me exactly what kind of person the Calling Card Thief is."

Taking a large sip of coffee, Lacus hoped that the caffeine would help clear away the remaining fog in her mind so that she wouldn't have to keep asking the Captain 'what' after every sentence out of his mouth.

Rubbing her eyes lightly, Lacus said,"So there is another heist scheduled for tonight,Captain?"

Grabbing the day's paper from the top of his desk, Andy tossed the personal ads into her lap and said shortly,"Second page."

Opening the paper to said page, Lacus's eyes were quickly drawn to the Calling Card Thief's flashy ad.

It read: 'Attention, beloved Police Department. Tonight I am going to steal the Peacock Sapphire from the Sunshine Museum. I hope to see you there! The Calling Card Thief

Looking up Lacus met Andy's determined gaze and in a weary tone said,"Oh dear."


Peering down at the ground floor of the Sunshine Museum, Kira shoved aside the guilt he still felt over being a thief and instead focused his attention on getting the heist over with as quickly as possible.

Gathering up his gear, Kira grabbed the glass cutter and slipped it into his pant's pocket, he also slipped a couple of smoke bombs up his sleeves just in case the heist didn't go as planned,as he made his way down the darken stairwell and into the shadowy corners of the museum's basement floor.

Slipping behind one of the many storage boxes stacked up in the room, Kira couldn't help but be curious as to why the cops had chosen to move the jewel to a room with so many hiding places, for that matter he couldn't help but be curious as to how on earth his sister had managed to find out that they had moved it in the first place.

Shaking his head, Kira pushed aside his rambling thoughts and focused once more on the task at hand. Peering around the corner of one of the many tall boxes, Kira noted that there were at least four police officers protecting the jewel along with the owner of the museum and Lacus.

At the sight of her, Kira's heart gave weird little jump and then smoothed back out into a steady if not racing beat. For a few seconds Kira found himself strangely incapable of doing anything other than watch as Lacus moved confidently around the room instructing the other officers as to where to stand and what to do. But then she turned towards him and Kira was jerked back to reality by several inescapable facts suddenly crowding his brain and demanding attention.

The two most important ones being that she was the detective in charge of capturing him and his sister, and the second being that even if she hadn't been, she was still his best friend's girlfriend.

With these sobering thoughts grounding him firmly in reality, and not in the warm fuzzy feelings that the sight of Lacus kept causing in his heart for reasons unbeknown to him, Kira reached into the small bag at his feet and pulling out a gas mask and another small silver bomb, he quickly pulled on the mask while at the same time throwing the bomb into the middle of the group before him.

It split open immediately and the sleep gas contained with in it filled the room with an ugly shade of blue.

At the sound of several thuds, Kira moved forward confident that the policemen had been put to sleep. Grabbing the glass cutter from his pant's pocket, Kira quickly cut a hole in the glass and reaching in carefully slipped the jewel into a small bag that hung from his waist.

After making sure it was secure, Kira sprinted to the back door of the museum, removing his gas mask as he did so, grateful that the heist had gone off smoothly and would soon be done.

Which was why he was so startled when something grabbed a hold of the back of his shirt.

Spinning around, Kira stumbled back in amazement as his eyes met Lacus's determined ones. She was wearing a small gas mask over her mouth and nose and in her left hand she held a pair of hand cuffs.

Holding her gaze for a heart beat, Kira took a careful step forward and when her eyes registered surprise and confusion, he took advantage of her disorientation and spinning around started to run across the road.


Letting out an angry huff, Lacus dashed after the thief her eyes squarely centered on his back determined to not let him get away.

In fact she was so focused on catching him that she failed to pay attention to her surroundings.

Which is why she froze when she saw the truck speeding towards her.


Pausing for a brief second to look back at his pursuer, Kira felt his blood run cold at the sight of Lacus standing stock still in front of an oncoming truck.

Turning completely around Kira ran at a break neck pace back to the road and reaching Lacus grabbed her around the waist and tumbled with her out of the truck's pathway.

As it rumbled pass them, Kira spared the reckless driver a glance out of the corner of his eye and much to his disgust noticed clear signs of drinking on his face.

Shaking his head in distaste, Kira looked down at the woman currently trapped beneath his body and in a concerned tone said,"Are you all right, Miss?"

Lacus's breath was coming in short gasps and grasping the gas mask that was still on her face and after slipping it off with a trembling hand, took a deep breath and said in a shaky voice,"Yes, yes, I'm fine. Thank you..."

It was at that moment that both Kira and Lacus suddenly forgot that staring deeply into each other's eyes, while wrapped securely in each other's arms was not befitting of the roles they were playing that night.

For even Lacus with her deep sense of justice and love for her job felt as if she was only playing at being a police detective instead of truly being one as she stared into his almost black with worry eyes, and for a fleeting moment wanted nothing more than to stay wrapped in the arms of a man who made her feel more safe and womanly than any other man ever had.

Then she blinked and the moment was gone and she was no longer the woman Lacus Clyne, but was instead once again the police officer Lacus Clyne, who was currently suppose to be arresting the man above her.

But in that same split second, Kira also regained his senses and springing away from her was down the road and out of sight before she could even manage to get her bruised and battered body off the cold, hard road.


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