It sure came faster than said…

"That is why I want to get my hands on the 27th Holy Weapon!" says Crocodile.

"The 27th! Isn't there supposed to be only 26?" asks Mr. 1.

"It's true, but the 27th came into existence. It is the black sheep among the Holy Weapons, as those with an evil heart can also claim it. With the Armageddon in my hands, even the Darkling King will tremble before it!"


CH turns to the members of Team 3, "Let me ask you one thing. Did you find the Armageddon?"

"Armageddon? Nope, we never found it," says Roy. "How'd you know that we had some situations dealing with that?"

"Of course I know! I'm crazy, so I know everything!"

"I don't get it…"

"Well, you said you didn't find it, right? Good! That weapon is better off never found!"

"Gennai said the 27th weapon is half made from a Darkling," says Dr. Mario. "How exactly did that happen?"

"It's all because of Manly Hand!" says CH in an angry tone. "He believes that in order to be a man, one must complete what was started!"


"Because I want to! Being manly is what I dreamed of! A real man sticks to his words! If we decided on 27, then 27 we will do!" says Manly Hand.

"YOU IDIOT!" shouts Ruler Hand.

"I'm not an idiot. You are! You only made 26 when you promised 27! You are not a real man!"

"You dare say that to our master!" says on the Hands angrily. "Don't you have shame?"

"Our master deserves every right to be scolded! He does not act like a real man!"

"You have made a fool out of the Hand Family!" says RH.

"So I have. You all are fools! You do not know how to be a real man!"


"Fine! I do not need you to say that!"

They continue to argue for a while, and when it comes to an end, Manly Hand flies away.

The Hands tried several attempts to destroy the Armageddon, but they were never successful. It is soon decided that this weapon should be sealed away and never be touched by anyone.


The Armageddon is a black sheep among the Holy Weapon, for it is able to destroy everything, and is considered to be the most powerful of the weapons too. It should never be found by mankind…

- Excerpts from Darkling


Chapter 1: The Ticket to Great Tech City! The Start of New Adventure!

One quiet day in Onett…


A few birds were shot dead by a couple of bullets…

"Here it is, everyone!" says Talko. "It is I, Talko! I am the announcer for this Car Model Making Contest! The objective of this contest is to make as many car models as you can before time is up! The one who makes the most will win a fabulous prize!"

"You think Falcon will win?" Luigi asks Mario.

"He probably will," replies Mario. "He wuz practicing very hard-a for da whole week."

Just like the two were saying, Captain Falcon is indeed one of the many contestants in this contest. This contest was announced about a week ago, and being such a big car fan that he is, CF practiced everyday on how to make the perfect car model, and now he is going to put what he practiced to use!"

"Remember, the design of your car is important also!" says Talko. "It must look very neat and not crumble easily. Now without further delay, let's start!" He fires his gun again and this time shot down a kite.

All the contestants begin working the materials prepared on the table before them. Using nimble and skilled hands, each of the contestants skillfully forms the plastic pieces into beautifully shaped cars. When one is complete, they would put it aside and grab for another box of materials and begin working on the second one.

Thanks to the whole week practice, CF is making several models in a very short time, and it seems very clear who the winner will be already.

"You can do it! Falcon!" cheers his friends who are among the audiences.

Because of the encouragement from his fellow Smashers, CF feels a boost of strength coming to him, and he begins working even faster than before, and not to mention with great skills also.

After a while have passed…

"Okay! Time is up!" says Talko as he fires his gun to stop the contestants. "Let's see the results!"

A judge goes around the table checking each contestant's car models, seeing how many they made and how well it is designed. The contestants and audiences are very anxious and they kept silent throughout the whole inspection, wondering in their mind on who is the winner.

After a short while, the judge takes records of what he saw and finally says out loud, "I have come to conclusion on who is the winner!" Everyone brought his or her ears near him to get a better listen. "The winner of this Car Model Contest is… Douglas J. Falcon!"

"YES!" exclaim the Smashers excitedly.

CF gets up from his seat and shouts out loud, "FALCONS ARE THE BEST!"

"Congratulations on winning first place!" the judge says to him. "You shall now receive your reward! It's not only for you, but for your friends as well!"


That evening at the Smash Mansion…

"So Falcon won the contest and earn a free ticket to Great Tech City?" asks Fox. "That's very good of him!"

"Yeah, but the ticket seems to only be for 8 people," explains CF. "Since I'm the winner, surely I will go! Isn't Great Tech City the richest city in the world? Surely it is a place worth going!"

"I heard they have delicious foods there too!" says Kirby.

"YOSHI! I wanna go!" says Yoshi.

Pit walks up to CF and asks him, "Mr. Falcon, would you mind… if you let me go along? I mean… I'm new to this world, and I want to take a good tour around, so…"

"I was thinking of inviting you, Pit," CF tells him. "I know the curiosity you have in you, so I'll take you along!"

"Thanks, Mr. Falcon!"

"So… That-a leaves only 6 more people left-a," says Mario. "I'd say we cast-a lots and see."

"Not those again…" murmurs Luigi. "It's always depending on luck when it comes to those things."

"I'll say it beforehand," says Peach. "I'm not going. I have enough traveling for a while after returning from Sedan Headquarters. For once, I want to stay home and rest."

"If Peach is staying, then I'm staying also!" says Bowser.

"I don't feel like going anywhere after the whole F-30 stuff too," says Zelda.

"Then I'm not going either," says Link. "And I'm sure Ganondorf will think the same."

"You said it for me already," says Ganondorf.

"So quite a few of us aren't going…" says CF. "Still, we should cast lots to see who'll go and who'll stay." CF takes out a can of sticks. "Those who picked one with red tips will go. And no whining if you didn't."

So everyone picked the lots and…

Marth looks at his stick and says, "Looks like I'm in."

"Me too," adds Samus.

"Yoshi! I'm going at last!" says Yoshi.

"I'm in too!" says Pikachu.

"Pichu!" adds Pichu.

"Wow! I'm going on da trip too!" says Mario.


"Don't worry, Kirby," Yoshi tells him. "I'll be sure to pack some foods back to you."

"You better do!"

"So you're going, Mario?" Luigi asks him.

"Yeah, I want-a to see that-a place," says Mario. "They say you can buy lotsa things in Great Tech City."

"So you sure you guys are going?" asks CF.

"I actually wanted to go there," says Samus. "Surely there's a place where I can upgrade my suit."

"Surely it's more fun than staying home," says Marth. "I need some good exercise too."

"I'm going for food!" exclaims Yoshi.

"I would like to have some fun there too!" says Pikachu.

"Me too!" adds Pichu.

"Well, then we leave 2 days from now!" says CF.


On the next day, Master Hand shows up at their house and asks them, "I heard that 8 of you are going to Great Teach City, right?"

"Yeah," says CF.

MH begins to ponder over this, "Going to that city at this time…? Is it safe now that the…" Then he speaks to them again. "I recommend that you take your Holy Weapons with you."


"I have a feeling that you'll surely need it. Also, you should use time to put practice into your weapons. These weapons have many uses to it besides swinging around. If you put work and effort into it, you can come up with new moves and cool techniques with it!"

"Sounds good!" says Marth. "Then I'll take mines!"

"I'll take mines too," says CF.

And so, the ones who are going agree to take their Holy Weapons, except Pit, since he doesn't have one. "So these are the weapons of evil bane, right?" asks Pit. "I can feel holy energy coming out from them."

"They are really powerful weapons," CF tells him. "It can easily destroy all kinds of evil."

"Actually Pit, your light arrows are also filled with holy powers, even though they aren't the Holy Weapons," MH tells him.

"I know," says Pit.

"Well, so good luck on your trip there!" says MH.


The next day again…

The traveling Smashers are up and have eaten breakfast. "Okay, we're off to the airport!" says CF. "Is everyone ready?"

"Yes!" reply the ones that are going.

"Good luck everyone!" says Peach.

"I'll miss you, brother!" says Luigi with tears in the eyes.

"Be sure to bring back the foods!" says Kirby.

"Have fun!" says Fox.

"Don't forget to bring back souvenirs!" say the Ice Climbers.

"See ya!" says Link.

"Be sure to not get into trouble!" says Zelda.

"Come back alive!" says Ganondorf.

"Don't worry Mario!" says Bowser. "I'll protect Peach all I can!"

"Don't get sick!" says Dr. Mario.

"Good bye," says Falco.

"Bye bye!" says Jigglypuff.

"Be sure to tell us the fun time you have after you return!" says Roy. "And don't forget pictures of beautiful girls!"

"Also buy back any latest games they have!" says Ness.

"Don't forget!" says Young Link.

"I see great something big in the future there," says Mewtwo. "It' best that you don't get into other's business."

"See you later!" says G&W.

"I really wish I could go with you…" says Parry.

After saying good-bye to their friends, CF and the others board the Smash Limousine and drive off.


After a long drive, they finally come to the airport…

"We're here at last!" says CF.

"So this is the airport," says Pit.

"This is your first time riding a plane, right?" Samus asks him.


"Hey, isn't that-a Wario's car?" asks Mario, pointing to a purple car without a roof.

"It sure it!" says Pikachu. "Is he here at the airport? Where is he going?"

"Who cares? Let's get inside already!" says CF.

After getting out their luggage from the car, they enter the airport. "Wow! It's full of people here!" exclaims Pit when he sees the inside.

"The airport is one of the busiest places in the world," Samus tells him. "Everyday people come in and out of the countries for either business reasons or vacation. The airport is always working nonstop to satisfy people and keep people safe on their plane trips."

Pichu sees a vending machine that is selling juices, so he got a coin from nowhere and approaches it, but the coin slot is too high for him to reach. "Darn it… If only I was taller…" He tries jumping up, but still cannot reach it. Good thing there is a bench next to the machine, so he hops onto the bench and from there, he jumps towards the coin slot and tosses in the coin. "Yippee!" He uses the same method again and presses the button for the drink he wants, but nothing comes out from the bottom. "Hmmm… Strange…?" He tries it again but still nothing. "This machine must be broken. Give me back my money!" He headbutts the machine over and over, and then hits it hard with Skull Bash, causing a lot of cans to shoot out from the machine and go rolling everywhere. "Uh oh…"

Some of the people walking around step on the cans and slip around and crash everywhere.


"What have I done…?"

"Hey Pichu! What are you doing?" calls the voice of CF. "Come here to do your passport business!"

"Okay!" Pichu quickly runs to them and pretends that nothing happened.


After they're all done, they go into the room where you wait to enter the plane, whatever you call it…

Pit, Pichu, and Pikachu look out the window to see all the airplanes. "Wow! Those things are huge!" exclaims Pit. "They look like gigantic, magnificent birds!"

"I can't wait to ride them!" says Pichu.

Mario is walking around when he spots Wario sitting at a seat. "Hi Wario!"

"Uh? You're here too, Mario?" he replies. "You're going to Great Tech City?"

"Yeah! You too?"

"Why can't I? I wanna go on vacation and the travel agency insisted on this place."

"Where's Waluigi?"

"That guy went to visit his old home. Who cares about him anyway?"

Then the announcer speaks into the room, "It is time to enter into the plane. Please grab your luggage and proceed to the plane." So everyone got his or her stuffs and goes into the plane.



"Wow! It's so beautiful inside!" exclaims Pit.

"It's high class ticket we got!" says CF. "That's why we are riding the most expensive plane!"

"Ha! Only a rich person like me has the money to pay for a plane like this!" says Wario proudly.

"Wow! This is the first time I'm riding this kind of plane!" says Pikachu.

"Always keep calm and cool," says CF. "If you go all excited, people will think you are crazy or something." CF proceeds to his seat and sits down, and then exclaims, "Wow! This seat is comfortable! Man! This is awesome!"


Marth takes his seat, which is next to the window, and begins to wonder over what Master Hand told them. "The Holy Weapons can be mastered to become even more powerful and one can develop new moves and techniques out of it. Hmmm… Looks like I have a lot to practice besides swinging it around with skill."

"Mamamia! Luig would-a love theez!" says Mario, taking his seat comfortably. "High class-a plane sure eez good!"

"I sure hope the foods are beyond awesome!" says Yoshi. "Kirby really would like it!"

"This is my first time flying! I'm so excited!" says Pit.

"But you always had wings…" Pikachu tells him.

"I mean the first time I'm riding a plane…"

Then there is an announcement throughout the plane. "We are now ready to take off. Passengers please put on your seat belt and no smoking. Also turn off any cell phones you have. We will make sure you have a comfortable trip!"

"Great Tech City, here we come!" says CF.


And the story that was previewed in the end of Super Smash Racing 2 has begun. This is only the first chapter, so it might not be too exciting. In fact, the exciting parts and actions probably won't come until 3 or 4 chapters later. The beginning chapters will be dedicated to their trip around Great Tech City.

I'm sure you will like this story. It'll have humor, action, suspense, drama, and also tear-jerking moments. I hope to see reviews on what you think! And if you have any questions regarding the story, feel free to ask!

I'm telling you this beforehand: One Piece fans who have been catching up with the latest manga chapters will be very familir with this story's plot.

And in case you forgotten, these are the main Smashers of the story: Captain Falcon, Mario, Marth, Samus, Pichu, Pikachu, Yoshi, Pit, and Wario. And not to mention 2 newcomers...

Coming up next chapter: High Class Airplane Emergency! Air Trip Catastrophe!