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Final Chapter 41: It's All Over! Forever Our Friendship Bonds Together!


"The Smashers have escaped!" say the soldiers as they watch the Halberd flying over the horizon. "Should we give chase?"

"Forget it," says the vice admiral. "They have Master Hand with them, and Master Hand is the son of Ruler Hand, the most powerful of the Royal Hand Family. Do not underestimate the wrath of Master Hand; he has great powers that can kill us all before you know it." The soldiers gulp in fear at hearing this. "Now quickly and go look for survivors and the CP9! They must be on the island somewhere!"

"Vice admiral!" says a soldier. "We found the boss of the CP9, Spandam!"

Then Spandam, badly injured, goes over to the vice admiral. "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go after those Smashers!"

"That would be unnecessary," says the vice admiral. "Going after them would only cause more unnecessary sacrifices. Be glad that we are able to keep our lives after all these."

"But the criminal Samus Aran is there!"

"We may have failed the mission this time, but we can always redo it again any other day. Let us hear from Big Brother first on what he has to say."

Spandam growls angrily and shakes his fist violently in the air. "Grrrr! Curse you, Smashers! And also John Doe! I will get my revenge someday! Don't think you can get away from the government like this!"


Captain Falcon slowly opens his eyes and looks around, and finds himself in a room. "Where am I?"

"You're awake-a!" says Mario, who is sitting next to him. "You were asleep-a for a whole day. We're back-a in Great Tech City, in Otacon's office."

"What happened?"

"Eet's all over! We have escape-a from Alias Lobby and rescued Samus! Masta Hand came and rescued us!"

"It's good to hear that! I'm glad we made it out safely."

Then Otacon comes into the room and says, "Ah, you're awake!"

"Good to see that you're fine!"

"It's good that you made it through alive. It's really a miracle…"

"We're good! Hey, where are the others?"

"They're out there having their own free time. The 3 Space Pirates left shortly after they returned, saying that they have completed their mission and are going to look for more jobs."

"Good to hear that everyone is safe…"

Then at this moment, the rest of the Smashers come in. "Hey! You're awake!" says Marth.

"I'm glad that you're all right!" says Pichu.

"You really had us worried," says Pikachu.

"Mr. Falcon! You're awake!" says Pit gladly.

"I would've wakened up earlier if I were you!" says Wario.

"Are you hungry?" asksYoshi. "Let's eat!"

CF turns to Samus. "Hey, you fine?"

"Thank your very much," says Samus. "I'm so glad that I'm still alive. I was about to throw my life away, but you guys came and rescued me. Now I know you all are my true friends. Thank you very much."

"Don't say that!" says Pichu. "Friends should help each other!"

"Right!" says Pikachu.

"Right! Let's eat together!" says Yoshi.

"But what you have done most definitely struck the government greatly," says Otacon. "You are perhaps on the government's blacklist."

"I'm not afraid of them!" says Wario.

"That sounds bad…" says Marth. "Does that mean we will be chased by them for the rest of our lives?"

"Just let them come and see!" says the voice of Master Hand. Everyone turns to the window and sees him outside.

"Hey it's you!" says CF.

"If those government dogs dare lay a hand on you guys, then I will show them the true terror! After all, it was my ancestor that created the Armageddon in the first place, and it caused all these. Therefore I am responsible for your safety."

"Don't say that. We can protect ourselves."

"No, seriously! I have to be responsible for protecting you! I will make sure the government will never lay a hand on my beloved followers!"


Outside, Snake is gathered with the Stray Fox people. "What do you want to tell us, boss?" asks Bluto.

"I want to tell you this," says Snake. "I have seen all that the Smashers have done, and I am glad to meet people like them."

"They sure are great people, right?"

"Yes they are. I am greatly motivated by what they have done and their great bond towards their friend. I wouldn't mind if I die for them either."

"What are you talking about, boss?"

"I am saying that… I want to become part of them from now on!"

"What!" gasp the SF guys. "Does that mean you are leaving us?" Snake nods in head in response. "But boss! What can we do without you? You were the one who brought us together and saved us! You are our hero!"

"I know that, but things have to come to an end at some point."

"We want to stay with you forever, boss!"

"Don't you guys have dreams you want to pursue? You can't reach your dream if you always stick to someone else. We must go separate paths and reach our dreams!"

"I want to be a champion wrestler!" says Bluto.

"I want to open a bar!" says a SF guy.

"I want to become a blacksmith!" says another guy.

"I wanna become an antique dealer!" says another guy.

"See? You all have dreams! Even I have dreams! I want to support the Smashers for all my life! I want to be with them throughout my life!" The SF people cry out loud and they all run over to embrace him.

"Boss! We'll miss you! We'll miss you!"

"And from now on," says Snake loudly while weeping tears. "STRAY FOX IS DISBANDED!"


The next day, the Smashers, along with their luggage, are at the Final Destination and ready to take off. "So you sure you're coming with us?" MH asks Snake.

"Yes! I want to be a Smasher from now on!" says Snake.

"Then don't forget to pay me back the money that you've stolen!" says Wario. "I will never forget that until you do!"

"Don't worry. I'll make up for it."

"Don't think I can trust you so easily," says CF.

"You're trust me eventually. Your friends have already!"

"Mr. Snake is a nice guy," says Pit.

"He's not bad!" says Pichu.

"Whatever…" says CF while shaking his head.

Mario turns to Meta-Knight and asks him, "You're not-a coming with us?"

"I don't feel like I am ready to meet Kirby yet," says Meta-Knight. "After seeing you fight, I feel that I still have a lot to catch up on. Furthermore, I still have to work here."

"You are free to go wherever you like now," says Otacon. "Otaku Weapon Center is not the same like before anymore. The 5 Elite are no more already."

"But we're still here!" say Popeye and Cid.

"Thank you, Mr. Otaconm," says Meta-Knight. "But please let me decide by myself. If I want to leave, I would rather return to my homeland first and train myself to be a true warrior."

"Well, then let's-a hope we meet-a again," says Mario.

"Okay, it's a promise. We will meet again after I have become a great warrior."

"Okay everyone, the plane is taking off!" says Crazy Hand. "Let's go!"

The Smashers and Snake board onto the FD and the platform begins to fly into the air, and they all wave good-bye to those down there. The Stray Fox people show up and wave good-bye to Snake while crying sadly, "BOSS! WE'LL MISS YOU! PROMISE US THAT YOU'LL COME BACK AGAIN!"

Snake also begins to cry sadly, and he shouts to them, "I WILL! NOW STOP BEING A CRYBABY! I AM NOT CRYING! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

"He's quite sensitive, you know…" says Pichu.

"Good-bye! Hope you a safe trip home!" say the others as they wave good-bye to the Smashers.

"Good-bye! See you again!"






Smash Mansion, Onett…

"Wow… That sure is wild adventure you had there," says Luigi.

"Yeah, and eet's also surprising that we made eet back alive," says Mario.

"Please do not get yourself into such business again, Mario," says Peach.

Bowser turns to Samus, who is sitting on the sofa. "And speaking of this, I never knew Samus had such a complicated past."

"She never told us this too," says Dr. Mario.

"But in da end, she is willing to live on," says Mario.

"And the new guy who returned with you…" says Peach. "He seems to be getting along well with Fox."

Sure enough, Fox and Snake are having their time talking over machines and various stuffs related to mechs.

"He's a bit rough sometimes," says Dr. Mario. "But he's also very helpful too."

"But Falcon just can't seem to trust him," adds Luigi.

"Snake is actually growing on me!" says Bowser.

"Hey Ness! I fixed your rocket skateboard!" says Snake.

"Oh great! Thank you a lot, Snake!" says Ness as he happily takes his skateboard from him and then goes outside to play. Shortly after Ness zoomed off, a crashing sound is heard.


"I guess I know what happened…" says Snake.

"We have breaking news," says the news reporter on the TV.

"I wonder what big thing there is?" wonders Samus.

"In the highest authority jail, several prisoners have escaped! The escaped prisoners are Dr. Wily, Mr. 4, Ms. Merry Christmas, Ms. Doublefinger, Mr. 5, and Ms. Valentine! Supposedly, they were all once subordinate of the Darkling King from the Darkling incident several months ago."

"Whoa… These guys escaped…" says Roy.

"Sounds like bad news…" says Marth.

"But strangely enough," continues the news reporter. "The only prisoners that did not escape are the Crocodile, the former Shichibukai and his henchmen Mr. 1. The reason that Crocodile gave for not escaping is that he is doesn't feel like escaping, and Mr. 1 wants to be on his side and serve him. They did not even fight back when we put them back in jail."

"Glad that he's not out…" says Roy. "He was such a huge pain…"

"You know? I was wondering why the news never said anything about what we did at Alias Lobby?" asks Pikachu.

"I suppose that the government kept it from the public," says CF. "Not even the newspapers said anything about this! Surely they don't want to strike the world with such huge calamity."

"But that's good too," says Pichu. "We have no fear of wanted posters posted everywhere and people coming after us."

"You're right. Well, guess we don't have to worry about anything for now."


Up in the sky…

"The government has been keeping silent…" says MH. "But we cannot get too calm. Surely they won't let them go so easily after all that they have done."

"I'm scared…" says CH.

"But no matter what they try to do, I will not let them succeed! The Armageddon is a huge mistake that we Hand Family created, so we most hold the responsibility of keeping it from the world! No matter what happens, the Armageddon MUST not be found! I am willing to risk my life to protect it also!"

"Bravo! That's my brother!"

"Well, want to go have a drink?"



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