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Blast from the Past

Chapter 1
Dealing with the loss

Rose stood there motionless as the reality of what happened sank in. She had lost him. Lost her Doctor. Her Time Lord. Her love of her life. How on Earth was she going to get over such a huge loss? As the bitter wind sliced across as moist cheeks she felt hollow, empty and useless. That was something which the Doctor gave to her, he gave her purpose. A reason to get up everyday from the comfort of her room in the TARDIS, to go and boldly explore alongside him. She considered what she had as a gift and a blessing. Just being able to spend a day with him was more than what she thought she deserved.

As her mother comforted her and helped her, they left the deadly silent beach of Norway and were on their way back to the Powell Estate, back home.

Rose cringed at the thought of the tiny flat compared to the open space of the TARDIS. Even though her mother, father and Mickey thought she had settled in. Father. It still felt strange to her to say that word, almost surreal. And there again was another thing to thank the Doctor for, giving her a father, though possessively her rightful father was dead, she let in this Peter Tyler as if he was no different. And according to her mother he was not that different to how she remembered him, and of course how she remembered him. Memories of the Doctor and there early adventures flooded there way into her mind and almost relieved her.

As they drove across the bumpy road Mickey placed an arm round her shoulder and he leant in towards her whispering, "If you need a shoulder to cry on I'm here for you."

Rose flinched a little and felt like hurting him. In fact she felt like slapping him there and then, but she realised how unfair she had been to him, and how wrong she was in that small instant to judge him and assume he was trying to replace the Doctor. She mentally hit herself. You don't even deserve Mickey, what on Earth did the Doctor see in you?

The answer to that of course was love. She knew that he loved her, even if he didn't say it she knew it, and so did everyone else there present at that moment in time, in which he was about to declare his love for her. Declare that he would have burned hundreds of stars if it meant one more second with her. That was until time ran out. It was probably just that one thought that pained her the most, the cruel irony. A Time Lord defeated by the very essence and meaning to his life, time.

Finally they arrived home, Rose had decided to crash out of the sofa as Peter and Jackie said goodbye to Mickey.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay here over night? It's been a long and difficult day for all of us. And anyway I'm sure you could keep Rose company, she needs all the support she can get." Jackie said, in a low and emotionless voice. She felt like she was going to fall apart, but if by putting on a brave face and a smile she could increase the chances of Rose getting better then she'd walk to the end of the Earth to do so.

Mickey replied quietly and thoughtfully, "No, thanks Jackie, and I think this is something Rose needs to get over in her own time. Sure I'll be there to comfort her when she needs someone, but all in all I think that it is safe to safe that Rose is getting better, even if progress is slow. I mean look Jackie, she has a job, a job for goodness sake! And believe me for her to be able to stoop back down to this level of a 'life' is incredible. That girl is a picture of maturity and boldness. You should be very, very proud parents."

Pete who had been extremely quiet nodded slowly and said, "I couldn't have asked any more from that child, in fact I sometimes feel like I don't even deserve you lot. I was so cold to Rose the last time I saw her, and sometimes I wonder now will she blame me from taking her away from the man she loved so dearly…"

Jackie stepped in and replied so fast it almost frightened the two men beside her, "Don't you even dare to say that Pete Tyler!"

Jackie was hushed down by both of them and they all decided it was time to stop now and just sleep. Mickey left and headed back towards his flat and Jackie and Pete headed to bed, leaving Rose be.

Rose however was awake and heard everything at the door. Tears began to sting at the back of her eyes as she felt so miserable and yet so loved in one go. It was almost painful. She was so grateful that she wasn't on her own. And she knew from then on she would not let them down by curling up and watch the world fly by as she mourned her dear loss. She wouldn't disappoint her family, and she wouldn't disappoint her Doctor.

Have a fantastic life Rose!

Even now when he was millions of light-years away from her, his words soothed and echoed through out her mind and a slight smile crept to the corner of her lips. He gave her something no other man could, he gave her hope, love, and will all in that one sentence.

"I wont disappoint you Doctor, I will miss you but I wont disappoint you" she whispered into the dark and silent night as she reached for a cover conveniently placed by her side and snuggled into a large pillow and let the ever tempting force of slumber overcome her.

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