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The Triforce United

A Prologue

It was night, and a storm was raging. Link stood on a vast plain that could only be Hyrule Field, facing the tumbled wreck of Hyrule Castle. Link frowned. That wasn't right. The remains of the Hylian people, under the direction of Queen Zelda, had begun reconstruction of the Hylian Palace and castle town after Ganon's castle was destroyed. It was four years since the fall of Ganondorf, and Hyrule was nursing its wounds, recovering, and rebuilding the glorious kingdom that once existed, with the help of Zelda and Link. So why was the castle a wreck again, with stormy clouds hanging over it?

As Link stood puzzling, it occurred to him that this could be a dream. That possibility made more sense than anything else, so Link decided to simply wait. The Hero of Time was prone to foreboding nightmares. If there was a message to this, it would reveal itself to him eventually. If not, then Link supposed he'd wake up soon.

Lightning flashed across the dark, cloudy sky, and still nothing happened. Link was beginning to feel uneasy. The ominous feeling hanging over this dream was hard to ignore. Usually such an ominous feeling meant something bad was going to happen soon. Link remembered the first time he'd felt it, when having nightmares as a young boy. In his nightmares, he'd seen Impa sprinting a young Zelda from the castle, Ganondorf in pursuit. Just a few months later, the dream had come true, Link had been imprisoned in the Temple of Time, and fall of Hyrule had begun.

Link thought he ought to complain to whoever gave such dreams about the unclear messages of them. When at last his nerves were stretched to the last point, his body and mind screaming at him to do something, he heard the sound of soft footsteps behind him.

The Hero of Time whirled, groping for a sword that wasn't there. Before him stood a short, thin young man about his age, clad in blue Sheikah's garments. Wrappings partially covered his golden hair, the color slightly lighter than Link's own hair. Red eyes glittered over a makeshift mask.

Link frowned. He knew this young man well, who wasn't a man at all.

"Sheik?" he demanded. He further frowned, correcting himself mentally. His...no, her name was not Sheik, it was Zelda. Wasn't it?

Link felt very confused. He looked up and met the stranger's calm eyes, and was even more confused. "Who are you?" he demanded at last. "Are you Zelda, or not?"

Sheik ignored the question. "The currents in the river of time are changing." He met Link's eyes. "Can't you feel it?"

Link frowned. The words sounded like Sheik's. In the time before the fall of Ganondorf, when Link had traveled from temple to temple, Sheik had appeared every now and then to say such words and teach him a song. He's worse than a dream, in that way, Link thought wryly.

But the voice was wrong. It was definitely a female voice, but it was not Zelda's. How can that be? Link puzzled. Zelda is Sheik.

"There is another role that you are destined to play," Sheik continued. "Zelda has a role in these future events as well, an important one. You must keep her safe, Hero of Time."

"What's happening?" Link demanded. "Can't you give me something a bit more clear?"

"I cannot," Sheik told him calmly.

Link scowled. "Then at least tell me whether or not these future 'changes' of yours are good or bad," he said.

Sheik regarded him silently for a long moment. Finally he pointed to Link's right hand. Link glanced down; he held the Master Sword. The dark blade hummed as if ready for battle.

"You will need that sword," Sheik told him. "Carry it wherever you go." He began walking away backwards, his eyes never leaving Link's.

"Wait a minute," Link cried. He wanted to run after the Sheikah, but his feet seemed stuck to the ground.

Sheik shook his head. "There is no time. Heed what I have told you." He waved a hand, his voice sounding distant now. "Time to wake up."