I trust Jesus in the morn'!

I trust Him in the night!

I trust Jesus with all my heart!

I trust Him with all my might!

For this trust I will live!

For this trust I will fight!

For this trust I will die!

For this trust I know is right!

May He make my journey quick!

May He make my pathway bright!

May He make my troubles small!

May He make my burdens light!

In the end, my feet do slow!

In the end, my worry's slight!

In the end, my soul does rest!

In the end, my life's a sight!

For my trust, I sleep in peace!

For my trust, I dodge His smite!

For my trust, I jump with glee!

For my trust, I am white!

Jesus Christ! What a Friend!

Jesus Christ! What a Knight!

Jesus Christ! Such rejoice!

Jesus Christ! Such delight!