This story is your stock cliche fic about Susan and her family dealing with the aftermath of Rabadash and his so-called courtship of the gentle queen. It's fluffy and light and silly, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

The usual disclaimers apply: I own nothing and make less. Book and movie based.


Chapter the First: Marriage, War, and Duty

"Peter! Pete-ah! There you are! Have you seen Corin?"

"Don't tell me you lost him again, Ed."

"Again? That was Cor last time. Susan! Has Corin passed this way?"

Passing the door to the throne room, the dark-haired queen paused, astonished at the slovenly state of both of Narnia's kings. Peter, dressed comfortably in old, worn hunting clothes that at best should have been burned years ago, at least had the excuse of nursing injuries from his battle with the Giants. Edmund looked and smelled as if he'd been polishing his armor, which, in fact, he had. Neither was fit for any type of royal duties, of that she was certain.

"I haven't seen him, Edmund, but Aravis did mention meeting both princes to go for a ride. She so loves the forests," Susan answered, entering the room but keeping her distance from her younger brother. He smelt of grease and he was covered by grit and with an appointment with the Terebinthian ambassadors in an hour, she wanted neither on her gown.

Edmund snorted, aggravated. "Well, if he thinks I won't take strips out of him for leaving his weapons to rust he's got a lot to learn, the naught little rapscallion."

"Rapscallion?" echoed Peter, delighting in the colorful word and his brother's show of temper. "Susan, didn't we have one of those for supper yesterday?"

Edmund cast his brother a sour look. He brightened as an idea occurred. "I'll send the Ravenwolf brothers after the pair of them."

"What has Cor done, then?" exclaimed Susan.

"Oh," smiled Edmund wickedly, "he's going to learn right along with his brother. We didn't run off until our mounts and armorments were properly cared for, remember, Peter?"

"We didn't run off only because Oreius can run faster than we could ever hope to," Peter pointed out. "We had no escape."

Edmund waved his hand, dismissing the argument. "The reasons had no bearing on the outcome. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to roust Arthur and Kevin to fetch our dear neighbors."

They watched him stalk off, barely able to keep from laughing until he was out of sight. Peter held his aching ribs.

"Rapscallion?" Susan wondered, envisioning three unsuspecting teenagers being waylaid by some very polite and mannerly black wolves that would not take 'no' for an answer. She walked slowly with her brother as he moved towards the dais. "Has he been to Parliament again?"

"It certainly sounds it. Su?" Peter asked softly, trying not to draw the attention of any of the servants. "Sit with me?"

The throne room was empty save for themselves and Queen Susan gladly sat down close beside her brother on the dais steps. Bruised, stiff, his injured leg still splinted and his cracked ribs making breathing a challenge, Peter nonetheless smiled at her, grateful just to see her safe and free.

"Are you all right?" he pressed.

She nodded, clasping her hands around her knees.

"Was Rabadash very horrible?"

"He was spoilt," Susan replied. "And horrible. Calormen...if there was kindness or grace of any sort in that land they hid it well. The palaces and temples and gardens were very beautiful and lavish, but just beyond the wall children were starving and the people were terribly unhappy and unkind. What laughter I heard was mostly cruel and Rabadash wanted to lock away all his beautiful things, not share them."

"He and I have one thing in common, then," Peter replied. "I wouldn't share my sister with him, either, the little prig," he added under his breath.

She blushed, pleased by his defensiveness.

"Would you tell me something, though?" he continued, looking at her a little anxiously. There was something in his expression that gave her pause.

"Of course."

"Why do you think you need to sacrifice yourself for Narnia?"

"Sacrifice myself? Whatever do you mean?"

"Well, if not yourself, then your happiness?"

"Peter, we need these treaties."

He shook his head. "Your happiness is too dear a price for any treaty or allegiance or pact we might gain. I don't expect Ed or Lucy to marry for convenience. I honestly don't think I could do it myself. Why do you feel you need to do this? Nobody expects this of you but you yourself."

"I want what's best for Narnia. I want to keep our kingdom safe. It's my duty." She couldn't help but feel a little hurt and offended that her efforts would be questioned, even if this latest endeavor had caused a war. It wasn't in her nature to defend Narnia with sword and steel like the rest of her siblings and so she fought with the weapons she had been given: her mind, her beauty, and her status.

"What's best for Narnia is for her queen to be content. Ed and I will keep the kingdom safe. Truly, Susan, we need you here. Not just Lucy, Ed, and I; our subjects adore you. Have any of the places and people you've seen compare to Narnia? Could you ever really be happy elsewhere?"

She pursed her lips, but had to admit, "I don't think I could."

"Here you're a queen by your own right and in your own name. I find it wonderful and natural that females stand beside males in all things here. Not even Archenland holds genders in such equal esteem. Could you ever ally yourself to a man that saw you as less than his peer?"

He was getting close to an argument she had held with herself many times. She hadn't imagined anyone else close to her had come to similar conclusions. In truth, she would have thought Edmund would be the one to come up with such an argument. "Peter, I have to marry someone!"

"Do you? Then all I ask is that you marry for love, sister. If you want to do what's best for Narnia, then do what makes you happiest."

Never had she considered that giving her hand in marriage could have a negative impact on their kingdom. She ducked her head, tears brimming in her eyes. "Peter..."

He smiled, reaching over to wipe the tears from her cheeks with a gentle touch.

"I didn't get a chance to speak before this wretched business with the Giants, but I thought you were looking rather blue before the Calormen issue arose. I thought you might be trying to get far away from something and so I waited. I was wrong not to speak then, but I'm not very good at this sort of thing. Not yet, anyway," he amended. "Don't answer if you feel I'm prying, but is there any fellow here in Narnia you fancy?" He stumbled on, seemingly unable to silence himself. "If you got betrothed it would certainly dampen a lot of foreign spirits and probably spark a few protests, but it would be an end to these issues and we could have our port back until they notice Lucy."

She smiled at his discomfort with the subject. "Yes," she finally whispered, glad to admit it out loud. "Yes, there is someone. Someone I have always admired in so many ways."

Peter blinked, looking amazed that his clumsy tactics produced any results, let alone positive ones. But then, Susan had been bursting to get this off her chest for ages.

"Well...good!" he finally said, curious and concerned and surprised. She somehow had the impression that he was on the defensive again and maybe, just maybe, a little jealous that anyone outside her immediate circle of siblings could command her affections. Well, he had asked and she had answered so he could hardly argue, not even with himself. He did look thoughtful, though, and Susan knew what he was thinking: Who in this world was worthy of his sister? Let him wonder, she decided. It would keep him busy.

"Peter...he's not human." She shook her head as she broke this bit of news.

He gaped at her, astonished and incredulous that she felt the need to say this. Save for a tiny handful of visitors and a dozen nobles on loan from the Lone Islands and the Seven Isles, the Pevensies were the only humans in Narnia. "For which I am infinitely grateful," he finally managed.

Susan sat back, her mouth a perfect 'o.' "What? Oh!" She punched his in the arm regardless of his many bruises.


"You deserve it!" she replied, trying to sound angry and failing utterly.

He chuckled, rubbing his arm. "And you deserve every happiness, Su. Don't forget your history – the earliest kings and queens of Narnia were all part Narnian themselves after King Frank and Queen Helen's children. What does he say, this fellow?"

"He...I'm his queen, Peter. He hasn't said anything. I'm sure he feels he can't."

"Would he? I mean if you weren't queen?"

Her expression was distant and full of hope. "I...I think so."

"Then I guess it's your move. But please, Su, for this chap's sanity and mine, tell him. Or ask him. Or tell him to ask you. Just let him know. It's only fair."

"You're right. I will. I promise."

"Good. Do it soon." He squeezed her hand. "I'm glad we talked."

"So am I. And I'm so glad you're my brother."

"Help me up, will you? This leg is stiff."

She braced herself and pulled him up by the arm. He grimaced in discomfort until he was upright again. "You should take come cordial."

"Only if we're invaded tomorrow. Otherwise how would I escape the Terebinthian ambassador?"

She snorted, finally on to them. "Edmund has Corin and you have your leg."

His blue eyes glowed with delight. "I can be your excuse if you like."

"Strange as it may seem, my dear, magnificent brother and High King over all Kings of Narnia, not all of us prefer fighting with swords."

"Very strange. I leave them to your tender mercies. Call if you need help. Lucy's not up to anything. I'm sure she'll be happy to give you a hand."

Her smirk turned into a smile as she walked with him. "Peter?"

He looked over at her expectantly.

"Thank you," she said, and kissed him on the cheek.