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The sun sank leaving the original survivors of Oceanic flight 815 in complete darkness. The atmosphere was eerie and chilly, not just from the absence of the sun but because the 'others', they were coming back. Whether it was about revenge or power, they were coming for the captives which gave them a new hope.

"It's been three days Jack. From what Juliet has told us they should be here by now." Sayid stated. Worry was written across his features.

"They'll be here" Eyes scanning the clearing."How can you be so sure?"

"Because these people don't give up easily"

"Jack what actually happened? When you were...?

"Nothing. They played a few mind games, messed with our heads" He said sternly. Running his hand over his head in frustration.

Sayid just nodded clearly understanding that Jack didn't want questioning about his experiences.

The fear seemed to drain away from the atmosphere as soon as he felt the reassuring touch of Kate's hand on his back. He turned to meet her loving gaze. His heart almost sank.

"Kate. I want you to stay with Claire and Aaron. Don't come out of the caves." He said firmly, turning to her as Sayid walked off.

Kate bit down hard on her tongue trying to fight the words forming that she wasn't going to just stand by. She already new that she was never one to take orders. But she had learned that mistake only a few weeks ago when she had followed them into the jungle. She had never taken his word then but she'd be damned if she didn't follow her lovers order now, if only for his sake.
He took her hands in his calloused ones, rubbing smooth comforting circles in her palm.

"Stay in my sight okay." She silently nodded moving her head to its rightful place, resting on his right shoulder, breathing in his scent. He let go of her small hands and before she had a chance to protest at the lack of contact he moved his muscular arms around her waist, closing his eyes as if to remember how this felt in case he forgot anytime soon.

After a few moments of enjoying the comforting embrace she began trailing soft kisses up his neck, behind his ear, across his chin before retracing their trail back to his neck. It wasn't rushed or panicked, like they were running out of time to his surprise. He just let her, enjoying the feel of her lips against his skin. After a few minutes he began returning them, leaning down slightly as she angled her head in order to give him better access to her waiting skin. His kisses, unlike hers were rough and so strong she was sure he had left an indent on her skin. She moaned softly as he found a particularly sensitive spot which only spurred him on even more, determined to find a way to make her moan again. She could feel him smiling against her skin in pride for making her moan like that and she suddenly had an overwhelming desire to hear him do the same but….

"Jack!" They looked up, frustration from the moment being ruined soon turned to dread. As they saw three young men dressed in the familiar dirty clothes approach from behind Sayid and Charlie. That was when chaos erupted and Jack's worse nightmare came to life. As he watched in horror as Kate was knocked unconsciousness, but before he had a chance to act on basic instinct, he too was losing grip with the world surround him as he followed her into darkness.

Kate woke up on what appeared to be a…. ping pong table?. Surrounded by used syringes and needless that lay haphazardly across the table. In a haze she attempted to lift her head, but the blurry vision made her head crash back down hard against the surface of the table. She felt completely zoned out and well…numb. Was she in the hatch? Hadn't she heard Sawyer say it no longer existed? A sudden dawning appeared and she realized they must have been captured by the others. Jack?

"Jack?" She called out. Her voice hoarse from god knows what experiments had been carried out on her. She felt a tingle of pain shoot through her arm and winced calling out for Jack, once more. She was greeted with silence. In a desperate attempt to sit up she grabbed a nearby bookshelf and pulled herself up causing a metal tray that was resting on the top to fall noisily to the floor. It appeared that she was indeed alone in the hatch. That or she was imagining it all. Everything was in its correct place. The couch. The room where they had kept Henry prisoner….she shivered at the thought. Finally turning she let the fear was over her as she saw the exits were blocked by a metal barrier stopping any hope of escape. She was distracted as she heard a burst of water erupt from the direction of the bathroom. The light casting shadows under the door as the steam rose from the water.

Pushing against the door with the remaining strength she had, to her horror, she was met with Juliet fussing worriedly over Jack. Jack was sitting half unconscious on the floor, leaning against the wall as the water trickled down his naked chest.

"Jack! What happened!" Shock and fear etched in her features. If she wasn't awake before she defiantly was now.

"I don't know. I found him in here, passed out. I woke up on the couch and….His scars have reopened. " Juliet explained, trying to reign in her emotions as tears trailed down her pale face and she brushed a stray blonde curl out of her eyes.

"Can you get some gauze, alcohol and hand me that towel." Kate asked hurriedly motioning to the rack. When a few seconds later she found that Juliet was still standing behind her after only fetching her the nearby towel she nearly blew up.

"Juliet! Do you want him to live?." She shouted much like when Jack had shouted at her for staring at Sawyer's injury in pure shock.

"Right. I'm on it" She answered in frenzy, snapping back into action.

Kate wet the towel and placed it on Jack's head whispering words of comfort in attempt to bring him back to the present.

"Kate?" He asked weakly. Against the pouring water she almost didn't hear him.

"Yeah. It's me. I'm here. It's going to be okay. You've got a fever. Listen honey I need you to move forward. Your wounds have opened again." He grunted as a response and hissed in pain as he felt her reposition herself much in the same position as when she had before when she had only just found out the truth about his aching wounds from being in the hands of the others. They were now both soaking wet when Juliet re-entered the bathroom, supplies in hand. Kate wasn't tired enough to not catch the quick glimpse of despair as she saw the very intimate position that she and Jack were now in.

"Do you need anything else, Do you want me too…." Juliet stuttered nervously as she handed Kate the supplies.

"I can take it from here. Thanks." She tried her best to keep the coldness out of her voice but it hadn't worked as she caught a quick almost upset look from Juliet as she exited the room quickly. The truth was she was so tired and exhausted from whatever the others had given her that she didn't care. All she cared was that Jack was safe and that they were together.

Once she had stitched his wounds up and he had gained back some of his strength. Together with what little energy they still had they stumbled, clutching each other, making their way into the bedroom where Sawyer was passed out snoring loudly on the bottom bunk. Kate sighed in frustration, knowing that their was no way either herself or Jack in the state they were in were going to be able to climb up to the top bunk. Swaying slightly they moved through the hatch towards the direction of the couch and once there they collapsed in a heap. Kate grunted slightly as Jack landed on her, basically pinning her to the couch. It seemed he was already asleep and unaware of this. She really didn't want to disturb him knowing full well he would be in more pain if he was conscious. She pushed him slightly to the side, giving her some room to breath and pulled the throw off the back of the couch and wrapped it around both of them completely unaware of Juliet's watchful stare from the kitchen.

Jack moaned as Kate hugged him tightly with her legs that were around his waist. He pushed inside her again and watched as she bit her lip and suddenly her body arched and he felt her clench him within her and she came hard crying out his name. Jack stilled his body so he could watch her release. Her body shook as he held her closely and she let out moans that made Jack nearly come right then and there. He wanted to wait though, so he could enjoy watching her satisfaction. Jack didn't think she was ever going to come down as her body still writhed beneath him and her gasps and moans were drawn out and almost tortured. She eventually stilled and tried to catch her breath as she sank back onto the bed. Jack watched her lovingly and gently brushed her hair out of her eyes and smiled as her eyes fluttered open and settled on him.

"Mmm" she moaned and stretched up to kiss him sloppily. Jack returned the kiss hungrily and Kate pulled him down on top of her fully. Jack tried to not squish her but Kate was insistent on having his body pressed all the way against her. She shifted and felt him still very much hard within her. She looked at him and spoke breathlessly.

"Jack you need to come" she pleaded and rocked her hips against him. Jack moaned and soon his body took over and he resumed his solid thrusts. After a few minutes he came hard and fast filling her completely as he released into her with a pleasured groan. Kate rubbed his back and shoulders with one hand while stroking his hair with the other as his body shuddered. When he was finally spent he leaned up and pressed his mouth against hers and she kissed him back eagerly.

Jack woke up to find himself lying on the couch with Kate sprawled on top of him. His chest hurt and he remembered Juliet saying his wounds had reopened. He sighed as his dream overwhelmed him; he remembered making love to Kate so vividly that he could swear he could feel how she wrapped around him. He looked at her and kissed her forehead gently and realized that he was very hard and he needed to move her off of him before it got to uncomfortable. He tried to shift her over him so he could settle her on the couch but Kate didn't seem very cooperative. As soon as she was fully on top of him she woke and looked at him sleepily.

"Hi sweetheart" he said kissing her cheek gently. Kate shifted and let out a small gasp of pleasure when she felt his hardness pressed against her intimately. She sat up so she wasn't leaning on his sore chest and her hips rocked instinctively as they were pressed sensually against each other. If there were no clothes between them Jack would surely be embedded deeply within in.

Jack moaned as she rocked her hips and he stroked her hair.

"I remember making love to you" he said softly and Kate stilled and her eyes filled with hopeful tears.

"Really?" she asked her voice wavering and when Jack nodded. Kate lowered herself gently back on him to kiss him hungrily. They both moaned as their tongues intertwined tasting one another. Kate pressed herself against his pelvis again and she pulled away from the kiss and Jack looked up to see her eyes passion filled. "Want you now" she said and she tore off her shirt and went to carefully unbutton his shirt. Jack let his hands gently move their way up and down her side and he sat up slightly so she could get his shirt off. She sat up and quickly kicked off her pants and panties. Jack undid her bra and slipped it off. Kate tore at his jeans and Jack sat up and kissed her neck sucking and nibbling the sensitive skin. She moaned as she tried to concentrate on getting his pants off. She pulled his jeans and boxers down past his thighs but her patience was slipping and she didn't bother pulling them all the way off when she lowered herself on him and he pushed all the way up inside of her.

"Jesus" Jack bit out as she sank down all the way taking him all the way.

Kate smiled wickedly. "I couldn't wait I need you so bad." She gasped as she started to ride him with his hands guiding her hips. Jack let his hands move all over her touching every part of her skin. Kate sped up her motions and started to let out little whimpers that seemed to come from the back of her throat. She leaned over him placing her hands on either side of his head and stared into his eyes.

"God Kate you feel so perfect" Jack groaned and he thrust up inside her deeper and she cried out. Jack knew his chest would probably not appreciate the motion but he didn't care and he managed to move Kate onto her back with him on top. Jack gripped her thighs and began to hammer into her and Kate screamed his name. He felt her begin to tense and she started to writhe beneath him.

"Oh god, oh god" she cried out and suddenly she came hard and her words became inaudible as her orgasm wracked her body. Jack couldn't hold out much longer and followed her coming hard and filling her with his release. They both moaned loudly as they tried to regain their breath and Jack sank onto Kate who held him tightly.

Jack buried his face into her neck and nibbled on her lightly and Kate giggled as his stubble tickled her. He sat up and their eyes met and words weren't needed as they kissed lovingly and deeply. Nothing mattered but them, they had completely lost themselves in oblivion.

Sawyer was leaning against the bunk bed; disgust and shock written on his face. All the happiness he felt for the pair for finally getting together over the past two months and gone straight away as soon as he heard the loud moans and screams that had echoed through the walls of the hatch and disturbed his sleep.

"Well, isn't this just damn swell? Freckles and Jacko are going at it like rabbits while I'm stuck in here with…."

His eyes fell upon Juliet who was sat on the chair in the corner, legs drawn up to her chest. She looked devastated and hurt. Sawyer, unbelievably to himself, felt sorry for her.

"You okay?" He asked gruffly. Trying to hide any emotion that might escape in his voice.

"I've been better"

He nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, well as soon as Jacko gets his priorities right were getting out of here. I ain't waiting around to become the next lab rat with chains attached to him, unless he's getting laid."

She laughed softly wiping her tears away, amused and sensing that he was looking for a reaction like that to lighten the mood in the room. They remained in there for hours, leaving the couple on the couch in the other room to get lost and entangled together. Kissing and holding each other as if thread no longer loomed in the space that surrounded them.

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