Harry Potter and the Seven Split Soul
Krystal Lily Potter
Epilogue: Once in Every Lifetime

I lied, there's going to be one author's note. I'm just wondering WHY almost everyone assumed that the last chapter was the end, when I clearly said that I had 34 chapters?

It's time to move out of the darkness
Use what you feel inside
Your faith alone will guide you
Feel the turning tide

Her dark curly hair flew around her as a car drove by quickly. Her eyes looked around, unsure of where she was supposed to be going. She carefully avoided a puddle on the ground and turned around, waiting for the rest of her family to show up. Patience was never her strongest attribute, something that she had inherited from her father.

A small smile graced her young face. Her mother would always complain about how she was too much like her father for her own good, but it wasn't spiteful complaining, it was more affectionate teasing than anything.

She took a few steps towards the place her father had described when laughter reached her ears. A grin appeared on her face as she looked over her shoulder to see a small boy with curly raven black hair running towards her.

"What did you do now?" the girl asked with amusement as the boy smiled at her with his ever cheeky smile.

"Sirius James Potter!" their mother's voice echoed over to them a moment before she appeared around the corner with an annoyed look on her face. "How many times do I have to tell you not to turn people's hair pink, espeically when they're muggles! And how many times have i told not not to run off?"

"Sorry mommy," the seven-year-old said with as his wide, bright brown eyes widened innocently.

"You're too much like your namesake," their mother said with a sigh as she scooped the small boy up into her arms and placed a kissed on his cheek.

The boys face went bright red as he hastily wiped away his mother's 'cooties' with a disgusted look on his face. The girl laughed at his antics.

"Are you ready?" her mother asked her.

"Well it would be bad if I missed the train," the girl said. "Where are dad and Daniel?"

"Coming with the owl you forgot," another young voice said. She smiled at her brother, Daniel Harry Potter, who gave her an annoyed look with his glasses-framed emerald green eyes.

"I knew you'd bring her," she said innocently before turning to her father. "Can we go onto the platform now daddy? Please? I don't want to miss the train."

Harry Potter sighed at his only daughter before saying, "Well I don't know, maybe I should just drop you off at Hogwarts when I go later."

"Daddy!" she said with big, emerald puppy dog eyes.

"Hermione," he said to his wife. "I told you not to teach her that look, now I'm helpless against her!"

Hermione Potter smiled at him and said, "You can't deny us Potter women anything anyway honey, so I don't see why it matters."

Harry grinned at her before nudging his daughter, "Are you ready Harmony?"

Harmony Lily Potter's eyes widened and a smile that matched her father's appeared on her face, "I can't wait! I get to meet Nearly Headless Nick! And eat in the Great Hall! Do you think I can try out for the Quidditch team if they need a seeker? Or can I meet a troll—"

Hermione gave Harry a mock glare as she took one of her sons in each hand as they walked into Platforms 9¾ for the first time in a very long time.

It's in your heart it's in your soul
Don't be scared…keep believing
I know you know…deep inside
That your time has come

Harry walked beside his daughter, making sure that Harmony never got separated from him as he looked around. It had been a long time since he had entered the platform, but it felt like yesterday that he had first entered it, in awe at the scarlet steam engine.

Harmony had a look of awe on her face that perfectly resembled the one that he had had, as she stared at the different people, so many of them dressed in different ways. There were nervous looking younger children, excited older children, anxious seventh years and everyone else in between.

"There they are," Hermione said suddenly. Harry followed her gaze and a large smile appeared on his face.

"Ron!" he yelled out, causing the red haired man to turn around.

The second he realized who was calling his name a large smile appeared on his face as he said, "Harry mate! I was beginning to think you'd never show up!"

"You know us Potters, we like to be fashionably late," Harry joked. "How's RJ doing?"

"Dad," Daniel interrupted. "I wanna go to Hogwarts."

"Next year bud," Harry said while looking down at him.

Daniel folded his arms and glared at his older sister from behind his messy dark brown hair as he said, "I'm smarter then Mi is." Ron let out a deep chuckle at this.

Harmony glared mockingly at her younger brother before pulling him into a hug, "Don't worry, I'll tell you everything. Hey RJ!"

A young red head walked up behind Ron and watched the scene with amusement. Ronald Joseph Weasley stared at Harmony for a moment before saying, "Hi Harmony."

"RJ," his mother said suddenly. "You have a spot on your nose."

His face heated up and he said, "Leave it mom!"

"The spot's going to get bigger," a little blond girl said. "And take over your mind."

RJ stared at her for a moment before saying, "Sola Ginerva Weasley, you really are mental."

"Be nice," Luna Weasley said offhandedly as she came and stood by Ron. "Hello Harry, Hermione." Both of them replied to her with wide smiles.

The woman that was attempting to clean RJ's nose, Lavender Brown, stared up at Luna for a moment before straightening herself and saying, "Hello Luna, everything's going fine with the Quibbler?"

"Oh yes," Luna said with a smile. "But RJ lost control of one of his bludgers and broke one of my printers. It's quite alright though."

"Really now?" Lavender said while looking at her son.

Harry smiled at the interaction between the two women, and how RJ's face turned bright red at his mother's stare.

Once in every lifetime,
If you do believe,
Man can move a mountain
Change the course of history
How far we've come
So far from home

After the war had ended Ron had 'reunited' with Lavender, who wasn't nearly as insufferable as she had been in sixth year, and started a long term relationship with her. That relationship had ended up badly, but luckily their son, RJ Weasley, wasn't introduced to the arguing they had done. After that Ron had started dating, and soon married Luna Lovegood. They had a daughter, who was currently six-years-old, named Sola Ginerva Weasley. Luna had gone on to inherit the Quibbler from her father, and she and Ron both worked for it. Originally Ron was a Keeper for the Chudley Cannons but he had retired from the sport for the mean time.

RJ looked like his father, with fiery red hair, but he had his mother's light hazel eyes. There always seemed to be a smile on his face, and he enjoyed Quidditch as much as his father did. Unlike Ron, he seemed to have fewer problems with jealousy, although he could be 'a right little prat' at times, as the Potter children put it.

Sola Weasley was a different character all together. With her mother's dirty-blond hair and her father's bright blue eyes, she was an adorable little girl through and through. She had taken Luna's interest in odd animals, and enjoyed hearing stories about different creatures from around the world.

The Weasley family seemed to flourish after the fall of Voldemort. The first ones to provide grandchildren was, unsurprisingly, Bill and Fleur Weasley, who now had three children named William, Amara and Audrey. William was in his fourth year at Hogwarts, Amara was in second year, and Audrey was only starting school this year.

1998 had jokingly been dubbed "the Year of the Weasleys" by everyone who knew the family. That year there were four grandchildren born, and Hogwarts definitely hadn't known what hit them when they received all those children. They were all in third year now, and were quite a handful.

That year Fred and George both had children. Fred had surprised everyone, even his twin, when he announced that he was seeing Katie Bell, not Angelina Johnson like everyone thought he was. They had the first girls of the new Weasley generation, and named them Christy and Jennifer. Both had fiery red hair and their personalities were quite similar to Fred's. If that wasn't bad enough, George and his wife Alison also had twins the same year, on the same day to be specific. Unlike his twin, George had sons instead of daughters, and christened them Darren and Jonathan. The four of them, were constantly seen together, causing mischief and mayhem wherever they went. It was just like having the original Weasley twins at Hogwarts, except with double the trouble.

Percy still didn't talk to his family, something that Molly was quite angry about, and everyone had been surprised and confused to hear that Penelope Clearwater had married him, and that they had a son named Bernard who would be attending Hogwarts the next year. When Ron had heard he had spent his night praying that the kid was nothing like Percy, but his mother wasn't much better anyway.

Harry smiled at the large family of red heads. His biological family wasn't big compared to theirs, but he was content with his wife and his three children. The Potter kids were all their own people and none were affected by their father's every-lasting fame.

Harmony looked astonishingly like Hermione, In fact she was a perfect carbon copy of her in looks, aside from the fact that her hair color was raven black and her eyes were emerald green. Although Harmony looked like her mother, her personality reminded everyone strongly of her father's. The young girl absolutely loved Quidditch, and enjoyed playing as a seeker. She wasn't overly intelligent like her mother, but she did well enough on her own, and she had the same problem with danger that Harry did. It seemed to follow her wherever she went. No one was quite sure why, but when Harmony was born she had the oddest birthmark that looked very much like a scar…the same scar that still adorned Harry's forehead to that day. Hidden by her bangs, Harmony too had a lightning bolt scar on her forehead, but one that didn't represent as much pain and suffering as Harry's did.

Daniel, on the other hand, looked like his fathered with dark brown hair. He wasn't nearly as driven by books as Hermione was, but he did enjoy reading and he was very intelligent. Harry would sometimes joke that Daniel should be doing his job, but, of course, the middle Potter proved to be smart enough to know his father was joking. He would sometimes go out and throw a Quaffle around with his siblings, and he was fairly good at it, but he hadn't inherited the Potter interest in Quidditch. Unlike his mother had been, however, he was much more open and social, but that was from growing up with his father as a celebrity and two siblings.

Sirius was the youngest of the Potters. He had his mother's brown eyes and curly hair, but it was the same raven black as his fathers; he also strongly resembled his father, but there was a twinkle of mischief that could have only come from his grandfather. Sirius was a trouble maker, and he always seemed to know things were going to happen before they did. This forced both his parents to believe that, at least in part, he was a seer or some sort. The youngest Potter loved spending time with his namesake, grandpa Padfoot, who in turn gave the adventure seeking boy many ideas for pranks. Sirius also took a liking to his 'uncles' Fred and George.

Harry smiled at the three children as they spoke to each other in rapid voices, before turning his eyes to his two best friends. They had all grown up, but still, as he looked at Ron and Hermione he could see the same people that had been there at the end of the war, standing on either side of him as they watched his parent's house burn.

Trust in yourself you've been chosen
Become your destiny
Lead and they will follow your
Your truth will set you free

He forced those thoughts out of his mind and started looking around the platform, when he saw Draco Malfoy a few train cars down from where they stood. The blond man looked over at him and grinned before turning back to his only son, Xander Malfoy. After he had sided with them Harry and Draco had called a truce, and slowly (very slowly) they became friends, even after years of rivalry, unfortunately Harmony and Xander proved to have the same competitive streak in them that their father's had and they didn't get along very well. Looking over at the woman beside Draco he smiled at Ebony Malfoy, one time known as Ebony Moon. It had been a shock to learn that they had been in a relationship for a very long time, but had kept it hidden. They had married almost right out of school. He went on to repeat his seventh year at school, and surprisingly became an Auror. Ebony started working in the Ministry of Magic in the Magical Creatures Department.

While looking around Harry half expected to see the faces of his childhood friends smiling at him, this proved to be only a wish though. Many of the original members of the DA had died in the final battle, as had many more innocent students and people from the ministry, the Order, Beauxbaton and Durmstrang. None of those people were ever forgotten though, because, every year at the anniversary of Voldemort's defeat, the lake would magically fill with lights, like it had when they had pushed the candles out. No one could explain why, or how this happened, all they knew was that it did. Controlled magic, such as actual spells and wands were slowly becoming obsolete and useless, but many people were still in denial about it.

"You two!" Molly Weasley yelled at the red haired twins who were walking towards the Hogwarts express, breaking Harry out of his thoughts. "Behave and I don't want to hear of any letters this year!"

"Us? Not behaving?"

"Now really, what do you think we are?"

"If you were animagi you'd both probably be baboons," a red haired girl said as she slide up next to them.

"Definitely," an identical girl said as she appeared on the other side of the male twins.

Molly's sharp eyes turned to a younger boy and with a sigh she said, "Ronald, there's a spot on your nose." She reached forward to try and get it off but he batted her hand away.

"You do have a spot on your nose," Sola said suddenly to her other brother. "And I still say it's going to take over your brain."

"Shut it," he growled at her, well aware that he own mother had been poking at it a few moments earlier.

"Ronald Joseph Weasley," Molly growled at him. "Apologies to your sister and don't let me hear such sauce come out of that mouth again or I'll clean it out with soap."

"She will too," Ron said to his son. "She did it to me when I was your age."

The eleven-year-old smiled weakly and said, "Yeah, sorry Sola."

She shrugged and didn't seem to care about his apology. Sola was certainly her mother's daughter.

Harry chuckled at them before turning to the train, which let out a bellowing sound.

"It's time to go guys," Hermione said with a shaky voice as she ushered her daughter towards the entrance. "Now be good, and make sure to write every day and –"

"Dad gave me one of the two way mirrors mum," Harmony said while staring at her mother. "I'll call you every night I can, ok?"

Hermione didn't let her tears fall, but Harry could see them in her eyes as she hugged the young girl tightly.

Harmony faced her father, who smiled at her and said, "You're a Potter, you're going to get in trouble, but don't go looking for it, ok? Don't try to hex Xander, and just do your best."

"I'll definitely pass Defense," she said confidently while looking at him with wide, innocent eyes.

"Oh no, don't think just because you're my kid that I'm going to give you a better mark," Harry said with a laugh. Harry had been the youngest teacher ever to be accepted into Hogwarts, the year after Harmony was born. He taught Defense Against the Dark Arts, and only last year had become the Head of Gryffindor. After Voldemort's death, the curse on the Defense job seemed to vanish.

It's in your heart it's in your soul
Don't be scared…keep believing
I know you know…deep inside
That your time has come

"Fine," she said with a sigh as she climbed in the door. "I'll see you later dad! Bye mum! Sirius, Daniel…stay out of my room!" Suddenly her eyes caught movement down the hall from her and she said, "Hey, there's Wood…I wonder if I can try talking him into letting a first year on the team…"

"You get on that," Harry said with a laugh. Harmony was about to walk down the corridor of the train before they heard a yell.


Turning around Harry saw Sirius Black quickly making his way towards them. He finally reached them and said, "You didn't expect to leave without saying goodbye, did you?"

"Of course not Grandpa Padfoot," she said with a laugh as she moved to the door and threw her arms around his neck. "I'll talk to you through the mirror too."

"You had better, or I'll teach Sirius ways of getting in your room without getting caught," the old man joked with her.

Harmony laughed and turned around when RJ yelled, "Train's going to leave in a minute, we have a compartment here."

"Bye!" she said quickly before turning and walking down the corridor of the train.

"Where's Remus and Tonks?" Harry asked Sirius as he watched his daughter sit in the compartment through the window. She turned to him and waved.

"Oh, with Jason," Sirius said. "He hasn't been feeling very good lately." After Godric's Hallow had been burned, Remus and Tonks went on another hunt, this time for information on Jason Prewett, Sarah's son. Much to everyone's surprise, and delight, they found him after about a year of looking. He was a werewolf, but he was a decent and polite man who had been shocked, and happy to find out about the past. He was often sick though, so he usually didn't come to things like this.

Harry turned to Hermione with a huge smile on his face. He leaned into her and kissed her before staring at her, still smiling. They watched the train as it pulled away and headed towards Hogwarts, bringing the next generation with it.

"What?" she asked him, but not without returning her own loving smile.

"There is a Wood as captain of the Qudditch team, and a Potter who's just as good a seeker as her dad. If that's not enough, there is a Potter, a Weasley and a Malfoy in the same year, plus many more Weasleys. I bet Hogwarts is in for the most interesting year it's had in thirteen years!"

Hermione laughed and said, "Wait until those two start going as well."

Once in every lifetime,
If you do believe,
Man can move a mountain
Change the course of history
How far we've come
So far from home

"Poor McGonagall will be in tears," Harry said with a grin. "And I'll be sitting back at my desk laughing about it. Now boys, before dad goes to work, are you sure that you'll be good for Grandpa Padfoot?"

Daniel and Sirius Potter gave their father innocent green and brown stares respectively. "Of course we'll be good!"

"They're going to give him hell." Hermione muttered.

"I'm sure he'll counting down the minutes until you come to pick them up."

"I'm standing right here," Sirius said with a laugh before saying to the boys. "Who wants ice cream?"

Daniel and Sirius both whooped as they ran over and waited by the entrance to the muggle world. Harry waved to Luna as she took her daughter's hand and left to wait for her husband on the other side.

"Hey guys," Ron said as he came up to them and the three walked together towards the gate to the muggle world. They spoke of many things, mostly of their jobs, their lives, and their children, but no one brought up their past. There was no need to. Despite all of the things that had changed, all the things that had happened to them, some things never changed.

Once in every lifetime,
If you do believe,
Man can move a mountain,
Change the course of history.
How far we've come,
So far from home.

If anyone watched the three walk towards the muggle world together they would have thought one thing, despite being adults with their children gone off to have their own adventures, they were still the same eleven year olds that met twenty years ago on the train to Hogwarts. They were still the oddly tall, temperamental boy, the bushy haired know-it-all, and the boy who wanted to be normal, and not be known for his scar.

The End