I'll Tell Him Tomorrow


Lorelai sighed as she looked down on the positive pregnancy test. How the hell am I supposed to tell anyone about this? She slumped down onto the bathroom floor and held her head in her hands, letting the test fall to the ground. It had just been a month before that she had had drunken, unintentional, unprotected sex with Luke, and now she was pregnant.

She wasn't even sure if Luke remembered what had happened. The night was pretty much a blur to her, too. The only thing she could clearly remember was waking up in Luke's bed, sans clothes, and lying on top of Luke, who was also sans clothes.


Lorelai blinked open her eyes, slowly, as she took in her surroundings. Whoa, definitely not in the house, she thought, as she brought her hand to her pounding head. Her eyes grew wide as she looked beneath her. Definitely not in my bed! she thought, as she gaped at the naked Luke lying beneath her. What the hell happened? Cloudy memories of the night before flooded her brain, and suddenly she felt very overwhelmed. As carefully as she could, she slid herself off of Luke and carefully dressed herself with whatever clothes of hers she could find lying around the apartment in various places. Ever so quietly, she slipped out the door to Luke's apartment and hurried out the back door of the diner, hearing that the early morning patrons had already begun inhabiting the front.

How could we be so stupid? she thought, as she remembered the events a bit more clearly, though not perfectly.

Luke grabbed the bottle of tequila and took a swig, not bothering to pour the shot in the appropriate shot glass. Lorelai then snatched the bottle from his hands and followed his lead.

"So, why do you need this so much?" Luke asked as he watched her head tip back and the clear liquid spill into her mouth.

"Rory left me. She's off at college, and now I'm all alone in a big house with no one there to protect me if a big scary burglar comes in and tries to rob me," she replied, handing the bottle back to him.

"You really think Rory could defend you any better than having no one at all?" he said, taking another shot.

"You know what I mean. I'm just going to miss her, and tonight, I'd like to try and forget the fact that I'm going to miss her so much," she said, as she swiped the bottle from Luke and took another welcomed sip.

Their exchange, of words and liquor, went on for about an hour, until the bottle was only half full. Or half empty? She couldn't remember. Thoughts of Rory leaving for college flooded her brain as she set the bottle back down on the counter and made a promise to herself. Tonight, she was going to make herself feel good, taking whatever measures possible, and starting with the tequila.

The next thing she remembered as she walked towards her now lonely Stars Hollow house was stumbling up the stairs towards Luke's apartment. Luke was plastered to her face, and with both sets of eyes closed, neither of them could make it more than 2 steps without falling.

From there on out, Lorelai couldn't remember anything, except waking up in the apartment… with a bit of a chill running across her bare back. She opened the door to her house, walked in and set her purse on the hall table, looked around, and sighed.

Rory was gone, and she had just had drunken, unintentional, unprotected sex with Luke.


This was short, I know, but it was just the preface, so keep that in mind. The real chapters will be much longer.

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