I Do

This is my first Fanfic so if it sucks don't be afraid to say so. All meaningless fluff 

All characters are TP's

Starry Night

Daine looked up at the stars from her spot underneath the oak tree. It was Midsummer and she had been busy all day. Finally stealing some time for herself, she thought about life.

She smiled when she saw "the Cat", knowing the story behind it. That was one on her favorite stories.

Someone grabbed her from behind. After a second of panic she settled into the strong arms she knew.

Numair rested his chin on the top of her curly head.

"What are you thinking, sweet?" he asked in the musical voice that Daine loved.

"Life," she replied absently.

They stood in silence for a few minutes before Numair turned her around and began to kiss her passionately.

Daine kissed him back. She loved Numair with all her heart.

Something had been bothering her lately. Why was she afraid of marriage? She loved him wasn't that enough?

Finally out of breath they had to pull apart. Daine buried her face in his chest.

"Yes," she mumbled.

Numair pulled her up. Eyes intent on hers.


"Yes," she said again.

Numair laughed and pulled her up into a tight hug, "I love you magelet."

"I love you too Numair."

Alright, I know the endings corny and that it's much too short, but I like a cutesy chapter like that every once and a while.

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