Author's notes: I had to write a "what happens next" sort of thing for English while we had a student teacher. She like loved me for some reason. So much that because this was a few pages long, she gave me an extra credit point on it in addition to the 5 points it was worth (the biggest assignment we ever had was worth twenty points).

I actually wrote this the period before during a lecture. The teacher thought I was taking notes…

I decided that it was enough of a fanfiction vignette to be posted.

Alice sighed as she read the very last sentence of Charlie's progress reports, telling her to put flowers on Algernon's grave in the backyard of the boarding house where he had lived. She flipped back to when Charlie went to she Rose and Norma, his mother and sister. She looked up the address and then walked out of the apartment.

She figured that they needed to be told. Well, Norma did, for it wasn't as if Rose would understand. To her, Charlie had been dead his entire life. But he wasn't- at least not then.

To Alice Kinnian, he was inspiring; full of life whether he was intelligent or not. She still loved him, even then.

She would never forget the day she saw the body, cold and motionless, lying on the carpeted floor of his room. How pale and washed-out he looked against the yellowish-green fiber. It looked as if he was packing to leave to go somewhere, but at the time she didn't know where. And she didn't care; Charlie was gone. He was gone forever.

It wasn't until she noticed the progress reports on the bed that she understood. He died while trying to escape- escape from the disappointment he had in himself. Although not a genius anymore, Charlie knew enough. He was smart enough to blame himself for the failed experiment.

The autopsy showed that Charlie had gone the way of Algernon- all because of that failed surgery performed months before.

Alice blamed herself. Was it her love that had driven him to death? No, the doctors assured her, it hadn't been. Nevertheless, the fact that she had undeniably loved him weighed heavily on her.

Charlie's funeral service was meant to be small, but there were over a hundred people there. It was a wonder they all fit inside the tiny church, Alice thought. She had no idea that so many people had cared for Charles Gordon. Scientists and coworkers spoke of the good times and the bad, but mostly the former. It didn't matter that the latter outnumbered it by years and months. It was a celebration of life.

Alice sat on the subway, on the way to the neighborhood where Charlie grew up. After reading his progress reports, she had a taste of what it must have been like. There was Rose, who was convinced that Charlie was a suffering genius but didn't want the neighbors to be jealous. Just out of spite, she had named her daughter "Norma" because it sounded like the word "normal". Norma, as a child, was a complete spoiled brat. However, Charlie mentioned how sweet she had been when he visited only a few weeks before.

Alice decided to talk directly to Norma. The woman deserved to hear of her brother's death. Alice stepped off of the subway and navigated her way through New York City's underground. To her dismay and relief, the small apartment was right across from where she exited the station.

Alice crossed the street. She took a deep breath, gathered her composure, and sharply knocked on the rose-colored door.

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