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"Where were you?" Ron hissed as Ginny sat down. It was almost time for the banquet to start. "I got worried." Ginny looked over at Sophia, who was sitting across from her. Sophia gave her a threatening sort of smile.

"Just had to powder my nose." Ginny said, giggling. Ron grimaced. They all talked amongst themselves for a little while, and waiters and waitresses went around to all the tables, taking orders for dinner.

"What'll it be?" the witch said tiredly. Ginny figured that the girl was about fifteen or sixteen probably would have rather been doing anything else. She smiled kindly at the girl before ordering. When every one was done, the girl spoke again in a bored voice.

"Thank you, it will be out as soon as possible." Then she turned to the table beside them and began taking their requests. For the next several minutes, Sophia made no mention of their encounter in the ladies room, and was continuing to act as though everything was fine between the two of them so Ginny kept up an act too, being as cordial to Sophia as she would any normal person. And they kept acting this way until a man with a chef's hat at the back of the room said:

"Dinner is served!" in a booming voice. Every one looked very glad of this fact. Plates full of delicious smelling food floated out and set themselves down in front of their owners.

All throughout dinner Ginny avoided both Sophia and Harry's gaze although she could tell that the latter tried to catch her eye several times. Ginny was in the middle of a conversation with Ron when Harry made a gesture telling them to be quiet.

"It's about to start." He said in an explanatory voice. Ron and Ginny nodded silently at him. A little man got up and started over to a stage at the front of the room. Every one positioned themselves towards the front, and the chatter instantly stopped.

"I hope every one has enjoyed themselves tonight. Our grand food supply was made possible by Gerald's Gourmet Cooking. Thank you, it was delicious!" The man waved to several culinary people at the back of the room. They raised their hands lazily in acknowledgement. A smattering of applause went throughout the crowd.

"Secondly, I would like to thank the managers of the stadium for letting us use the banquet room tonight." There was more of an explosion of claps and applauding this time.

"And finally, I would like to thank all the team members. Even though we still have a few games left this season, which I know you will all perform spectacularly in," he paused for a moment. "Mostly because its in your contract to do so," he continued jokingly. The audience laughed.

"But so far this year you have all done wonderfully well. But as you all know, its time for us to choose for this year; we choose one player from the team that outperforms all the others. The cream of the crop, tip of the top, all around best player. And I can tell you," said the little man, "this year it wasn't easy to choose that player. But this player has proved to be exactly what we were looking for. And at this time I would like him to come forward to accept this plaque. Mr. Harry Potter!"

Harry smiled politely at every one as he went up to the stage. Ginny knew that this was perfect for her plan. Harry stepped up on the platform and looked out at everyone. The audience clapped and cheered for him.

"Thank you," he said, taking the engraved plaque into his hands. "I know it is a great honor to receive this award. And frankly I don't know how I got it after I took that spill in the match against Bulgaria." He chuckled along with some of the team members in the audience.

"But all the same. Thank you." he held up the award to more cheers and whistles from the crowd. As he left the stage and approached the table where Ron, Ginny, and Sophia were sitting, Ginny stood up, as if to greet him. When he got there, Ginny gave him a hug, and looked over his shoulder at Sophia gave her a wink. Then, in front of everyone in the crowd, Ginny kissed him.

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Ginny heard whispers break out through the punctured silence and Sophia gave a guffaw of uncertainty. Harry broke away from her for a minute and for one heart-stopping moment thought he was going to yell at her. But then his face broke into a huge grin and he pulled her close to kiss her again. Ginny felt happiness spread through her, warming every part of her being.

Several of his teammates gave cat-calls and wolf-whistles. Several of the women in the audience gave soft "awws" of affection. Harry whispered into Ginny's ear, "I love you." She smiled and told him "I love you too."

Ginny could not believe how lucky she was getting. After all this time, when she thought that she would never be able to have Harry again, he was hers. They were together; he loved her. At that moment, that was all Ginny's world revolved around. Suddenly, they heard a chair scraping the floor and an angry retort from behind them.

"What is wrong with you? Cant you at least wait until I'm not around?" Sophia said in a tear-filled voice. The pair of them turned to face her. Though she was sobbing uncontrollably not a tear fell down her cheeks.

Ginny hated her for every moment she was tearing away from her that could have been spent back in Harry's arms. When Harry tried to speak, it was only with great difficulty that Ginny was able to keep her mouth shut.

"Sophia you knew we were only friends…" Harry began.

"Don't even start with me!" she yelled fiercely. All eyes were on Sophia now. Some people were pointing rudely and others sharing whispers behind their hands. Ginny knew Sophia loved every moment she was getting from creating that scene.

"If we were just friends, then why did you give me the impression you wanted more? Then, in front of everyone, you go after some second-hand trollop like her? It's a disgrace as it is to be thrown aside, but to the likes of her?? Where do you get off trying to pull a stunt like that?" Ginny swelled up with anger, and was about to try and defend herself, but there wasn't any need.

"Listen up lady," Harry yelled angrily, "I don't know what your issue is, but you leave Ginny out of it. I love her, more than I ever could have even liked you! We were over a long time ago; there wasn't any chance of you and me."

His yelling subsided, but the anger was still clearly showing on his face. Sophia looked momentarily stunned, but in a desperate attempt to regain her spotlight in a way that suited her, she began yelling again.

"Well you know what? I don't care anymore! And whatever we had…well don't count on getting it back after this!" Ginny laughed a silvery, tinkling laugh, and every one looked towards her.

"Do you have any idea how incredibly stupid you sound? You aren't even making sense." She said, smiling kindly at Sophia, much like she would smile at an incompetent child who did not know what they did wrong.

"You-you…" Sophia stammered. Ginny looked expectantly at her, waiting for her to finish her sentence.

"You have ruined my life!" Sophia said. "You took my boyfriend, even after I attempted to be your friend, and now look at the mess you have made!" Ginny noticed that there was a woman near them who looked skeptical at this claim. Harry had turned towards Ginny questioningly at this accusation, but before he could utter a syllable, the woman stood up.

"I hate to interrupt, but I must incline to disagree with Sophia." Sophia looked terror stricken and her tough words did not support her face, which was streaked with fear.

"You stay out of this, it's none of your business!" she snapped at the woman. However, Sophia's face had gone pale, and went even more so when the woman started speaking again.

"On the contrary, when you start yelling in a room full of people, it becomes every ones business." A few people sniggered behind Sophia's back. "And speaking of contradicting," The woman continued, as though there had been no interruption, "I happen to have overheard you and Miss Weasly's conversation in the restroom. The one where you…ah…threatened… I think would be the appropriate word here….Miss Weasly if she continued to pursue an interest in Mr. Potter." Sophia looked as though the floor she was standing on had just been yanked out from under her.

"I-I'm afraid I don't know what you are talking about." She stuttered.

"Oh give it up already." Harry said, irritably. "Ginny, Ron, come on, let's get out of here. Bye guys," he said, waving to the rest of the crowd. A few waved back, but most of them just looked momentarily stunned and remained staring at the trio as they rose from their table. Sophia tried to follow them out the door. Harry did not attempt to speak to her again until they were out the door.

"You…both of you! I can't believe this! Come back here you conniving witch!" she yelled at Ginny.

"Excuse me?" Ginny said in disbelief, "I'm the conniving one?"

"Who just stole who's boyfriend?" Sophia said accusingly.

"It wasn't a question of 'stealing' as you put it." Ginny said reasonably. "If he would have wanted to be with you then he wouldn't have allowed me to kiss him." she finished, shrugging her shoulders uncaringly. Sophia did not seem to have a retort to this. Instead she turned to Harry.

"Darling, we can work this out can't we? This is just a minor thing, it will have blown over tomorrow and you won't even remember this little escapade." Even Ginny felt a little sorry for the woman now.

She was trying to cling on; this was a last desperate attempt to keep her relationship with Harry going. Ginny looked at Harry questioningly, wondering what he would answer. But she needn't have feared anything. Harry looked at Sophia, disbelief etched on his face.

"You really believe after that little stunt you just pulled in there, insulting Ginny and then making all of us look like idiots just now, that I would take you back?" Harry asked her sarcastically. Sophia slowly nodded her head, as though not sure she knew what else to do. "You're off your rocker." Harry told her angrily.

It took Sophia a few moments, but then she screamed, "You can't do this to me! Everyone expects our relationship! Imagine what this will do to my image! I could lose my job for this!" Real tears were now spilling down Sophia's face. Harry gave a harsh breath of laughter.

"I don't think so Sophia. Guilt isn't going to get you anywhere. And you should have thought about your so called 'reputation' before making a scene." He told her coldly. She saw she wasn't going to get anywhere dealing with them so she threw in one more jab before turning around to face Ginny. She gave her a harsh glare.

"You don't mean anything to him; it's just a flashback of your school days. And when he's done messing around with you, I'll be waiting for him to come back to me. You two just don't belong together. It won't work." She added threateningly. She shook her finger at Ginny. "You will regret this night." With that, she gave one last miserable sob and turned around and stalked off.

Ron whistled loudly. "What a night."

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A few weeks later…

"Harry what's wrong?" Ginny looked over at her boyfriend, who had a broomstick in his hand and a gloomy look playing upon the fine features of his face.

"Heather Rose, one of our Chasers, just quit. She had some stupid argument with the manager about a pay raise; said that if she didn't get one she was gone. And her contract expired a few weeks ago. Not that many people won't be glad to see the back of her, she was a real pain. But it leaves us one player short, and until we can find a replacement chaser for the time being, we can't practice." Harry sounded even more miserable than he looked. Ginny looked at him thoughtfully for a moment.

"If you really needed a Chaser…just temporary…I could fill in." Harry's face brightened at her words. A smile grew on his face and he spoke in a much lighter voice.

"Really, you would? How long's it been since you've been on a broom?"

"The last time you caught me riding after one of your games." Ginny said laughing. She was glad that she had seen Harry again that night.

I mean, look at us now. The perfect happy couple. Even talking about living together. She thought to herself. And now she was going to get to spend an afternoon playing Quidditch too. Could this day get any better?

"So if we leave now, we might get there a little early and use the time for warm up practice." But then the excitement faded from his voice for a moment. "But are you sure your up to this?"

Ginny pretended to be thinking before sarcastically replying "Hmmm…let me think. That would be a…yes." She giggled. Harry broke into an uncontrollable grin again.

"Well come on then! What are you waiting for? Grab your broom and lets get going!" Ginny laughed once more and then went to get her Nimbus. They Apparated to the stadium but when they got there, it was not empty as Harry had said it would, but filled to the brim with people just as it had been the night of the game.

"Harry, what are all these people doing here?" she whispered as a tall, broad man and a even taller woman walked past, conversing in low tones and looking at Ginny and Harry suspiciously.

"Well…err….Ginny I wasn't entirely truthful to you." Harry began guiltily.

"What do you mean you weren't 'entirely truthful'?" she said, although she thought she might have an inkling of what he was talking about.

"Well what I said about Rose quitting was true, but umm…well you aren't going to be flying replacement. These are the tryouts for our new Chaser." He looked at her skeptically as though sure she would say no. And at first, that was Ginny's reaction.

"But-but…" she started stammering. " I haven't actually played in ages! I'll make a fool of myself out there!" She was almost hysterical, but not yelling, so Harry decided to try and persuade her.

"No you wont. You are one of the best fliers I have ever seen. And even if you are a little rusty, once you get back into shape, you will be fine."

"But I'm not in shape now, you know like on the day of the tryouts?" she said, sounding uncertain.

"You will be fine." He smiled at her, and she felt warmth and courage spread through her. " I know that you will be great." She nodded, signaling that she was going to go ahead and go through with his scheme.

"Okay, so lets go get you a number and some robes to try out in." They walked around the stadium and down onto the pitch were a few other players from the team, and the short man that Ginny had seen giving the speech at the banquet, were standing.

"Hey Alan, do you think we could borrow a spare set of robes and get an entrance number for my friend here. A wizard dressed in blue robes looked up from the paperwork on the desk and smiled.

"But of course. And you must be Miss Weasly, the young woman from the banquet every one was talking about. I'm Robert Alan. It's nice to meet you." Ginny blushed at the mention of the banquet, but other than that, remained quite calm, despite the million butterflies floating around in her stomach.

"It's nice to meet you too, Mr. Alan." She said, extending a hand for him to shake, and which he took. He gave them a number, and told them there were spare robes in the changing room. Then he took leave of them, having other anxious players that wanted to try out.

Ginny changed in a small dressing room, and looked at herself in one of the mirrors. She smiled at her reflection. Ginny hadn't been dressed in Quidditch robes in a long time and it felt good. Harry nodded approvingly when she stepped out.

"See," he whispered in her ear as he helped her pin her number on her back, " you're a natural." He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, told her he loved her and good luck, then went to stand with the other team members who were now on a marked off area to the far side of the field.

A booming, brisk voice spoke. Ginny looked over and saw it was coming from the short man. "Ladies and gentlemen who are interested in trying out for chaser are going to be called out by your numbers. So listen carefully for your name. Don't get in the way of the players trying out and other than that, you are free to roam around the pitch."

He told players one through three to prepare themselves. Practice Beaters, Seekers and Keepers had been hired to put the new comers to the test, and try out their flying abilities. Ginny could tell right away that she was better than at least one of them. But she didn't know about the rest of the people trying out. But she didn't think she wanted to watch. So she wandered around the stadium, talking to various witches and wizards she recognized. Finally, after what seemed and eternity to her, she heard "Numbers thirty-one through thirty four, please make your way down to the pitch." Number thirty-one…that was her. Ginny slowly ambled down to the pitch, her feet growing heavier with every step she took. Right before mounting her broom, she wondered vaguely how Harry had convinced her to do this.

But once she rose into the air, she forgot that there were hundreds of people watching her, that there were a panel of judges calculating her every move. The only thing she could think about was playing. Before she realized what had happened, a whistle was blowing, signaling the end of their trial.

She touched back down. She could remember every thing, but it was hazy to her, like a dream. But she could tell she had done well. Even from this distance, she could see a smile on Harry's face, and thought the rest of the team looked happy too, but she didn't know if that was because of her.

A few more trials were held, and Ginny watched this time. She felt that she had out flown all of the competition after her, but still had no idea how anyone before her had done, owing to the fact that she had not been paying attention to them. Before long, the little man was standing on a small stage at the end of the field. His voice again rang out as he addressed the crowd of restless people who were anxiously awaiting the results.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming today. You all did very well, but we have narrowed it down to our top eigh ks. We will run through another series of trials and hopefully have picked a new addition to out team by late afternoon. The list of players who are currently still standing in the trials is being posted as we speak. If your name is not on the list, kindly do not return to the pitch, although you are permitted to sit in the stands and watch the other players continue their trials."

He gave a kindly smile. "And as such, I assume that you have no further interest in what I am saying, so I will bid you good bye and good luck as you leave to check the list, which is posted next to the largest stadium exit. But if your name is on the list, take a thirty minute break and then be ready to play."

He stopped speaking and it seemed like there was a stampede between men and women alike to get to the list. Ginny, however, simply waited until the crowd thinned out. Several people were angry, while others broke into sobs, and still others seemed merely nonchalant about the matter. Ginny walked up to the list, careful not to let her eyes meet it until the absolute last moment.

"Did you even need to look?" came Harry's voice from behind her. Ginny spun around and jumped for joy, positively beaming at Harry.

"I can't believe it, I did it! I made the first cut!" she screamed excitedly, pointing at her name which was second on the list.

"Oh pish-posh. You're a shoo-in for the team. They just have to go through at least two things of trials before they officially pick someone." The rest of the players seemed to share Harry's point of view, because when the trial periods came around, none of them seemed to have any force left in them. This made Ginny's heart absolutely soar, which pushed her to fly, in her opinion, even better than she had the first time.

And even when Ginny's name was announced as the new Falmouth Falcons chaser , she still couldn't believe it.

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