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Summary: And Danny thought he had it bad when he and Dash were shrunk? Now the two boys are trapped in a world where they must live out their worst fears, including Danny's evilfuture self, darkness, and, ironically, ghosts. Will Danny's secret be revealed? How far is he willing to go to ensure that they both return in one piece?


Danny Fenton drummed his fingers idly on his desk as he waited for detention to end. The only other student in the room glared at him for the billionth time since the end of the school day.

Dash Baxter was the quarterback of the Casper High Ravens, along with head of both the "A-list" and of the Casper High Bully Squad. It wasn't an actual organized club, but it might as well have been with all the time he spent participating in the activities.

That was the reason for the detention. Mr. Lancer had caught him shoving Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley into their lockers.

Danny was in detention because he had been late for Lancer's class later that day.

The teacher glanced up from the tests he was grading, looked at the clock, and announced, "You boys are free to go."

Even before he had finished speaking both teens were out the door. Danny hurried to his locker, eager to get his stuff and get out of there before Dash caught up with him. The boy was just turning to leave when he spotted Dash barreling down the hallway.

Danny had just about resigned himself to running for his life when he suddenly shivered and saw his breath for a moment. The lights dimmed as the hallway took on an ominous dark green glow.

Dash stared around himself in fear, stopping short in the middle of the hall.

A black vortex with swirls of red moving through it opened just a few yards from Danny. Two frightening red eyes glowed from deep within the darkness.

When Danny caught sight of these there was only one thing he could think to say. "Oh, crud."

--Insert Theme Song Here--

Dash stared wide eyed as a dark humanoid figure stepped out of the black and red portal.

With black skin, black clothing trimmed with red, and those creepy red eyes, it was a truly frightening picture. Adding to the scene was a long black cape that billowed in nonexistent wind and black flames tinged with red for hair.

Danny, on the other hand, seemed almost bored. Arms crossed, he rolled his eyes. "Come on, what are you supposed to be? Even Johnny 13's Shadow looks better than you! And don't even get me started on the direct rip off from Plasmius. I keep telling him that he should copyright that whole 'cape and red eyes' thing, but no, he never listens to me…"

Danny cut himself off with a sudden leap to one side to avoid a black ectoblast. Apparently this new guy had a few anger management issues.

"I am Despair. Prepare for your worst nightmare."

Danny just rolled his eyes again. "Okay, that's just a little too much like the 'corrugated cardboard cubes of doom' to be scary."

Red eyes narrowed at this belittlement. Imagine, him being compared with the Box Ghost!

The hallway became nearly pitch black around the three figures. Despair laughed, an evil cackle that made Dash's knees quiver and threaten to give out. "You should not have gotten on my bad side, foolish mortal! Now you shall not escape my grasp until your worst fears have come to life!"

In a swirl of black and red Despair disappeared. The blackness still shrouded Danny and Dash on all sides, and they were unable to see more than a few feet in front of them.

The blackness slowly faded, and once he could see again Danny did a double take. The two boys were surrounded on all sides by tall walls and a high ceiling. Both these and the floor were made out of stone, and from where they were standing there was only one direction to go.

Danny walked cautiously forward, peering around the corner. Turning back to Dash and looking rather nervous, the boy stated, "We're in a maze."

Dash's eyes widened. "So I guess this means we're not in school anymore, huh?"


Yes, Dash is a moron, isn't he? He's a very entertaining character to work with though. He tortures Danny, doesn't know his secret, has secret fears, and is enough of a moron to use him for comic relief! Yay!

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In Maternal Instinct, did anyone ever pay attention to the book Vlad was reading when Maddie and Danny came back into his house? He put it down to say, "Maddie! Daniel! You've returned to me! Oh, and not a moment too soon!" The title of the book was Romance for Rich Creepy Dummies. Hehe. Now all he needs to do is adopt a cat and all will be right with the world...

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