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They had only just taken in their surroundings when a bell tone sounded and a stampede of teenagers came charging out through the double doors. Dash managed to hold his ground as the crowd surged past him. Danny wasn't so lucky. When the huge mass of students thinned out, he was on the ground about 30 feet from where he had just been.

Mr. Lancer walked up to the door. "Mr. Fenton, care to explain where you were today?"

Danny cringed, glancing quickly at Dash. "Uh…"

The quarterback cut him off, "He was with me."

Mr. Lancer looked surprised at this – with good reason, as Dash was not normally one to defend Danny. Without bothering to question the information that the jock had supplied, the teacher merely nodded and went back inside.

A blue eyed stare fell on Dash. "Does he always do that for you, or is it just when I'm around?"

The reply was cut off by an enthusiastic embrace from Sam Manson. "Danny! We were so worried about you!"

Tucker Foley rolled his eyes behind Sam's back at the bright blush that was spreading across Danny's face.

When Sam pulled away Danny stuck his tongue out at her. "Nice to know you trusted me so much when I said I'd get back soon."

She crossed her arms and stuck out her tongue as well. "Well, excuse me for caring." In mock anger, she turned away.

Danny pouted. "I sowrie."

Dash wasn't sure if he should think of this as sweet because of the way they were flirting, or if he should be disgusted because neither seemed to notice.

"So what actually happened to you guys?" Tucker finally asked.

Danny wound up explaining the whole thing from the beginning when Despair first showed up in the school what seemed like ages ago. He ended with Despair sending them back to their own dimension, and Dash added on a promise that Danny's secret was safe, at least for the time being.

"So, what did you wind up telling Despair to do with Vlad?" Sam asked.

Danny smirked.


Vivid curses danced through Vlad's mind as he walked briskly and angrily down the cold stone hallway. When he got his powers back, Despair was going to pay for this.

He shivered as a cool breeze blew through the hall, then looked down to find that he was wearing nothing but his underwear. Oh, butternuts.

He was beyond mad now. By the time he was done, Despair would be in more pieces than the amount of dollars he had in the bank.

Storming around a corner, he found himself standing in front of a large paper wall stretched across the wall. What really infuriated him were the words scrawled across it in huge black and green letters. "Hey fruitloop- get a cat!"

The paper ripped open from the middle as something came at him through it from the other side. Now he was standing face to face with a snarling – and very hungry – lion.

He stared at the beast for a moment, then turned on his heels and took off sprinting down the hall in his underwear, screaming the whole way, the lion right on his heels.

Only one thought pulsed through his head as he ran. "I hate cats."


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