I came across this sucker in my files a few days ago, so i just thought it would be amusing to post it. Me and my friend came up with the idea just after seeing HP and the PoA for the first time, so it's kind of old, but who cares? yay for songs!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or anything related to it in any way. That's JKR's job.

In the first Harry Potter movie

Everyone's voices were so high;

It was directed by Chris Columbus

And no one needed to cry.


It was supposed to be faithful to the book

But it ended up smelling like poo

Because there was no dueling scene

And no Peeves, too.


The potions scene deserved some laughs,

As did Professor Quirell;

But what irks me most is Malfoy:

He looks worse than a dead squirrel.


The second movie wasn't so bad.

Harry's voice got really low.

You ask if it was good, I'd say,

"I s'ppose so."


They still didn't follow the book that much,

Hollywood with their heads full of snot.

But all-in-all it was decent,

And suddenly Ron's pronounced "hot".


The worst part of the movie was the Basilisk,

I'd say it's a nasty turn.

Cuz it was supposed to be scary, but I

Thought it looked like a mad worm.


Don't even get me started on the 3rd one…

Oh my god, what were they thinking?

Instead of watching that movie,

I'd jump on a boat that was sinking.


Directed by Alfonso Cuarón,

It was a royal mistake.

It seems that when making the movie he asked,

"How much can the audience take?"


Ron and Hermione were painfully obvious,

The freakin' dementors could fly!

And where did they find the actor that played Wormtail?

His appearance can make children cry.


In short, the movies are stupid,

Not as good as they'd like them to look.

And I've noticed when Hollywood runs out of ideas

They almost always turn to books.