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Chapter 1: Chain Letter

The screen is completely black. There no features distinguishable, but a voice, recognized as Koenma's begins to play.

"Chelsey McCann was found at the bottom of a well, beaten and drowned, and her father was charged with murder."

Screen changes to a shot of 4 people approaching, panning up slowly from the feet (still moving). Once it reaches the knees, the screen closes back into a black void with a low, loud THUNK of a drum. Koenma's voice continues.

"This curse has gone on for four years."

With another THUNK, the shot changes again to a shot of 4 people from their waist to their leg. Another THUNK changes the screen to black as Koenma speaks once again.

"Luckily, we've found someone who can help you."

The screen changes with a flicker/pan-up of the 4 people (revealing them to be Kaonashi, Kitsune, Sora, and Sahara) as the drum beats wildly with each flicker. With a final thump of the drums, the foursome (and the camera effects) stop, as the four look directly at the audience.

The screen changes as music similar to that on the trailers of action movies such as Fast and the Furious (don't own) or The Matrix (also no own) begins to play. The screen shots are of those from the movie (fanfic).

Shot of Kitsune charging with a glowing green hand extending to strike.

Screen changes to black as large white letters in bold print appear, accompanied by the famous deep voiced announcer, read off:

This Summer . . .

Shot of the boys (Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Kaonashi) scrambling behind a giant rock as the aftermath of the Wind Scar flows through the cave.

Screen once again changes to the black background with the announcer/words:

A curse will be born . . .

Shot of Kurama being forced to his knees as his rose whip is wrapped around his arm while Nicolai DeMarco holds the end of the whip without thorns.

And the fate of the world . . .

Shot of Kaonashi flying back into a building and being buried underneathe the rubble.

Rests in the hands . . .

Shot of Yoko and Kitsune kissing passionately.

Of a team of mismatched, super-powered warriors . . .

Shot of Sora and Sahara glowing with black and red/blue flames surrounding their bodies.

Against the ultimate evil . . .

Shot of Hiei, growling, with his back turned away from the camera, but his head turned to look back at the camera. Music stops. He growls, "Stating the obvious, pea-brain!"

The next few shots continue with the beat of the drum, only at a slower pace to allow viewers to see who they are. The first clip shows Yusuke in trademark Spirit Gun pose.


Shot of Kuwabara swinging down with his spirit sword.


Shot of Hiei flitting to the side and drawing his sword while his Jagan is out.


Shot of Kurama with trademark Rose Whip.


And introducing . . .

Shot of Kitsune with sword drawn.


Shot of Kaonashi under second possession.


Shot of Sahara in jail cell, holding onto the bars (from 7th chapter)


Shot of Sora twirling ban-ryu above her head.

And Sora.

Screen turns white, until a pinpoint of black grows from the center, until it shoots the screen into a black background. Words sort of appear as a wave (as if water is being struck and they appear).

Yu-Yu-Hakusho: Chain Letter

The deep voiced male announcer says, as the words appear:

Coming Summer 2006

Rated PG-13.

Alrighty, that's the first trailer for Chain Letter! Next is for Battle of the Masks! Stay tuned!

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