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Chapter 8: (Currently Untitled)

Kitsune paced the room, awaiting the results. She was quite frustrated; she wanted to know where he was NOW. He'd been gone for so long and hadn't come back or given any inclination he'd be back soon. She was worried now. Where was he?

The door opened and Kitsune stopped pacing, turning her attention to the man who entered the room. Jeremy had a somber look on his face. He shrugged, helplessly.

Kitsune's face expressed her worry and desperation. "They couldn't find him?"

"They've scanned all four worlds for his signal," Jeremy stated, "There's not even a trace of his energy. Koenma's sent out some scouts, and even Yubaba's gone to search for him." He noted her sadness and hugged her. "Don't worry, they'll find him."

Kitsune attempted a smile, but it faded quickly. "I hope so, Jeremy."


Jeremy ran into view through the woods. "Kitsune! There's something you need to see!"

Kitsune turned and followed him to where the forest ended. The foliage hung back, baring the dirt-filled earth, and that faded into a rocky structure jutting out. The cliff overlooked the ground below, around fifty or sixty feet up. Jeremy pointed down there, where a shadow moved through the forest.

Kitsune's spirits lifted considerably as she beheld a glimpse of a pale masklike feature on the shadow. "It's NoFace," she breathed. Jeremy smiled as he, too, recognized the familiar mask.

However, things took a turn for the worst when they caught him in full view.

Kitsune gasped in horror. Jeremy's eyes were wide in shock. "Something's not right," she said, in a hushed, horrified whisper.

It was NoFace, but instead of being cloaklike, his body was . . . it seemed as though . . .

"It's like he's a living suit . . ." Kitsune stated, "Jeremy, that's not NoFace. It's not his energy. It's . . . something else's . . . Jeremy, something's wearing NoFace like their own skin!" Kitsune was near hysterical in her horrified state.

Suddenly, NoFace stppoed and turned his head up to them, seeming as though he sighted them. The mask smiled. His strides then became more determined.

Kitsune gasped in horror. "He's coming!"

Jeremy grabbed her arm, pulling her away. "Come on, this way!" The two ran back to their team.


"Kitsune, I'm tired!" Natalie whined, slumping as they walked through the forest. She glanced at their leader who was preoccupied with staring at the sun. Too exhausted, Natalie stopped, sitting down on a rock. "We've been walking for hours!"

Kitsune finally turned around. "We can't stop, Natalie, he'll catch up to us." She walked over, holding a hand out to the tigress, who acknowledged it, tiredly.

"But we're exhausted, Kitsune! I can't even feel my legs anymore, and I'm a demon!" Natalie put her head in her hands.

"We can't afford to stop, though . . ." Kitsune stated, more to herself than anyone else as her eyes lost focus. She turned to Jeremy. "Can you sense him?"

The elf shook his head. "No, can you?"

"Yes, it's faint, but the energy is still there." Kitsune rubbed her temples as a headache began to gnaw at her brain.

"How far away would you say he is?" Erika asked. Kitsune turned to her.

"Unfortunately, not far enough. We have to keep moving. Up and at 'em, Natalie." She reached down, pulling Natalie to her feet. The tigress groaned in anguish but truged along behind the rest of them.


They had finally come to the plains. Kitsune turned and informed them, "We have to keep moving. We're fresh meat out here. There's nothing to hide us and if we slack, he'll catch up; there aren't any rocks or trees to keep him at bay. If we keep moving like this, he won't advance." The team nodded and one-by-one they skidded down the kill separating the forest from the plains.


NoFace was nothing more than a dot on the horizon behind them. These plains were endless. Who knew how long they'd been walking? Kitsune never looked back once. The others knew she couldn't for fear of seeing him like that again. Yet, still they knew it plagued her mind. She saw it even when she closed her eyes.

They never rested long, just enough to give them some energy to keep moving forward. It seemed that NoFace—or whatever it was that was controlling him—never tired. It pushed his body on, determined to reach them.

Still, what if he did reach them? What would he do? Would he still be the same NoFace? Would he attack them and leave them for dead? Would he kill them? Would he settle for taking Kitsune? So many questions ran through Kitsune's brain. Questions she feared to answer . . .


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