The girls were part of a secret women spy organization and left their ninja boyfriends because they were getting suspicious, but fate has a plan to get them together again. Pairings: SasuSaku, NaruHina, NejiTen, ShikaIno.

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Chapter 1

Introducing the spies.

Darkness was the only thing that kept them safe, the only thing that hid them. Only the moonlight could see them but they knew it was their ally. Four black-cloaked dark figures walked through different streets of Konoha, the steps from their black 3-inch heels echoed through the silence, but they didn't mind. Suddenly they came to a stop and realized that they reached their meeting place. Silence over took them until a girl with black haired hold up in a ponytail broke the silence.

"So, did you have any troubles?" Ino said with a boring voice knowing already the answer.

"Why would you think we would have any trouble, Ino?" a girl with black hair hold in buns and a matured body said.

"I don't know Tenten nobody's perfect ya know!" a very offended Ino said.

"I had a little trouble with my mission," a girl with clear eyes, blushing at the same time said.

"Why Hinata what happened?" a girl with black hair and emerald eyes said.

"I had to kill this guy, Sakura" Hinata said.

"And? What's wrong with that?" Sakura said

"He was gorgeous and kissed me, while he was asleep." Hinata said with her head low in shame.

"What!" Sakura and Ino said.

"Yes, but then I snapped out of my shock and finished it." Hinata said with a hint of regret in her voice.

"Aw that's not too bad, Hinata at least your mission was interesting." Sakura said

"So Sakura you'd wish some other guy would kiss you instead of Sasuke-kun?" Ino said with a mischievous smile.

"No, I am happy with Sasuke. Unlike you Ino-pig!" Sakura said

"What did you say Forehead-girl?"

"You heard me, I bet you love to sky watch with cloud boy all the time."

"Oh I suppose you love every single moment you spend with mister ice-block bastard?" Ino said.

A glaring contest started between the two, until an exasperated Tenten said: "Ok that's enough you two! Remember that we still are on duty until Tsunade-sama arrives."

"Well said Tenten dear and thank you for pulling them apart" a very drunk Tsunade said.

"Tsunade-sama have you been drinking again?" Hinata said

"Why Hinata dear why do you say that?" Tsunade said

"Because you only call us dears is when you're drunk." Hinata said with a matter-of-factly voice.

"Oh well never mind that. Tell me your missions status." Tsunade said, "So let's start with Hinata"

"Target eliminated"


"Target eliminated"


"Target eliminated"


"Target eliminated"

"Well done ladies, I need all of you to be at headquarters by 11 am." Tsunade said and without another word she disappeared with a 'poof'.

"I guess we should go back now, the guys are waiting for us." Sakura said.

"I know but we have to change back into our clothes." Tenten said.

Everyone agreed to this and they went to a certain public restroom. Already inside they looked into the big mirror, and knocked 5 times. Suddenly a woman's voice said: " Password?" "Moonlight shadows" They all said in unison. Then the same voice said, "Show your ids", again they all took out a locket with a skeleton in the center and two-crossed kunai behind it. As they held out their lockets a blue light came out from the mirror and checked the lockets and also them to check it really was them; after that the voice said: "Welcome Agents, please state your O.N. and request one at a time."

"Agent Sukhara Onura requests her personal belongings" Sakura said.

"Agent Hanati Hugay requests her personal belongings" Hinata said.

"Agent Tori requests her personal belongings" Tenten said.

"Agent Inaka Yonama requests her personal belongings" Ino said.

After all of them got their stuff they washed their hair and changed to normal clothes. Sakura's hair was back to its natural pink hair, Ino was blonde once again, Tenten's hair was brown and Hinata's was back to its violet color.

Twenty minutes later four beautiful girls came out of the restroom and headed different directions.

With Sakura

'OMG! I'm so tired, hopefully Sasuke-kun's not home yet. Please don't be home yet!'

'So what if he's home, he can't do anything to us we're just too cute'

'Oh no its you again and what do you mean by us?'

'Hello! I'm you remember?' 'Oh yeah' 'You're so stupid, it's a miracle Sasuke-kun hasn't dumped you yet!'

'First of all he loves me ok? And second shut up!'

'(Pouts) Aw don't tell me to shut up, and pay attention we're here already'

She arrived to the Uchiha residence and saw the lights on, so she figured that Sasuke was home.

'Oh man he's here! Now what is my excuse for being late this time?'

'You could tell him the truth you know'

'Are you insane I can't tell him the truth it's forbidden!'

'Oh yeah, well good luck with that. Bye'

"Well here goes" Sakura said while she pushed the door open, and walked inside. She went into the living room and saw Sasuke watching some movie; she thought he didn't notice her so she quickly walked to stairs but stopped on her tracks when she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist and felt her body being pushed backwards so her back was rested on a well-built chest. Then suddenly she felt his breath near her ear and heard: "Why are you so late?"

"Sasuke you know that we're in a very awkward position?" Sakura said turning around to see his boyfriend and blushing knowing that it was a very stupid thing to say since they've been living together for a year.

"Don't change the subject, and you know that we've been living together for a long time now." Sasuke said with his normal ice-block stare. "Why were you late?"

"I got lost in the path of life?" Sakura said blushing even more and ashamed of that unbelievable excuse.

Sasuke just stared at her for several minutes; his face was blank and his eyes showed no emotion. Then all of a sudden he smirked and said: "You're spending too much time with Kakashi-sensei; now tell me the real reason why you were late."

"Ok the real reason why I was late is because…because there was this gang that was picking on this little kid so I saved him and took him to his home. That's it, that's why I was late." Sakura said amazed that she actually made up a totally believable excuse.

"And I suppose that will happen tomorrow too?" Sasuke said

"Please Sasuke, I'm not late that often" Sakura said turned around and started to climb the stairs.

"I know what's going on here" Sasuke said, which made Sakura stop with a scared face on her face, but calmed down, and turned around to see him.

"Oh, what do you think is going on" Sakura said trying too hard to keep a straight face.

"Always coming home late, coming up with an excuse I never believed you could do something like this, but now its all clear to me."

At this point Sakura was terrified of what he was going to say. 'He knows that I'm a spy; I never thought he could possibly figure it out! I know that he was bound to find out about this sooner or later, and I guess he finally did.'

"Sasuke I'm so sorry -"

"You are seeing some other guy," Sasuke said with hurt reflecting in his face (A/N: wow Sasuke? hurt? Impossible!)

"I wanted to tell you but- wait what?" Sakura said surprised with what she just heard and her surprise showed for she stood shocked. "You think that I'm cheating on you?"

"Not only me the dobe, Hyuuga and Shikamaru think so too, and I bet at this moment their telling this to Hinata, Tenten and Ino. You're always late and telling those stories we just thought of the worst."

"You honestly think that I would cheat on you? OMG! Sasuke I would never do something like that." Sakura said offended. 'I can't believe that after all this time he thinks this of me! The nerve of him to tell me this'

"Sasuke I love you and I thought you knew that already I would never cheat on you" Sakura kissed him and gave him a hug.

"Yeah I know and I'm sorry for doubting you." Sasuke said with regret.

"It's ok"

After that they both went to bed, but Sakura couldn't stop thinking how close of figuring the truth they were, she had to talk to the girls about this. The time when they figure out the truth was close and they wanted to be prepared for it but they also had to make a big sacrifice.

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