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Author's Note: IMPORTANT hey guys this is the end of Dallas Mariano. Mostly beacuse I had thought about this like a two months ago and forgot to write it hehe. Also because I just a good idea for another Superntural story. It's going to be like Dean a senior in highschool and Sammy a freshman and Dean meets a interesitn girl. So i hope you guys read that too once I put it out. Well thanks for reading this everyone. LOVE YOU ALL

Well, this sounds familiar.

"Hey, where's mom?" I asked Jess Friday morning.

"She and T.J. left already but they left you a bus ticket. I can't believe you're doing this."


"I know, I know New York is your home but now so is Stars Hollow. I mean apparently, the love of your life is here, so why leave?"

"Because I love New York, and I miss my friends. I miss the city life. I'm a city girl Jess."

"I hate you for leaving."

"I know. Are you walking me to the bus stop?"

"Yeah, come on."

He grabbed one of my duffel bags and we walked downstairs. When we got to the bus stop Luke, Lorelai, and Rory were all there. Jess gave me a big hug and held on tightly.

"I'm going to miss you so much."

"Well, this sounds familiar." I laughed.

"Yeah, but this time it's you, who's leaving."

"I'm a phone call away, Jess. Always." I pulled away from him and went to Uncle Luke.

"Thank you." I said simply.

He smiled, "For what?"

"I know you're not big on kids or us Mariano's but you took us both in and I respect you so much for that. I'll pay you back every cent you spent on me."

"Don't worry about that. Just be careful out there and watch out for your mom."

"I will goodbye Uncle Luke."

"Bye Dallas."

I gave him a quick huge and walked over to the Gilmore's. Rory grabbed me into a hug and was crying.

"Rory, come on. We'll keep in touch."

"I'm going to miss you."

"If my brother gives you any trouble call me and I'll kick his ass." I smiled and looked at Lorelai.

"I gotta tell you when I heard another Mariano was on the scene I was a little skeptical. But you're a really good kid, Dallas. Take care of yourself."

"Thanks, I will."

"Hey Dallas, where's Dean?" Jess asked looking around.

I sighed, "Not coming, I guess…Here's the bus."

It pulled up and I grabbed my bags and ticket. I gave Jess one last hug and looked down the street for Dean but when I saw nothing I turned back around.

"Bye guys, I'll miss you."

"Don't be a stranger." Jess said.

I smiled and walked onto the bus. I didn't look back because I knew it would be too hard to see them. I put my head in my hands and cried. I can't believe Dean didn't come…no actually I can believe it. I was such a jerk to him, just up and leaving like this but…New York, it's my home.

It had been a year since I left Stars Hollow. My mom and T.J. were still going strong and recently got married. I went to the wedding and saw Rory and Jess were also still doing well. I avoided seeing Dean at all costs especially when I heard he was engaged to that girl Lindsey. I was reading in my room one night when I got a phone call.


"Come back." Rory said abruptly.

"Hey Rory, what's wrong? Is Jess alright?"

"Jess is fine. But Dean is getting married tomorrow. You have to come home and stop this. He's not happy we can all tell."

I sighed, "I won't screw up his life, Rory. Not now, not ever."

"Dallas, I know he still loves you. It's time you come back to the man you love."

"Goodnight Rory."

I hung up the phone and looked at my duffel bags. They had been packed for a month now because it seems like every other night I was about to hop on a bus and go back. Should I actually go through with it this time?


"Dean! Hold up!" Jess ran after Dean who was walking home from work.

"Jess, what do you want?" Dean asked turning around to face him.

"Listen, I know we've never been the type to hold hands and skip in a meadow together but this situation calls for drastic measures."

Dean's face darkened, "Is it Dallas? Is she alright?"

"No, she still loves you and I know you still love her. Everyone can tell. You don't even act remotely interested in Lindsey. Call off the wedding Dean. Go to Dallas."

"Jess, I'm getting married tomorrow. Dallas left me, remember? If she was still in love with me then she would be here right now instead of you."

He turned on his heel and walked away. Jess sighed and went back to Rory's to see if she had any luck with Dallas.


Dallas stood outside Luke's looking over at the nicely decorated church. The bus dropped her off at 9 this morning and the wedding must have started before that since no one was around. Dallas felt her heart breaking when she saw the church doors swing open, expecting to see happy couple to emerge. Instead, Dean ran out and looked around. He was running to the bus stop when he spotted Dallas.

"Dallas!" He yelled.

She was still in shock so she didn't move an inch. Dean ran over to her and stood in front of her nervously.

"Dean, what are you doing?"

"I couldn't do it. She's not you. I still love you."


"Do you still love me?"

Dallas reached up and pulled Dean down for a kiss by his neck. He eagerly accepted the invite into her mouth but broke away after about a minute.

Dean smiled, "So is that yes?"

Dallas smirked, "What do you think?"