Full summary: Everybody knows the famous Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Defeated-Voldemort. We also know that, because of a Prophecy, he had to defeat Voldemort. He did just that, and started a family. However, more problems arrive when he finds out his eldest daughter also has a Prophecy about her...

Chapter 1: Similar

"How could you have not told me!" Harry Potter cried with fury at the painting of Hogwarts former Headmaster (and in everyones opinion, the best.) Albus Dumbledore sighed.

"I am sorry, Harry. I haven't known about this for as long as you thought I have. In fact, I've only known about this for a year." Harry glared at Dumbledore angrily, then reminded himself that he was 35, not 15. He sighed, and ran a hand through his still-untidy black hair.

"Sorry, Albus." He muttered. Dumbledore smiled at him. Harry had always been one of his favorite students.

"That's quite alright, Harry. We all tend to get a little irrational when children are involved, especially when they are our own.

"The green-eyed man smiled at Dumbledore. Albus always seemed to say the wisest things. He was one of the few people that Harry trusted. Everyone else had died. Harry's eyes filled with tears as he remembered the day Ron died. It had been during the war, and still to this day, Harry felt the same immense guilt. Ron and Hermione had one child, Emma, that acted just like Ron. Harry was Emma's godfather. Dumbledore watched Harry for a moment. "Harry." He called softly, and the younger wizard jumped. It seemed he hadn't even realized Dumbledore was there anymore.

''Sorry, sir." Harry apologized. Dumbledore smiled.

"Understandable. Now, I know you aren't happy about this, Harry.'' Harry snorted. "However, the weight of the world is literally on her shoulders. Petty fights in school should be long forgotten." Harry sighed, and stared out the window. How was he going to explain this to Jessica!

Jade Lily Potter thumped her head in frustration on her desk. Friggen Professor Vizen! Of course he set the HARDEST Potions homework Jade had ever seen in her life! She sighed as she glanced down at her Ipod. She was listening to Linkin Park, a truly fantastic muggle rock band. Glaring at her summer homework, Jade got up and headed downstairs for a quick snack. Her father had returned from his little chat with Dumbledore. Jade resisted the urge to laugh outrageously. Harry Potter was sitting at the kitchen table, staring at the dregs of his coffee like he was going to drown himself in them.

"Dad?" Jade asked quietly. This time she did laugh. Her father jumped up like something had bit him. He glanced at his eldest daughter, who was leaning leisurely against the wall, arms crossed and a smirk on her face. 'She looks just like Draco Malfoy...' Harry unconciously thought. Horrorified, he looked away from Jade. His daughter frowned. She had seen that look, and was concerned. It took a lot to crack her father. She shrugged. It happened because of the war and Voldemort. She strolled over to the counter, grabbed a chocolate doughnut, poured herself some milk, and sat across from her father.

Harry was lost in thought. However, he caught his daughter looking at him. Jade, apart from looking like his female twin, also got Harry's ability to pretend he didn't feel a thing. He realized this when he saw Jade staring at him, but he couldn't tell what she was thinking. Harry tried to enter her mind, and she retaliated by throwing up her mental shields. Harry inwardly cursed, but cocked an eyebrow at his daughter. She grinned innocently and got up to wash out her cup. As she passed, she raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow at her father, and tapped his shields, grinning. Harry glared at her.

Jade shrugged, and a couple of minutes later, he heard the slamming of a door. He hadn't heard her go upstairs, so she must've gone outside. Jade was probably off to go practice Quidditch. A couple of minutes later, Harry's other daughter, Melissa, walked into the kitchen. She noticed that her father looked irritated.

"Dad, what's wrong?" She asked. Harry turned to look at his 14 year old daughter, and smiled at her.

"It's nothing, Liss. Don't worry about it." Melissa shrugged.

"If you say so, dad." She said. She, unlike her sister, didn't listen to that horrid music. Melissa was nothing like Jade. While she did have black hair, she had brown eyes, she liked hip-hop and R&B, and she wore tight clothing. Today she wore a pair of hip-hugging jeans, and a blue shirt that said 'I love what's-his-face.' Harry chuckled, and Melissa raised an eyebrow. Harry cursed.

"Merlin, you look like your sister." Melissa scowled at him, and sauntered off. He knew Melissa hated being compared to Jade, but he couldn't help it. Sometimes, they acted so alike it was almost scary.

Jade smiled as the wind whipped through her long black hair. She loved Quidditch more than anything. She loved the feeling she got from it. She looked down, and spotted Melissa. Her sister kicked up and joined her in the air.

"Lo, Jade." Melissa said. Jade nodded at her sister as a way of greeting. The two of them raced for a little while, then they went back inside. Jade went back to her homework, and Melissa went back to whatever she had been doing before.

A week later, Jade smiled as she leaned against her railing on her balcony. The sun was just beginning to set, and it was an amazing array of colors. It was sincerely breathtaking. Her smile widened as she realized tonight was the last night she would spend at home. However, she frowned as she heard her mum yelling at her dad.


"JESSICA, I CAN'T STOP IT! YOU CAN'T STOP IT, REMEMBER!" Jade's frown deepened. What were they talking about? She shrugged, and turned back to the sunset, only to realize furiously that the sun had set, and it was now getting slightly chilly out and dark. Jade growled as she stomped back into her room. She quickly changed into her pyjamas and went to bed.

''GET YOUR ARSE UP YOU LAZY GIRL! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE!" Jade's alarm clock screamed at her 8:30 the next morning. A hand reached out from under the covers and attempted to pound the alarm clock into a zillion little pieces.

''YOU'VE ALREADY TRIED THAT, YOU IDIOT!" Her clock screamed shrilly.

''NOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GET THAT FAT LUMP MOVING! THAT'S RIGHT, GET UP!" Jade glared at her alarm clock as she turned it off. She then proceeded to get dressed. She wore a black t-shirt that said, 'Don't annoy the crazy people' and a pair of jeans. She put her hair up into a ponytail, and headed downstairs. Melissa and her parents were already there. Melissa was eating a bagel, and dressed as well. She would be starting her 5th year, and Jade groaned. Ugh, O.W.L. year. Melissa sat up, and Jade sat across from her, and she could see her shirt clearly. British Girls do it better. Jade chuckled. She immediately made her own breakfast and ate in a hurry. Then, she was up in her room, checking everything to make sure she had everything packed.

"JADE! C'MON, IT'S TIME TO LEAVE!" Her father yelled up the stairs.

Jade made sure her trunk was locked and her owl, Artemis, was in her cage before she carried both down the stairs. Her dad grabbed her trunk, allowing Jade to carry Artemis' cage. The four of them got into their car, and they drove to Kings Cross. They got their with 10 minutes to spare.

Jade smiled as she hugged her mum (who was pregnant with the 3rd Potter child) and then her dad. If Jade didn't know better, her dad looked more worried than usual.

"Dad? Something the matter?" She called to him. Her father shook his head, gave her a smile that didn't reach his eyes, and hugged her tightly.

"Dad!" Jade said, laughing.

"I'm just going to Hogwarts, it's not like you're gonna loose me forever!" Harry smiled sadly. Jade noticed, but decided not to say anything about it. Melissa hugged both her parents, oblivious to her father's distress, and went off to go find her friends. With a wave goodbye, Jade left to go find her own friends. She immediately spotted her best friend, Amanda Rivera. Amanda squealed when she saw Jade, and hurried over to her. Another girl rushed over. Natalie Brine was their other friend.

"Now we're just waiting for Gio, right?" Jade asked as she glanced impatiently for the girls only guy friend. Almost as though he had been summoned by magic, Giovanni Bellino headed over with that charming smile of his.

"Hello ladies. Good summers, I hope?" He asked, grinning. Jade smiled at him and shrugged.

"Alright. Vizen's homework nearly killed me though." Amanda groaned.

"I know!" Their other friends nodded in agreement.

"Anyway, let's go find a compartment." Giovanni suggested. His friends nodded, and they went aboard the Hogwarts Express. They found a compartment after quite a few looks, and sat down immediately to chat about their summer.

"Jay, want to play a game of chess?" Giovanni asked. Jade nodded, and they both listened to their friends while contemplating their next moves. Giovanni won, much to Jade's disappointment. He smiled and shrugged at her. The Trolly Witch came and the four of them got their sweets.

"So Jade, anything interesting happen during the summer?" Natalie asked. Jade shook her head no.

"Nah. Just the usual. Mum's pregnant again, sadly. It's seriously annoying when you wake up early in the morning and mum's got morning sickness. Can't even eat breakfast without wanting to throw up yourself." Her friends winced in sympathy for her.

"Poor you. I remember when my mum was pregnant with Michelle, she used to throw up constantly and she would be really moody. Snapping at my dad one minute, sobbing the next! It was crazy! I was so glad when she finally had the baby." Amanda said.

Jade knew that Amanda, at least, could really sympathize for her. She knew exactly what Jade was going through.

"Anyway, what classes do you plan on taking this year?"Natalie asked cheerfully, ripping open a Chocolate Frog.

"I'm taking D.A.D.A, Herbology, Ancient Runes, Charms, and Transfiguration." Giovanni said.

"D.A.D.A, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, Charms and Trans." Amanda said.

"D.A.D.A, Ancient Runes, Herbology, C.o.M.C, Charms, Transfiguration." Jade answered.

"Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, Arithmacy." Natalie replied. Her friends chuckled. Natalie had always been an over-achiever. In some sense, she reminded Jade of her Aunt Hermione.

Jade smiled sadly. Her aunt was constantly making sure Emma was alright, both in a physical and emotional sense. After all, Emma had never known her dad.

"Jay?"Amanda asked quietly, and Jade glanced up. Amanda was watching her with worry in her bright blue eyes.

"Something the matter?" Jade shook her head no and got up.

"Anyway, we better get on our robes. We'll be there in 13 minutes." The emerald-eyed girl said. Her friends nodded and got up, chatting as they donned their black Hogwarts robes. On Natalie's there was a bright silver P for Prefect, and Giovanni was teasing her about it. Natalie was steadily getting redder, and Jade playfully slapped him, albeit harder than she normally would've. Giovanni stopped immediately.

The train began to slow, and a hoard of students began to surge forward, chatter and laughter ringing through the halls. Jade grunted as she fought to get out. She had to kick some 5th year in order to do so, but she and her friends did get out. The four immediately grabbed a horseless carriage, and they set off immediately torwards Hogwarts. Night was beginning to fall, and Jade gazed out at the beautiful play of pink, blue, and white clouds that spread like a blanket across the sky. The carriages stopped, and the four got out.

They walked into Hogwarts and took their usual seats at the Gryffindor Table. They began to talk about what they thought this years lessons would be like until Professor McGonagll strode in with the timid and terrorfied first years. Jade barely paid any attention to the Sorting at all, eager for the Feast that was going to start soon. Amanda gave Jade an impatient dig in the ribs and pointed to Jade's cousin, Michael. Well, practically her cousin. Ginny Weasley had married Blaise Zabini, and they had 4 kids. Jennifer, who was 7th year. Athena, who was 15. Crystal, who was 14. Michael was obviously just starting Hogwarts.

Professor McGonagll called his name, and after a moments hesitation, placed him in Gryffindor. Jade and Melissa clapped enthusiastically, and Jade ran over and hugged her cousin. He smiled weakly at her and sank down onto the bench. Jade glanced at the Slytherin table, and noticed how people sneered at her. Jade glared at them. Food began to pop up, and she grudgingly stopped glaring at the Slytherins to eat. Once she was eating, Jade's mind was no longer on the Slytherins.

Once she had finished eating, Jade glanced around the Great Hall, looking forward to going to sleep soon afterwards. Michael was still looking peaky, so Jade put a comforting arm around her.

"Don't worry," She whispered in his ear, " If anyone gives you hell, you tell me, okay Mikey? I'll make sure they regret it." Michael smiled gratefully at her, and turned to chat with another boy first year. Jade smiled and took his lead as she began to talk enthusiastically to Amanda. Her best friend pretended to be into it, but Jade saw her angry eyes darting to Giovanni. It appeared that they had gotten into an argument of some kind. Giovanni was talking to some pretty brunette, and he seemed fine, but Jade wasn't his best friend for nothing. Giovanni was good at hiding his emotions like Jade, but his eyes were the window to his soul. While his chocolate brown eyes seemed enthusiastic at talking to this striking girl, Jade noticed anger laced with it. She sighed. She hated it whenever her friends were fighting, but there wasn't anything she could do about it.

Jade sipped her Pumpkin Juice, deep in thought. There obviously wasn't anything she could do to make her friends stop fighting. Perhaps she could lessen it though? A headache slowly crept upon the eldest Potter daughter, and she groaned. Thinking was seriously bad for your health. No wonder the Professors were so uptight! Speaking of Professors, Professor McGonagll was striding up and down the tables, handing out schedules and making them.

"Hello, Potter. What are your choices for classes this year?" Professor McGonagll looked down upon Jade and smiled. Her Professor always had a soft spot for her and Melissa.

"Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, and Transfiguration." Jade answered. Her Professor nodded, tapped a blank piece of paper, and handed it to Jade. The girl looked down and smiled. She had Charms first. Jade patiently waited for her friends to get their schedules, and looked down at it. She had Charms with just Giovanni. Amanda scowled. She had Potions first. Natalie had Arithmacy, and Jade winced. She hated Arithmacy. She never liked Math. Shuddering, Jade grabbed a corn muffin and walked over with Giovanni to Charms. They were laughing and talking when a shadow loomed above Jade.

Derek Malfoy was smirking down at Jade. His perfect blond hair was just level with his eyes, and his silver eyes were cold and unfeeling.

"Well, well, if it isn't Pothead and Bellino." Jade scowled at the blond.

"Sod off, Malfoy." Malfoy shook his head at her.

"Tsk tsk, is that all you can say Potter? You're lacking." Giovanni growled and whipped out his wand.

"You heard Jade. Hop off, Malfoy." Malfoy just smirked that infuriating (and Jade almost kicked herself for thinking this) and somewhat sexy smirk, he looked at Jade. She almost gasped in shock when he gave her a quick wink and stalked off.

"Bloody git." Giovanni muttered darkly. Jade nodded. She was in a state of shock. Her enemy, the man that had hated her very existence, had bloody WINKED at her. Like he did it every day!

Jade clenched her fists angrily as she stalked into the Charms room. Professor Flitwick was droning on and on about the importance of the N.E.W.T's next year. Jade barely paid any attention, her mind back with Derek Malfoy. Flitwick announced the charm, and Jade snapped back into the harsh reality. When Flitwick explained the charm, Jade did it half-heartedly. She was still thinking about what kind of motives Malfoy had for winking at her. She resolved to talk to Amanda about it as soon as possible. The minute Charms was over, Jade bolted out of Charms. She spotted both of her girl friends, and hastily told them about her little incident with Derek Malfoy. Amanda's bright blue eyes shone with excitement. Natalie was, however, frowning.

"Malfoys always hated you, Jay, so why has he suddenly taken a new interest in you?" She asked slowly. Jade nodded in agreement and groaned.

"I don't know why he likes me all of a sudden, but it's most probably for an incredibly selfish reason. After all, he is a Malfoy." Jade narrowed her eyes.

"It's probably because of some sick bet he has with his friends." She muttered darkly. Amanda growled.

"I wouldn't put it past that bloody git." Giovanni had finally caught up with the girls, and was a bit pink in the face as he gasped,

"Merlin, you could've warned me before you shot off like that!" Jade smiled sheepishly, some of her anger evaporating.

"Sorry."Giovanni smiled slightly.

"Alright, let's get to class." Jade nodded, and pushed Derek Malfoy to the back of her mind.