Title: Rich in Disguise

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kagome and Inuyasha's parents are equally rich; both are one of the richest people in all of Japan. Kagome is a beautiful happy girl who pretends to be a nerd. Inuyasha is a playboy who everyone falls for. Why is Kagome pretending to be a nerd when she can have every guy falling for her?

I really don't know how to write this story. I love this idea a lot but I find it really hard to create into a story, at least, in the beginning it's hard to think of a way how to start this. It's probably gonna be a crappy story so I might remove this story later on if I happen to not like what I'm doing or if I don't get reviews. Thanks for the reviews on my other stories.



Kagome woke up to the sound of her alarm clock, waking her up at 5:45am. She quickly brushed her teeth, washed her face, and put on her black sports bro and shorts. She's very beautiful when she's not wearing her "poor" clothing. Kagome has a daily routine; it's to get up at 5:45am, go for her job and return home by 7:15am. She would then shower, each and change for school, which she leaves for at 8:00am. She quickly jogged down the hill, to the park.

She arrived within 15 minutes at a beautiful park with a one kilometer track. She's been jogging there sine she was in grade nine and now, it's the first day of grade 10. Almost everyday, she would see Inuyasha. They see each other and they usually jog and talk together. Inuyasha doesn't realize that she's the geek everyone picks on. They have a secret crush on each other. It's not very strong but it's there. They talk to each other, being themselves, not acting snobby or anything.


Kagome was jogging on the first on the first day of grade nine to burn off her hyperness. She saw a boy with long silver/white hair, cute puppy ears and great muscles. She didn't care though; she kept on running, not paying attention to where she was going. She tripped on a rock sticking up from the ground. She fell, scraping her elbow, twisting her ankle, slightly and slightly scraping her knee too.

"What a great way to start high school, kill myself," she muttered as she tried to stand up.

She felt a strong pair of arms help her up.

"Are you alright?" the young man asked.

"Uh…thank you for helping me up."

"No problem, can't have a young lady get hurt and left alone, let alone someone as beautiful as you."

"Um…thanks," Kagome said, blushing, "My name is Kagome, yours?"

"Inuyasha Takahashi," he said as he helped her sit down on a bench.

"What high school do you go to?

"Shikon High."

"Same school, maybe I'll see you there. I'm in grade 9, you?"

"Same, maybe we'll see each other."

"Let's see that leg of yours."

Inuyasha kneeled down in front of her, examining her ankle first. Every time he touched or moved it, she would wince in pain He moved on to check on the cuts. Some were bleeding, so he took a tissue and started cleaning it off.

"Oh my god! It's 7:00 already! I have to go. I don't want to be late for my first day!"

"You want me to take you home?"

"No, it's alright, I can walk."

"You're gonna be late, in your condition."

"Don't worry about it. I'm fine. I'll get someone to pick me up. Crap! I forgot my cell phone. Can I borrow yours?"

"Sure thing, Kagome."

Inuyasha tossed her his phone and she dialed Andrew's number. Kagome stepped out of hearing range so Inuyasha wouldn't know who she really is.

"Hello? May I please speak with my cousin, Miroku, please?" she asked politely, "Hey 'Roku, its Kagome. I sprained my ankle at the park; can you come pick me up, please?"

"Anything for my lovely cousin."


"I'll be there in 15 minutes!"

Kagome handed Inuyasha his phone back and thanked him.

"So, will I see you at school?"

"If you can find me."

With that, Kagome walked to the front of the park, with the help of Inuyasha.

End flashback

Today, Kagome arrived just for Inuyasha did.

"Hey Inuyasha. How's the most popular guy in Shikon High?"

"Still as good as always, it's been one year since we first met, eh?"

"Yeah, time flies by so fast. It's already a year."

"It's funny how we both go to the same high school but we've never met."

"Maybe you just need to look closer."

"So you're saying that I've seen you before?"

"Yeah, you just never realized it. I'll give you hint; don't base your decisions on what the person looks like. Follow what you think. I've been meaning to ask you this last year, why are you always changing girlfriends?"

"sigh you know, I don't really know why I'm like that. Maybe it's because I feel so lonely after my first girlfriend left me for someone else. Then, I didn't have the confidence to have another long relationship."

"Oh Inuyasha, I'm so sorry."

"It's alright, Kagome, don't worry about me. Let's jog, stop wasting time."

Just like that, the jogged for a whole hour before returning home. Kagome always leaves a few minutes before or after Inuyasha, making sure that he doesn't discover who she is.

She quickly went home and stripped out of the clothes and hopped in the shower. Her muscles relaxed, feeling the warm water against her body. She was quickly done and wrapped herself in a towel and blow-dried her hair. She picked out her outfit for today; a baggy t-shirt and some old jeans. She put those on and put on her ugly glasses. She doesn't need them but she wants it to make her look bad. She put of some lip gloss, grabbed her tattered book bag, wallet, cell phone, and keys and went downstairs.

"Morning mom, morning dad!" she said as she sat down at the table.

"Kagome! What are you wearing?" asked her mother.

"My clothes?"

"Can't you wear your normal clothes already? And get rid of those glasses!"

"Mom, I told you, I want people to like me for me not for my looks and money."

"But you can't go out looking like that!"

"Mom, please, you have to let me do this."

"But no boys will like you like this!"

"Then let them be."

"No, I'm not taking this anymore. Let's make a deal, darling. If you don't have a boyfriend who likes you for you by the end of this year, you're wearing your normal clothes ok?"

"Ok, I guess."

She quickly ate some breakfast and went to school in the shiny, navy blue, Honda Civic. Her mom had insisted she drove something nicer that a battered old car to school last year. She has three other cars too: a red viper, a blue sports car, and a silver Lexus. She's not spoiled at all. Kagome is a very sweet girl but her parents just love her and they're so rich.

She arrived at the school in 15 minutes and greeted her friend, Sango after she parked the car in the student parking lot.

"Hey Sango!"

"Hey Kags!"

"So, we're grade 10's now. I can't believe this."

"Yeah, by the way, can you just wear your normal clothes? I can't stand seeing you like this when you're one of the richest people ever!"

"SHH! Not so loud!"

"Opps, sorry Kagome."

"Remember? I told you last year when I trusted you that I don't want people to like me for my looks or money or both."

"I know but it's just that some people pick on you and I can't stand that."

"Who gives? As long as I have friends and people who I can trust, I don't give a damn! Oh by the way, wanna go shopping after school?"

"Sure! It's funny how we have the exact same schedule eh? First, we have math, phys Ed, lunch, history, and lastly, English."

"Yup, ok, I think we should head inside now so that we don't have to go in with the mob."

They quickly went inside the school but not before seeing Inuyasha's little gang as they walked by. Inuyasha changed girlfriends every few weeks and he's the most popular guy in school. Miroku, Kagome's cousin, is one the popular people too. She gave a quick wave to Miroku and went inside.

"Kagome, do you have to wear those glasses and you hair in a low ponytail?"

"Yes, I don't want to ruin my disguise. Where are Ayame and Rin?"

"No clue, I haven't seen them today."

The bell rang and loads of people started coming in.

"We better hurry; I hate being run over by people."

They quickly gathered their math stuff and gym clothes and went for classes.