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Today is October 1st (Monday); the day Kagome's catalogue comes out. In that catalogue will be mostly Kagome because she has officially become a model. Over the past few days many people came up to her to ask her questions about why she became Kagome Miko at school instead of being normal. She refused to tell them her secret. She knew that some people will think that she's just dumb. Today she wore black tank top that said spoiled rotten on it in white letters and some low rise jeans. The tank top is really long so it went all the way down to mid thigh (almost). She also wore a half sweat shirt that's black over the tank top. She wore some black flip flops and kept a pair of running shoes in her locker for gym.

In the past few days, she signed up for the volley ball team, cheer leading, dance team, student council, and some other clubs. Before, when she was pretending to be Kagome Miko, she didn't join any of this stuff since people often teased her.

The boys still follow her around and girls do too. It's like her own little posse but she doesn't really care. She tells them to leave and then next period, they would follow her again. She many some friends and almost everyone likes her because she's so kind. As soon as she stepped out of her blue sports car, she was surrounded by a bunch of mostly girls and some boys, holding her catalogue.

"Kagome you look so beautiful in that strapless dress," said a boy.

"Wow, the newspapers say that you'll become a model but I didn't know that you'll be in the catalogue already," said one of the girls.

"Kagome, I hear that in the magazines coming out later this month, you'll be on the cover right?"

Kagome just raised an eyebrow at the crowd.

"Look, I'm only trying to get out of my car, you don't need to bombard me with questions," she said calmly.

The group moved away, allowing Kagome to walk through towards Inuyasha.

'Wow, it seems like a lot of people have a catalogue. I'm gonna be bombarded with questions today. And watch, Kikyo is gonna be jealous of me,' Kagome thought as she walked through the halls of the school.

"Hey Miroku!" said Kagome happily.

"Hey Kags, so, I saw the catalogue. You look amazing in there."

"Ugh, don't gimme any more compliments. I'm about to die."

"You're about to die?" asked Inuyasha walking up to the cousins.

"Yes, with all those people asking me questions and showering me with compliments. As soon as I walked out of my car this morning, a bunch of people surrounded me and asked me like twenty thousand questions about the catalogue and me modeling."

"Well, that means you're truly amazing Kagome. And who can blame them? A model is actually in Shikon High."

"Thanks Inu. Come on, let's get our stuff. By the way, I'll join you for lunch a little bit later today."


"Because there's cheer leading tryouts at lunch today and I signed up."

"You signed up for cheer leading?"



"So I can cheer for you in the basketball game."

"Ok, you two love birds. We get that you're in love with each other. Now let's get our butts to the lockers before we're late," said Sango, scaring Kagome and Inuyasha.

The morning passed in a blur since Kagome's in such a good mood. Many people kept on complimenting Kagome on the catalogue and now, it's time for Kagome to try out for cheerleading. Everyone gathered around, waiting for the teacher in charge to arrive.

"Well, well, well, Higurashi, I guess we're both competing here to become one of the cheerleaders. But in the end, I will be the head cheerleader and maybe if you're lucky you'll make it," said Kikyo, with a sneer.

"That's where you're wrong Kikyo; I'm not here to compete with you. I'm here because I want to try out for cheerleading. I don't care if I'm the head cheerleading or not though I would be very happy if I am."

At that moment, the teacher walked in, right before Kikyo can respond.

"Ok girls, I want you to make up a small routine and maybe even I cheer in five minutes. After that, I will pick out people to perform it. When you finish, you can stay and watch the rest of the tryouts or you may go for lunch. The list of the cheerleaders will be tomorrow and the head cheerleading will be clearly written on the list. Now go create your routine."

The girls separated to different parts of the gym, each thinking of their routine. Five minutes later, the girls sat on the stage, watching the tryouts proceed. A lot of them really sucked. Some dropped their pom pom; some stuttered for their cheer, some just didn't know what they were doing. Kikyo is second last to go and then it's Kagome's turn.

Kikyo's moves were pretty smooth (I'm not describing the routine because I really don't know how to) but she ended up stumbling near the end. As for Kagome, her whole routine was original and amazing. Her moves were crisp and she never faltered. She included some dance moves in there too. She kept a nice smile until Kikyo who was too busy trying not to fall on her face or ruin her nails. At the end of Kagome's routine, some of the girls even clapped for her. Kikyo was furious. She thought that she is the best but Kagome did way better than her.

----Skip to after school----

"Inuyasha, I have to leave a little bit later today. There are volley ball tryouts and I'm trying out for it."

"I'll wait for you in the gym. Besides, that way, I can watch you screw up," he said playfully.

Kagome punched him playfully in the arm.

"Anyways, how was cheerleading?"

"It was pretty good; I think I did pretty well. Though, I think Kikyo is very furious with me. I don't know why though. Did I do something wrong?"

"No, she's probably just jealous. You know her; she thinks that she's the best in everything."

"But I feel so bad. I feel guilty. She makes me feel like I did all of this to her."

"Kikyo likes to manipulate people, don't worry. Let's go to the gym. I thought you said that you have volleyball tryouts."

Kagome nodded and went to the gym with Inuyasha's hand around her shoulders.

"Stay here, I'm gonna go change."

Kagome went to the girls' changed room and changed into a pair of shorts and a white slightly baggy t-shirt and tied her hair in a high ponytail. She went out and realized that people were already gathering around the teacher.

"Ok girls, I'm the volley ball team coach. Now everyone, grab a ball and warm up."

Kagome took a ball and began to gather in a circle with a bunch of other girls.

"Hey Inuyasha!"

"Hey Miroku, what are you doing here?"

"Watching Sango try out for volleyball, though I'm sure she'll make it."

"I didn't know that she plays volleyball."

"You never pay attention to anything other than your girlfriend. Look, Yura tried out too!"

The boys watched the girls served, volleyed, bump, and spike the ball. Kagome and Sango were one of the best ones. Yura is pretty good at serving. The teacher set up the girls into teams and they played a game. Kagome and Sango are on the same team and Yura is on the other side. Inuyasha and Miroku both noticed that Yura is purposely trying to hit Kagome with the ball. Luckily, Kagome is very skilled and she hit it back, of course, not hurting anyone. Around 4:30 tryouts finished and the list would be posted on the bulletin board the very next day.

------Next day-----

Kagome walked through the school, and stopped at the bulletin board. She found the sheet for cheerleaders and guess who the head cheerleader is? That's right, Kagome.

'Oh boy, Kikyo is gonna be furious.'

Then she looked at the sheet for volleyball. She's part of the team and she's co-captain (wow she's very skilled). For student council, each student who wants to be part of it must write a letter saying why she would be suitable and then get a few teachers to read it over and sign the bottom to approve and as for the dance team, they had to come up with a routine. Those tryouts would be on Friday and the letter had to be in by tomorrow (Wednesday). She already got her letter signed so she intended to hand that in later in the day.

--------Lunch Time----------

Kagome just handed in her letter for student council and walked in the cafeteria. When she reached her table with Inuyasha and everyone else, Kikyo suddenly popped up and started yelling her head off.


"Listen Kikyo, I'm really sorry you didn't make head cheerleader but at least you're on the team."

"You little slut, you stole my place. How could you?"

"I didn't steal it from you."

"Just watch your back your little slut. You think you're so hot because you're the head cheerleader and co-captain of the volleyball team. I'll show you. When we find out who is in student council, don't be surprised if you're name isn't on it."

With that, Kikyo stormed off with an evil smile on her face.

"Kagome, if I were you, I'd watch my back. Knowing Kikyo, she'll try to do something bad to you to make sure you don't make the dance team and student council," said Rin.

"Don't worry about it. I don't think there's much to do about it."

---------Skip to Friday-------

During the week, Kikyo made sad attempts to hurt Kagome so she couldn't dance. For example, she would 'accidentally' push her to make her stumble or she would trip her in the hallways when Kagome is talking to Inuyasha. But nonetheless, she didn't succeed and Kagome is the president of student council and head of the dance team. Student council meetings are once a week on Mondays at lunch. Volleyball is Tuesday at after school. Dance team is Wednesdays at lunch and after school. Cheerleading is Thursdays after school. (Wow, very busy)

"Kagome, you really shouldn't join that much stuff. Your schedule is getting so crowded up," said Inuyasha.

"Don't worry, I'll always have time to spend with you," said Kagome.

"You better."

"Kagome…I have a question to ask you."

"Ok, ask away."

"I was wondering if…you would …how do I put this…willyougotothehomecomingdancewithme?"

"What, Inuyasha, I didn't get a word that you said. Can you say it slower?"

Inuyasha took a deep breath, hoping that he wouldn't get rejected because he's a half breed, "I asked, will you go to the homecoming dance with me?"

"Of course I will. Who else will I go with?" said Kagome with a hug, looking up at him.

Their eyes locked and they can't seem to pull apart from each other. Their faces leaned closer to each other until their lips were only millimeters apart. They closed their eyes and kissed. Kagome subconsciously put her arms around Inuyasha's neck and Inuyasha put his arms around her waist. Inuyasha licked the bottom of her lip, asking for entrance. She easily complied with his request. Their tongues fought for dominance and in the end Inuyasha won. Finally, needing air, the couple pulled apart, both panting for air.

"Wow…that was…" Inuyasha said.

"…unexpected…" Kagome finished.


Kagome and Inuyasha heard Sango yell from far away.

Inuyasha chuckled, "Miroku really needs to learn to keep his hands to himself."

"Yeah, or else, Sango will never go out with him again."

"That would serve him right."

"Inuyasha, that's just mean. He's your best friend and my cousin."

"It's not like I can help him."

"sigh True, Miroku really needs to learn about a woman's feelings."

"And respect for other people's personal space."

"Let's go find him and hope he's not unconscious. I really don't want to drive him home."

The couple walked around the school, looking for their friends. They saw them in the back of the school. A very mad Sango stood in front of a very unconscious Miroku who is currently lying on the ground with a red handprint on his face and a bump on his head.

"Wow, Sango, I think you hit him a bit too hard this time," said Kagome, kneeling over Miroku.

"He deserved it. He's going out with me and his hands still wander. He has no respect for me. If he keeps touching me, I don't see a point to be together anymore."

"Sango, don't do this to him. Give him one more change. He'll change…" Kagome said, "…I hope."

"Fine, he has one last chance. Tell him that when he's conscious," Sango said as she stormed off.

"Man, Miroku screwed up big time," said Inuyasha.

"You're right. We have to help Miroku. If he doesn't change, Sango will break up with him."

"You can tell him that when he awakes. That will probably help."

"Do you still have your cold water bottle here?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Hand it over."

Inuyasha tossed Kagome his water bottle, which is very cold since he froze it the night before. Kagome opened the bottle and poured in on Miroku's face. He instantly popped up and Inuyasha started laughing his head off at his reaction.

"Kagome, that wasn't a very nice thing to do to your cousin," said Miroku.

"Well, if you don't act responsibly Sango is gonna break up with you," said Kagome.

"What? Why?"

"Because you're a pervert who can't keep your hands to yourself," replied Inuyasha.

"I can't help it, I don't know what comes over me. I can't help it. My hands just go wandering."

"Well, Miroku, you'll have to try because she said you have one more chance. If you don't change, she doesn't want to be with you anymore."

"sigh Ok, I promise I'll change. If I don't, you can take away my car."

Kagome and Inuyasha's eyes widened. They both knew that Miroku loves his car a lot. If he is willing to give away his car if he doesn't behave, then for sure, he's trying.

------------Three days before homecoming---------

"And the nominees for this year's homecoming prince are…" said a voice on the PA system, "Inuyasha Takahashi, Miroku Houshi, Kouga Wolf, and Sesshomaru Takahashi. The nominees for the homecoming princess are…Kagome Higurashi, Kikyo Miko (Sorry, I'm not very original with last names), Rin Yamoto, and Kagura Yama. Congratulations. That's it for the end of the day announcements. Have a nice day."

The class erupted with applause after the announcements are over.

--------------Homecoming night-------------

(Today is a Saturday…sorry I'm messing up all the dates' please bare with me. Let's just say today is Saturday October 14)

Kagome and Sango were getting ready at Kagome's house. Kagome is wearing a pale sky blue coloured spaghetti strapped dress. The fabric is slightly ruffled in the chest area and it showed a little bit of cleavage. It's tight around the waist to make it look smaller than it already is and it went to the bottom of her knees, then it went down slightly slanted, ending above her ankle. She wore white sandals that have a 2 inch heel. She put on the necklace that Inuyasha bought her and left her hair down, curling the ends slightly. She then put on some light blue eye shadow and mascara along with some blush and pink lip gloss. Sango wore a dress similar to Kagome's but it is light pink and it ended right at the knees. She wore pink sandals with two inch heels, mascara, blush, and pink lip gloss. Both girls are ready to do and are waiting for their dates.

Ding Dong

Kagome went to get the door. There stood Inuyasha and Miroku. Inuyasha is wearing a red dress shirt with the first few buttons undone and black dress pants along with black dress shoes. Miroku basically wore the same thing except he wore a dark purple dress shirt. When they boys saw Kagome and Sango, their jaws dropped to the ground.

"Boys…I think you can pick up your jaws now," said Kagome.

The boys' mouths closed but their eyes are still as wide as plates.

"Wow…Kagome…you look, beautiful," said Inuyasha.

"Sango, you look unbelievably sexy tonight," said Miroku.

"Thanks now come in for a second. We have to get our purses."

Sango and Kagome ran upstairs to get their purses and came back in a flash.

"Let's go! The prom won't wait for us to start you know?" said Sango.

Inuyasha offered Kagome his arms and she gracefully took it. Miroku did the same thing for Sango. Miroku really changed at week. He didn't touch Sango's butt once nor did he touch anyone else. He made perverted comments and stuff here and there but not like before. When they arrived, the gym was basically filled with people dancing already. Rin and Sesshomaru arrived shortly before and went over to the arriving couples just as they walked in.

"Kagome, you look amazing!" said Rin.

"You look great yourself."

Rin is wearing an orange strapless dress that's flowing and it went down to the floor and Sesshomaru wore a white dress shirt with black dress pants and dress shoes.

"You and Inuyasha look so cute together," said Ayame, suddenly popping up.

"Ayame, you scared me!" said Kagome.

"What…it's not our fault you're so busy staring at mutt face over there," said Kouga who received a glare from Inuyasha.

"I was not staring at him."

"Yes you were."

"No I wasn't."

"Yes you were."





"Girls, stop arguing," said Miroku.

"You guys are wasting time when you could be dancing," said Rin.

"Come on everyone, let's dance!" shouted Ayame.

The girl's dragged their boyfriends to the dance floor and they danced to the song, SOS by Rihanna. After a couple of songs, Kagome and Inuyasha went to get themselves drinks.

"And now, it's time to announce the homecoming prince and princess," said the principle," Would the homecoming prince and princess nominees please come on stage."

"Well, I guess that means us," said Kagome as she stood up.

"I guess so."

"The homecoming prince is……Inuyasha!"

The audience erupted in applause.

"Now the homecoming prince will put the tiara on the head of the homecoming princess. After that, they will share a dance," the principle said as she handed Inuyasha an envelope and a tiara.

Inuyasha walked around the four girls, adding suspense. People in the audience thought it was either gonna be Kikyo or Kagome. Inuyasha circled the girls a few more times and then placed the tiara on Kagome's head.

"Congratulations," said Inuyasha, giving Kagome a light kiss," Now, may I have the pleasure of this dance?"

Kagome nodded as Inuyasha led her to the centre of the dance floor. Inuyasha placed his arms around Kagome's waist and Kagome placed her arms around Inuyasha's neck. While they danced, Kikyo stared at them with jealousy in her eyes. She still couldn't accept the fact that Kagome is better than her in the things that she's good at and that Kagome is now dating her ex-boyfriend, Inuyasha. Unknown to her, Kikyo is plotting against Kagome. Inuyasha and Kagome's dance ended with a kiss and the people around them gave them a round of applause.

"You're the best thing that has ever happened to me," said Kagome.

"Same," said Inuyasha.

The rest of the night was spent dancing. Many boys came and asked Kagome to dance but she turned them all down except for Miroku, Sesshomaru (he asked her to dance because he thought of her as a friend), and of course, Inuyasha. Everyone had a blast, well, everyone except for Kikyo. Inuyasha and Miroku drove Sango and Kagome to Kagome's house since Sango is sleeping over. The boys went to their own homes and had a good night's rest.


Well, this is the end of chapter 10. Sorry this is very uneventful. I'm trying to think of things that Kikyo's gonna do. Also, I'm beginning to get ideas for a new story which is coming up very soon. Stay tuned. Probably in the next chapter, things will get more interesting.