"NO!" Azula screamed at the top of her lungs. She stomped her feet on the floor throwing a tantrum. Ursa wasn't going to put up with Azula tamtrums.

" Azula your father paied alot of money to send you to this school, at least you can thank your father for your education." She told the young girl. Taking Azula's wrist Ursa tried to take her to school. Zuko stoped his bending to see what his mother was going to do with his sister. He poked his head out of the door way.

"your brother doesn't act like this when he started school" Ursa pointed out

" of corse, dad slaped him after he threw his tantrum" Azula said

" stop that, I don't know whats going on in your head, but I will not hear such lies." Ursa scolded

" I'm sorry mom, I'll never act like to day again" Azula said sweetly, with cute eyes and a big smile.

" ok now get ready for your first day of school" Ursa said

" I don't think so" Azula said, she snuck around her mother and dashed away.

" Azula get back here right now" Ursa demanded. It was silent for a few seconds then Azula started to scream

" Zuko! let go of me" she demanded. Zuko had Azula in a head lock.He lead her over to Ursa

" thank you Zuko" Ursa told her son, she pated him on the head. Zuko let go of his sister. Ursa took hold of Azula's wrist " now your going to school weather you like it or not" she said draging Azula out of the hall way.

it's going to be a four or five chapter story. enjoy