Chapter 5: no more tearcher dirty looks

All through lunch Mai couldn't stop staring at Zuko. she was day dreaming about him until Azula shoved her head in to her lunch.

" what was that for?" Mai asked with parts of her lunch dripping off of her face

" lets just say I was saving you" Azula told her " i can't have you focuse on my brother if your going to to help me bring down the teacher"

" Azula why are we doing this again?" Mai asked

" that woman needs to know what happens when she doesn't respect me" She said

" and just what are you planing to do?" some one asked. Azula turned to find Zuko standing right behind her

" nothing Zuko" Azula told him. Zuko spotted Mai with pecices of her lunch slithering off her face. Zuko whent over to her " I think you have a little peice of food on your cheek" he said taking his napkin and whiping it off for her " ther you go, I'll leave you ladies to your lunch" he said leaving them. Mai touched her cheek. Was she dreaming? did Zuko really do that? splat Mai found her face back in to her lunch

" Get a hold of your self Mai" Azula told her. Lunch is almost over, once the boys leave then we can strike"

Mai lifted her head out of her lunch " Azula did you have to go and do that?" she asked whiping the food off her face.

In the class room Azula and Mai waited for the moment for class to start, the teacher walked in writing on the bord

" ok girl let go over the history of the nation we live in" she said Azula riased her hand " yes Azula?" she asked

" My grandfather firelord Azulon said his father Sozen made a comit full of power was in the sky, do you know when the comit will come back to us?"

" I don't know, but no more question until the lesson is over ok" she said, Azula raised her hand again " Azula what is it?" she asked

" how come we don't have a firebending class?" she asked

" Azula, we don't have any because theres no females that can firebend, is there any more questions?" the teacher asked

"no...wait one more" Azula said getting up " what would you do if you did have a girl that could firebend?"

" I don't know now take your seat" the teacher told her. Azula hand started to light up, a little ball of flames sat in her hand

" child! what do you think your doing?" she asked. Tylee jumped up from her seat

" I knew it!" she cried " you were planing to burn the school down " she said Azula's flame died down. She turned to Tylee

" nice going, I was just showing the teacher what I can do" Azula said shoving her. Tylee got up and shoved Azula. The two girls started to fight till the teacher ran out of the room. Mai tried to break up the fight but got shoved aside. The teacher came back with the head mistress, she blew a wistle making the room silent

" Azula, Tylee, com with me NOW!" she said. the two girls walk forward to the front of the room. Azula quickly stomped on the teachers foot and left the room with the headmistress.

Tylee and Azula waited for the headmistress to come out of her office, while waiting Tylee was in tears

" what are you crying for?" Azula asked

"...I'm in big parents aren't going to like that" she sarted " its all your fault you know"

" not realy, you played your part well" Azula told her

" Huh?" Tylee asked

" welcome abord, you Me and Mai, we'll be the best of friends what do you say?

" ok...friends" Tylee and Azula shooked hands.

Ursa was crubling up the parcment that just came from the school. Azula was looking away from her mother


" she haded it comming, pluse this would me a vicorty for me, Dad's the one who taught me the key of victory" Azula told her

" Azula Stop you lies right now, your are grounded you hear me" Ursa said

" yes mother" Azula said. but a wicked smile drawned on her face. This was just the the start.

The end


And that ends our little story with Azula's adventure in the fire nation royal acadimey for girls...for now