(Authors note) I just want to Thank Rayne Avon for helping me with my story and I'm sorry for all of you of how bad I am with this story and I hope its better this time. Here's the new chapter1.


It was a warm June evening, in Yokohama, Japan. Lilith had thrown a party and her three friends. Lian, Tora, and Katana. They we're sitting in Lilith's room watching anime. They finally agreed on watching Fruits Basket but they seemed to be getting bored. Lilith sat on here bed. It was a queen size bed with grey sheets and a black comforter. She had an air conditioner but rarely used it.

She looked at Katana, talking on her new light blue mobile cell phone. Her hair was black and half back. Her eyes were blue they slightly complemented her, but they were a little light. Her skin was somewhat pale, but she had a tattoo of the sun on her lower back. Katana was very outgoing but spent most of her time talking to people. She was a dare devil though, willing to take on anything possible. She wore a yellow shirt with a turquoise butterfly in the middle. It showed her stomach a little, she wasn't fat, a little in-between. She had on a pair of light blue jean shorts, her Fruits Basket, Yuki bag next to her. Across the room was Tora.

Tora was sitting in the middle of the room flipping through the channels on the television. She had a strawberry hair color with brown eyes, almost like gold with a hint of grey in them. Her skin was tan only because she was an outdoors' person. She had on a pink shirt that was baggy on her, along with black pants that were also baggy. She could never find anything in her messy room. She was a very calm and quiet person. It took her a while to make friends. She was holding onto her Kiba Wolf plushie toy, acting like she her hurt anyone who'd touch it. Lian was sitting next to Lilith.

Lian had dirty blonde hair up in a pony tail. Her hair was normally straight, and stringy when out. Her eyes were green, not to light or too dark. It went well with her slightly tan skin. Lian loved wearing jewelry. If it was pretty she'd buy it, she'd love looking her best. She had on a light green tang top with a long light blue skirt. She rarely cared about what people thought about her, but she'd had to dazzle them somehow. She also had prayer beads on. They looked exactly like the ones from Inuyasha.

Lastly there was Lilith. . She had short dark brown with these amazing hazel eyes. Her skin was pale from not being an outsider like Tora was. Lilith happened to like wearing black clothes. She had on a black t-shirt with a white skull on it. Her pants were dark blue jeans, pretty plain outfit. She hated being like everyone else, so she stayed plain. She had one of those ninja headbands hanging on her book shelf.

"What do you guys want to do now?" Tora asked turning off the T.V, "There's nothing on."
"Well…Um…Lilith?" Lian said turning to her.
" I got it!" Piped Tora as she smiled.
" Then why didn't you say anything before you pointed out you we're bored?" Lilith asked.

Katana shut her phone and somewhat glared at Lilith, then asked Tora, "What is it?"

"Maybe we can walk to the park." She replied.
"Yeah that would be fun!" Lian said getting up, "Hey, Katana, who were you talking to?"
"My mom, she was wondering when I was coming home." She said pushing Lilith off the bed.

Lilith got up and she pulled Tora off the floor. Lilith stood there and Lian fixed her skirt. She was spacing out again. Dreaming off Naruto.

"Miss. Space out?" Lian called.
" oh sorry, I miss watching Naruto, I guess that makes me do it." Lilith replied
"Your life totally revolves around anime and manga."
"Yeah most of the time."

Tora laughed as they left the house grabbing there shoes. They walked as a nice breeze hit them blowing there hair back. They walked into the park and Tora was being even quieter then normal. They normally would go to the park to get away from everything or to hang out like they always did.

Lilith sat down on a swing still thinking about Naruto. She always loved that show and wanted to be a part of it for so long. Tora sat next to her clutching her Kiba wolf tightly. She always had thought about being on Wolfs Rain. Katana leaned on a post that led to some stairs. She had been thinking of Fruits Basket, wanting to a part of The Shoma family. Lian was at top of the stairs thinking of what it would be like to meet Inuyasha. The girls all sighed.

They sat there as Lilith just got this feeling, that there was someone out there. She was right but wasn't in time to warn anyone else. This person out there has reached threw there thoughts, knowing there wants, fears, desires. This dark figured move into darkness chanting in a whisper, "Ishun myradin evon."

Lilith began to feel cold vibes, "Can we go back, and it feels like someone is watching us?"

"It's your imagination." Lian replied.
"Well it is getting late, we should head back." Tora said.

Tora got up and Katana followed her. Lian pulled Lilith and they all began to head back together. They hadn't gotten very far when something had hit them some powerful force, knocking them all unconscious.

It was morning and the light had shown on the four girls. They had each gingerly got up, just incase they we're really hurt. Katana rubbed her head as she stood. She gasped staring into the eyes of a girl holding a rat in her hands. There were two other guys and she still stood there in amazement. Tora stood next to her noticing Lilith was still on the ground and Lian was tending to her.

"Are you guys okay?" The girl asked.
"You're…your…Tohru Honda!" Katana yelled.
"Why the hell did you turn Yuki in to the mouse? Did you hug him again?" She yelled.

Lilith began to get up, "Tana, calm down. We're in Fruits Basket. I told you I felt weird."

"Why are you guys on the ground?" Kyo had asked as Tana squealed.
"Long story." Lilith replied.

Katana was freaking out then looked at Haru. She blushed a little then looked around at the city. No one could believe they were in a one of there favorite T.V shows.

Lian helped Lilith off the floor, " But how did we get here?"

" You guys don't know?" Kyo said with an eyebrow raised.
" I said it was a long story." She replied.

Lian looked around herself. A black figured stood there smiling with a strange grin. He was watching them with such detail. They still didn't know what was going on. That this was only the beginning.

So all I'll try to make it better next chapter next time the girl get into Fruits Basket what could go wrong?