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Lian woke up to find herself in a huge bed. He long blond hair that was in a messy pony tail now, she looked around and saw that she wasn't with the group in fact she couldn't believe that she got kidnapped by her favorite Anime guy Lord Sesshomaru. She sighed as she looked around the room. It was a nice room with cherry woods floors, the wall had cherry blossoms on the walls with a big cherry tree in the middle of the room as she got up from her bed she noticed Sesshomaru staring at her with an odd expression on his face. Like he could believe he just took her like that.

"Umm…hi". she waved to him a bit a little freaked out. "This could be bad. he could want to rape me or something. maybe like one of throws fan fiction I read on the internet like. I'm some kind of OC in this story and this sexy guy want to have his way with me. I can't let this happen". She told herself in her mind as she backed away from the bed and went towards the window of the room which was big enough for her to jump out. Sesshomaru walked toward her very carefully as he eyed her.

"I wouldn't try jumping if, I were you. it's a pretty long fall". He told her in an emotionless voice as he went in front of the window. She moved to the other side of the room watching him look at her.

"Why am I here"? She asked looking at him confused.

"You're here because, I need a mate. Oddly enough, I need one for a bet I made with an old revile". Sesshomaru told her in a dead voice.

"Mate that's, why you took. so I can become your mate. I don't think so what kind of girl do you take me for". She shouted at him crossing her arms. "Even thought you are sexy". she muttered in a low voice that Sesshomaru was able to hear. He smirked a bit at her but it quickly turned back into a frown. She backed up to the wall and slowly was sliding her way to the door hoping that Sesshomaru didn't notices her.

"Listen if you help me out. I'll make sure that no one will kill you. Think about would it be that bad being my mate"? He asked looking at her with his emotionless amber eyes.

"I suppose it wouldn't be that bad". she looked at him with a fake smiled, as she looked at the door and ran for it but sadly even at her top speed Sesshomaru outran her and was in her way.

"Damn it". she squeaked out as, she backed away from him. Now he was looking a bit pissed off as he looked at her. She turned and ran toward the window but again he was in front of her. He then grabbed her with his one arm and threw her onto the bed.

"Ow". was all she said as, she saw Sesshomaru eyes turn red. She then gulped as she jumped off the bed as he was about to leap on her. She then went under the bed but to her misfortune he ripped the mattress away. She yelped at ran to the wall, as he pinned her down sinking his sharp claw into her arm. She flinched at the pain in her arm as she looked at Sesshomaru, who looked down at the blood and backed away slowly from her. She blinked a few time and looked at him.

"I'm…s…sorry". He calmly told her returning his cool. She didn't say anything as she saw what state Sesshomaru was in.

"He must be pretty disparate but this is weird". Lian thought to herself in her mind.

"I never lost control before. I should be more careful". Sesshomaru told himself in his mind as he looked at Lian.

"Listen this is starting to weird me out. do you mind if, I can go back to my friends. Please". Lian asked him with pledging eyes.

"No. not unless you become my mate". He told her emotionless looking at her and then looked at her arm and walked towards her slowly. She blinked a few times and went farther away from him but he was still walking to her.

"Oh for the love of god. I'm not becoming your mate". Lian shouted at him holding her arm trying to stop the bleeding. Sesshomaru sighed and walked up to her taken her hand away from her arm.

"Stop! What are you doing"? she asked scared now looking at him.

"Be quit. I'm just going to clean your wound. so it won't get infected". He told her as he licked up the blood on her arm with his tongue. She turned away from him reveling her neck a bit. He looked at it and started to lick her neck a bit breathing in her sent.

"Hey. My wound isn't on my neck". She told him trebling a bit, as he licked her neck but he just ignored her as he bit her on the neck making blood come out but he quickly licked it before, she yelped in pain and the wound on her neck healed fast and left a scar in it replace as did he wounds on her arm but no scar.

"I see your not a normal human at all in fact, I would say you more of a demon then a human". He looked at her with an evil smirk on his face as he looked at the scar on her neck.

"What the heck". she gasped as she put her hand on her neck feeling the scar on her neck.

"You are now my mate, that mark makes sure of that". Sesshomaru told her as he walked away from her.

"No freaking way. Hey what a second that means. I can leave now right'? She asked looking at Sesshomaru.

"Tsk, I let you go for one day to see your little friends, but after that you're coming back with me". Sesshomaru told her looking at her with his deadly gaze.

"I have you know. I can choose to go and do whatever, just because there a bite mark on me doesn't mean anything". She hissed at him as she looked at him. Sesshomaru glared at her as he stepped closer to her.

"You have no idea what that mark means. that mean you're my mate now you are lady of the western land and no other man can lay a hand on you and if they do, I'll kill them because I can smell there scent and hunt them down until they die". Sesshomaru told her in a deadly voice.

"I never asked for this, just bring me back". She told him looking at him.

"I only did this. so my bet is off with the lord of the south. I need you to stay with me until he goes". Sesshomaru told her looking to the side with annoyed eyes.

"That's exactly why, I want to go back to my friend if you really wanted a mate you would have waited until they asked, until you acutely fell in love with them". She told him crossing her arms looking at him. Sesshomaru looked at her with out saying a word. "Maybe, I went a little to far". she thought as she looked at him. He went really close to her face and pressed his lips to gentle with out warning. She gasped a bit as she felt his warm breath on her as she couldn't help but kiss him back. Sesshomaru looked at her with an half smirk on his face as she blushed madly.

"You will have one day to see your friends then you will come back with me". He told her as his emotionless mask was set back.

"How about if we let my friends stay here then with me. I'm sure there nothing wrong with that is it"? She asked looking at him. He looked at her and rolled his eyes a bit.

"Fine, I don't see anything wrong with that but if they disrespect me. I will throw them out". He told her in a deadly voice as he opened the door and shut it be hide him from the room. Lain fell down on the floor touching her lips lightly as she looked at the window.

"I hope my friend's are ok". She frowned as she looked out the window feeling something weird happening to her inside.


Kanata sighed a she ran to the spot were Lilith and Tora were standing as she looked on knowing full well that they couldn't do anything to help one of her best friend's.

"We have to find her. We can't just leave her". Lilith frowned looking at Tora and Kanata with sadden eyes.

"I know, we are going to find her don't worry. We'll search everywhere if, we have to". Kanata told her looking at Lilith placing a hand on her to comfort her. Gaara was next to her Lilith looking at her as, Haru was next to Kanata with a frown on his face, as Kiba in wolf form was next to Tora.

"Don't worry we'll find your friend". Kagome told them walking up to then with Inu Yasha at her side with his arm cross.

"Yeah, Knowing my brother he probable took her to his place". Inu Yasha grunted as he looked to the side at Naruto, who was picking his nose.

"Hey how did that kid get here anyway, he wasn't with you guys before he kind of appeared here". Inu Yasha frowned looking at Naruto.

"You know what that is weird. Naruto didn't fall with us". Tora looked at Lilith freaked at.

"Maybe his a enemy in hiding". Lilith looked at Naruto now everyone was looking at him.

"Hey, what's going on"? Naruto asked looking at everyone looking at him."Naruto how the heck did you get here"? Temari asked next to Kyo.

"Well. I remember I blacked out and when I woke up. I was here with you guys". He told them looking at everyone confused a bit.

"Naruto tell me something How did you and I meet"? Gaara asked looking at him.

"Oh we met at the Chunin Exams. Duh". Naruto told him looking at him.

"Ok, he got that right". Gaara frowned looking to the side a bit.

"Yeah, if he was the weird guy he probable wouldn't know that. Anyway back to Lian getting kidnapped". Lilith sighed looking at everyone now.

Erik and Ame were thinking things over as they listened to them talk. As Tsume and Blue were standing near them listening too.

"All we have to do is find out were Sesshomaru lives". Inu Yasha told them as he started to walk off.

"Inu Yasha do you even know were he live. I mean we know he lives in the west but were in the west"? Kagome asked him looking at him.

"It's easy his probable at my old mans old castle . All I have to do is follow his scent and I can find him". Inu Yasha told her looking back annoyed at her. But right when he said that it started to rain on him everyone looked at Inu Yasha a bit in shock.

"Ok, the scent been washed away by the rain, now what"? Kanata asked him looking at him now.

"Umm. Ok, So, I don't know were it is, so what"! Inu Yasha yelled as he leaped into a tree.

"Great. Now what". Lilith sighed getting soaked from the rain. Her bangs started to go in her face and her hair started it flips out which happens when it rains. She sighed as she ran into the hut. Everyone thought when her hair flipped out like that she looked like Lelouch from Gode Geass. The only thing that was different that she was a girl and her eyes weren't purple. Gaara blinked a few time as he watched her walk into the hut. Tora and Kanata smirked at each other a bit as they watched her but walked in the hut too trying to block the rain from getting them soaked.

Haru, and, Kiba looked at the girls oddly as. Temari walked in the hut too followed by Kagome, Blue, and Ame. The men, who were just standing out side looking a bit dumbfounded slowly walked in the hit to dry off from the rain. They gang started to thinking of a plan to get Lian back form Sesshomaru.

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