Hello and welcome to what I like to call Crimson Void. Now before this begins I'd like to get this out of the way first. Golden Shield Twilight Sword is still on but due to some disagreements between myself and my sources it will be on a small hiatus. Getting to the point I was given a plot line some time ago when I was working on Kyuubi's Gou, I can't remember who it was or when it was but I remember it was along these lines. What if Naruto wasn't a Golden Guardian, what if he was a Void or Chaos coat?

Feeling kind of dark at the moment I began writting a rough draft of the story and found out it was actually an interesting read. This is something I did on a whim and if you like it then I will continue otherwise I will delete it and never revisit this idea ever again. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the first chapter of the story Crimson Void.





Chapter 1: Living With an Open Wound

And Lo, the heavens opened and he wept. His sorrowful crimson tears cleansing the world of those who did not deserve the gift of life…

It hurt, it burrowed into his very soul and brought more tears to the surface than even the oldest and most experienced shinobi, from Genin to Kage, had shed throughout time. The words cut deeper than any blade could ever dream of touching. The stares burrowed into him deeper than any drill. The whispers were like an assassin's blade, meant to hurt but nearly silent as they came.

His existence hurts…why couldn't he just cease to be?

He had seen parents love their children, praise them and promise them things that would no doubt come true. He was a child, where were these things when those around him got them so freely? He had nothing, no mother nor father to give him life and meaning. No brother nor sister to give him advice and support. No family to give him love…all that was left to him was a name.

His name hurts…why can't it be anything but Uzumaki Naruto?

He had seen the strong be acknowledged for their strength or personality. He stood tall and proud, a full body mask covering head to toe hiding his pain thoroughly. He orchestrated some of the most elaborate and amazing pranks known to them but the most that got him were curses and calls of demon child. This was better than nothing so he continued, hoping that maybe just once he would get something more than that.

His heart hurts to beat…why couldn't he just die?

He would have laughed at the irony if he could, after all the death threats and wishes from the populace to die he just couldn't. He had taken a knife to chest and his throat only to awake the next day with a scar and a whole lot of blood. He had done as many physical things to himself as they had done to his psyche…and yet he was still alive, in the physical sense that is.

His life hurts…why was it like lying on a bed of nails?

So when the masked ninja burst into his room at night and stabbed him clean through the chest all he could do was stare sadly and say, "I've done it a thousand times before…it won't work." The ninja was prosecuted and forced to quit by the Hokage who tried to reassure Naruto. He could only smile that goofy grin and say it was ok. It was a strange sort of revenge watching the ninja being led away with a ghostly white face and wide eyes claiming the child was immortal.

His soul hurts…why was it tainted so?

Tonight must have been the final night; it must have been under the villages near unanimous vote. He awoke to the smell of ash and smoke; opening his eyes he came to the realization that his world was indeed crashing down around him. Surround him were flames, they had devoured almost the entirety of his room and were slowly crawling up along the sheets of his bed to his form. He smiled wryly, he hadn't tried this before maybe it would work.

He closed his eyes just as the flames touched the tips of his fingers, ready for them to burn to a crisp. Suddenly it all vanished. The heat, the smell of the smoke, the sounds of the roaring inferno, it had disappeared completely. In its place was a cold chill, the smell of water, the dripping of a fluid filled pipe…the complete opposite of what had been.

He opened his eyes to find that he was sitting on the bottom of a gigantic crimson pipe; water covered the ground all the way up to his waist. It took him a moment to realize the water was as cold as ice so to remedy that he stood up earning the sloshing of the water and an unexpected growl from farther down the corridor.

Looking around he figured, "this must be death…not as cool as I thought." He began a trudging march down the hall, his mask long gone as his face was locked in an emotionless stare. He was his true self, a child haunted and hunted by a village that hated the fact he was alive. A cold emotionless little boy who hadn't know what love was but stopped himself from hatred, he only wanted to be known. It took him a while, a full half an hour, before he reached the end and when he did he muttered, "I didn't think there'd be this much walking when you're dead."

"You aren't dead, at least not yet," snarled a voice from nowhere. Looking up he found that he had ended up before some gates, gates a couple miles tall and about a mile wide, with hundreds upon hundreds of somewhat thin bars and a paper declaring a seal over the what looked like the lock. In a flash a massive clawed paw slammed into the bars, rattling the room but they had just missed stabbing Naruto clear through his spiky blond haired head.

Naruto didn't budge, he didn't even blink as he said, "you missed." He took one step forward and pressed his forehead to the massive claw that was just before his nose causing a large cut to open up on his forehead. Suddenly the claw pulled back before Naruto could do more and from behind the bars two massive blood red orbs appeared, staring at him with a mixture of disgust and anger.

"You sicken me," growled the creature while the bloody headed Naruto smoothly replied, "and you look like you were hit with the ugly tree when you were young, we share something in common." The creature growled and threw its body at the bars only to be thrown back with a blast of blue chakra, "if I could get out I would kill you!" "Afterwards I would thank you," Naruto said with a calm and even voice without any hesitation whatsoever.

The creature snarled at the brats seeming arrogance and attitude, "you are weak; you can't even stand up to those who hate you." "Why should I care what you say?" hissed Naruto angrily finally showing some emotion from the cheap shot the demon took on him. Seeing the somewhat satisfied look on the monsters face he produced his true self and commented, "look at you held behind bars thinner than I am. What are you anyway?"

The creature produced a massive grin and let loose some killer intent attempting to scare the boy but only succeeded in making him tap his foot in impatience, he had seen it all before so why would he care? The great beast chuckled and declared, "I am the great Kyuubi no Kitsune, greatest of all Biiju and before you ask we are inside your body. That's right, I am sealed within a pathetic excuse for a human by it's even more pathetic father because no pathetic human can beat me."

He expected many things from the human most of it being surprise at all of the new information. However all he got from the now bloody faced child was, "you like the word pathetic don't you, you damned piece of demon shit. For all I care you can rot in me for all eternity as I die, that'll solve a lot of problems you dumb shit." Kyuubi stared wide eyed at the foul mouthed child with something other than hatred; it was pure confusion and surprise.

Did he actually just call him that! No…NO WAY IN HELL WOULD THE GREAT BEAST STAND FOR IT! "DAMN YOU CHILD!" growled the beast as its body radiated crimson chakra that slowly seeped from its cage to the seal attempting to snap it as it had so many others in its blind rage.

Naruto stared at what the demon was doing and quickly figured out what was happening. Even if he was doomed to die by whatever the demon was doing at least it would be interesting to watch.

He settled down cross-legged to watch the show causing the beast to grow even angrier…

It was mess, the streets littered with shinobi and civilian alike screaming words of hatred and anger toward the now burning home. Many of the ninja in the crowd decided to take it one step higher and induce Katon jutsu along with some explosive notes to give a show to the public, the slaying of the demon could be entertainment also. There was Sake being spread from shop owners to those present they heightened the already elated mood, not that it was needed but it was there.

The shouts soon brought company, over all unwanted but at the time they already couldn't be stopped. In a flash a powerful wave of killer intent spread over the crowd, they turned to face a very, VERY furious Hokage. He hadn't even bothered to rid himself of his robes. He was staring down a couple hundred ninja and civilians in his pajamas with an angered look that could only come from demon, a demon like the one that they were burning.

"WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" howled the Hokage but suddenly his own rage was suppressed under something much, MUCH more powerful…

Naruto watched as the Kyuubi's chakra went to work dismantling the seal swiftly and with no tact at all, trusting the raw hated and power to protect him completely. "WHAT DO YOU THINK NOW HUMAN!" snarled the Kyuubi with enough force to blow Naruto back just a bit even though he didn't react except for a small shift of his seating, "QUAKE IN FEAR OF MY POWER!" Naruto was silent for a few moments then grinned a calm and even grin, "well I would be scared…if I didn't think you were going to die right now."

Kyuubi's eyes shot open and watched its crimson chakra, the long tendrils that were picking at the seal suddenly froze completely. The effect quickly spread through all of his chakra and eventually his form freezing him in place. The Kyuubi's eyes stared in horror as the crimson was slowly overcome with a pure white gleaming chakra that slithered up the tendrils and to Kyuubi's form, overcoming it completely in its pale grasp. Before it was completely swallowed by the white energy the Kyuubi gave a strangled scream of pain.

"Well Kyuubi this was fun," Naruto said as he got to his feet, "maybe I can finally g-" Naruto found himself incapable of speaking as a massive band of ghostly white chakra engulfed his head in its grasp, pulling him towards the cage. For once in his life he struggled against the most likely deadly force, from what he had heard from the Kyuubi he didn't want to die like that…

The ninja stared in awe and horror as the blaze they had begun grew five times the size all by itself and took on a blood red hue, becoming a beacon for nearly the entire ninja world with its raw energy. The Sandaime began to quake, feeling not only the chakra and power rising from the flames but also the aura of utter hatred and death seeping from its crimson vapors.

Suddenly a scream interrupted the stares and all watched as one of the crowd, a merchant who had refused Naruto service on many occasions and when he did give the starving boy service he grossly overcharged him, pure and simple melted bone and all. They all watched as the crimson vapors of the flames landed upon his skin and just like that his body began to melt with great pain if the scream was any indication.

That was all it took for the mob to run like the cowards they were, all that left was the old Hokage as he watched the flames and crimson vapors grow larger and thicker. He was frozen by so many conflicting emotions all he could do was stare in horror as the crimson mist flowed closer to him, wrapping around him with a good foot radius isolating him without any way to escape.

However as he watched the bloody mist close in on him he chuckled cynically, two Hokage's down by one demon. It was almost poetic…then again he was getting on in years and seeing what the village had done to that poor boy. He guessed there was no more use for a man with a heart in Konoha anymore seeing as everyone else had either torn theirs out or sold it.

Slowly the mist wrapped around Sarutobi's form but where it had melted the merchant it merely passed along his flesh, caressing his old and brittle bones with a power much more mysterious. He winced in surprise as he felt a warm wind pass through his body, the crimson mist passing through his flesh and blood as if he were noncorporial.

He felt a tingling sensation in his palm and he held up a hand to his face as he watched his winkled old flesh began to expand and become more elastic, taking a much more youthful appearance than what it had been. His eyes widened as he felt his hair grow longer, bangs covered his eyes gradually changing from grey at the tips to a deep rich brown closer to his head. He felt his joins looses, his muscles grow, his energy triple…had he grown young?

He heard a chuckle in his mind; it was low and deep but with a touch of a tone he knew all to well, "consider this a once in a lifetime gift Ojii-san. You're the only one who deserves anything like it." He looked all around for the source of the voice but found none. "Come in Ojii-san," called the voice, "my home is open to you, I only want a few words."

Sarutobi took a shaky step into the mist but only felt that warm breeze caress him so he continued on, going through the crimson flames as if they were mere updrafts of warm air. Sarutobi entered the heart of the blaze seeing the demolished building however sitting in the very center was a bundle of blood red and pitch black.

The Hokage took very careful steps over the demolished parts of the building, finding it much easier with his younger form, and found the crimson and black mass was a living breathing fox. The fox was a good five feet long even without the four tails and while it was at the moment lying down it had to stand about three feet tall or more. Its body was covered in blotches and stripes of crimson and raven black coming to end at four black and red tails that waved casually behind him. In all it looked to be a good ten feet long from its nose to the tips of its tails.

The fox suddenly turned his head to the Sandaime revealing its face and its eyes, one a haunting crimson while the other was like looking into a dark well. There was no white at all, just a pitch black orb where a cerulian blue eye should have been. Above both eyes was a small mark of white going across his head like a Hitai-ate in his very body. "Hey Ojii-san," the fox spoke with that gruff voice that had invaded his mind only a few moments ago, "so how do I look?"

Sarutobi's mouth opened in shock, "Naruto…oh dear gods is that you?" The fox chuckled and began to shift, pulling its body from the ground to a standing position revealing it WAS about four feet tall, "yes it is Ojii-san. Kyuubi tried to escape but-" "K-KYUUBI!" Sarutobi shouted surprised at the development making the fox now named Naruto wince.

"Please don't do that Ojii-san," Naruto said rubbing the side of his face with his paw, "that really hurt my ears." "I-I'm sorry Naruto," Sarutobi said with a worried look on his face. Naruto smiled the way only a fox can and spoke, "it fell to the seal Ojii-san. Its body is now mine along with most of its memories and enough power to make me a four tail. It was too angry at me to take the time to work the seal off gradually and it backfired."

"I don't know what to say Naruto," the Sandaime spoke over the flames, joy flooding his tone as tears spilled from his eyes. "I have plenty to still say," Naruto said turning his head from Sarutobi to his flames, the roaring inferno being reflected in his crimson eye. "I'm going to be leaving," Naruto said and before Sarutobi could speak he held up a tail to stop him, "they hated me for the beast so what will they do when I really am one." The Kyuubi was gone but…Sarutobi was suddenly hit with the burden Naruto now truly carried. It was so much heavier than his last.

Naruto chuckled sardonically, "Even though I'm powerful enough to crush any of them they'd still see me as nothing." Naruto turned to Sarutobi with knowledgeable eyes, eyes of one who has seen true pain either through his own or the experiences of another, "that is why I gave you the gift Ojii-san, your youth is yours for another couple decades. You're the only person I felt was ever close, you really are my family."

Naruto grinned, "I know my father sealed that monster in me so can you fill in the gaps?" Sarutobi was shocked but got over it swiftly, after what had happened recently he was used to these shocking turns, "your mother…she died from the combination of childbirth, stress, and an illness that could only be conceived in her families blood." Naruto nodded slowly, "that answers so much. Thank you…Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi chuckled, "it's Ojii-san Naruto, good luck." Naruto bowed his head, "thank you Ojii-san. Be sure to take care of this village…I will be back to see how good of a job you did. Oh and let them think I died, it'll be fun to see them react." Naruto turned to the wall of flames that he had determined was his exit. In the blink of an eye he burst through the wall of flames creating a massive explosion coupled with an earth shaking shockwave that nearlyknocked the Hokage down.

"Gods speed Naruto," Sarutobi muttered finally feeling the effects of his reversed aging on his body, "but I doubt you'll need it..."

"The Kyuubi," spoke the Hokage known worldwide as the professor for his knowledge of all Konoha jutsu, "has been defeated." A chorus of cries and shouts rang throughout the village, those who were not in on the secret only looked around in confusion, in other words the children watched the confusing behavior of their parents. "However," spoke the Hokage," the boy known as Uzumaki Naruto is now dead."

He was on the receiving end of many looks, an obvious duh from the adults while the children were confused or just didn't care what Naruto had to do with it. The most they knew about him was that he was a kid just starting the academy and he was damn annoying. This was the mentality shared by almost all except a young raven haired boy and a white eyed little girl.

Sarutobi hung his head, "seeing as the young child has passed I feel compelled to lift the law holding back the truth...ALL of the truth." Gasps were heard all around and the Hokage spoke up, "Uzumaki Naruto was one of the greatest hero's of Konoha. He alone was the reason why the Kyuubi no Kitsune was defeated."

"The child was the demon himself!" came a shout from the back of the group splitting it in two revealing the two biggest clan heads, Uchiha Fugako and Hyuga Hiashi side by side. The Hokage trembled, his now younger body giving off waves of power. He had yet to reveal his form; he had placed a thick many layered Genjutsu upon his form that was even beyond the Sharingan's piercing eye.

"How can you say that," the Hokage hissed angrily but Fugako and Hiashi continued with twin shouts of, "the beast was the boy biding his time to kill us all / we should rejoice both of their passings!" Suddenly they were both face to face with a very angry Hokage, "you best hold your tongue before I cut it off."

"Uzumaki Naruto was a hero," said the Hokage his voice rising in volume, "it was through his willpower and manipulation of the fox's rage that allowed him to kill the fox within his own body at the expense of his own life! He, along with his father the Yondaime mind you, are the greatest heroes this village has ever known!"

This sent a shockwave through those gathered, the information they received was far too much to process all at once. A certain dark haired little boy smirked; he knew there was something else to the blond idiot than what was on the surface. He even noticed that there was just too much depth to be ignored but…he was now gone and that made his smirk be replaced with a frown. Too bad…

The young white eyed girl's eyes sparkled hearing the power the Hokage claimed the young boy had held. He was powerful, enough that her father HAD to recognize him as something other than an annoyance. Just as quickly her attitude fell, he had died in his quest to save the village just as his father had. No matter how powerful the family being dead was dead. No one noticed her pale violet eye dull just a bit…

"From this day on I shall recognize Uzumaki Naruto as a true hero," the Hokage said turning away from the stunned Uchiha and Hyuuga leader, "giving everything to protect this village is what every leaf shinobi, especially the Hokage, does on a daily basis. I want to thank him for putting up with the hatred he faced in this village."

The Hokage's tone took on something much darker, "I hope that by the end of tonight you will all realize that Naruto could have released the beast. By letting his guard drop and giving up all hope he could have let the monster back in this world and nothing could have stopped it." Ignoring the shock exuded by the crowd he turned and began to walk, leaving the crowd to their own devices with his final words, "I hope you realize that the one you should hate is the Kyuubi for killing the two greatest heroes this village has ever known…"

He took one look at the village, a small glance over his shoulder before turning around with a grin so wide it could have swallowed the moon. He now had real power, thousands of years of knowledge that no human ever knew, wells of energy so deep he could barely see the bottom, an 'instructor' in the form of a small five tailed fox that held the last few eons of knowledge within his tiny figurative skull.

He was strong now, stronger than the most seasoned of Chuunin and several Jounin. All he needed was time and maybe an accomplice…

End Chapter

Welcome to the begining of the end. I'm sure there will be several questions as to what the hell just happened so I will attempt to answer them the best I can.

1. Naruto's age? Six or seven I'm not quite sure.

2. Kyuubi losing its head? I figure that in the begining years Kyuubi hated Naruto like no other but since he didn't know enough about the seal he didn't try to break it. With enough pushing on Naruto's part he could have easily forced the foxs hand into attempting a premature breakout resulting in Naruto gaining more power than he would have if Kyuubi had bidded his time and tried to study the seal before he broke it.

3. Over the top anger by the village? I wanted to write this is adark and regretful piece, this is a darker Naruto Universe than my other story.

4. Reversing age? That will be explained along with Naruto's fox coat and most everything else.

That is all the information I can give away right now so thank you for reading and if you want to see more then drop a review. I'll take ALL suggestions of this into deep consideration but Golden Shield Twilight Sword is still my prime concern. This is just something to pass the time and get some of my darker emotions out, thank you.