The Age of Denial is something that can happen at anytime and any place. It can happen when you are five, thirty-five, or one hundred and eight. However, It mostly happens to young souls that are starting to learn what life really is. They are confused at whom they should love, and they end up falling for the wrong person, though sometimes they know whom they actually love deep inside their hearts.

To hide their confusion and fear for the one they really love, they either withdraw from the said person, or they make a hate relationship with the person, so that person won't realize the person's true feelings for them. And then usually somebody else comes along and steals the person's heart, leaving the first person alone, and wishing they had revealed their feelings before.

But sometimes it turns out that they eventually fall in love in the end, and there is no ending with their romance.

Or sometimes the person truly falls in love with somebody else, and that's that.

This is a tale of two certain Smashers in a hate relationship. To find out whether they really fall in love with each other, or somebody else, you'll have to read to find out, for this is a story of two souls living in their own Age of Denials.

A/N: Okay, so this was just the prologue. I know it sounded a bit dramatic, but trust me, it's going to be more lighthearted than The Test. Well, I've already have the summaries of 4 chapters written down other than this one, but I'm not going to start this story until I'm done with The Test. So until then… You guys are going to have to wait! Anyway, I really don't care much for reviews at the moment, because there isn't much to comment on. But if you see any errors in my prologue or if you saw something that bugged you… PLEASE tell me. Criticism is highly appreciated. If you thought it was boring, too dramatic, or something other, please tell me.